True Blood - Season 7 - Jesus Gonna Be Here
Ep.1 - Jesus Gonna Be Here
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True Blood - Season 7 - I Found You
Ep.2 - I Found You
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True Blood - Season 7 - Fire In The Hole
Ep.3 - Fire In The Hole
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True Blood - Season 7 - Death is not the End
Ep.4 - Death is not the End
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True Blood - Season 7 - Lost Cause
Ep.5 - Lost Cause
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True Blood - Season 7 - Karma
Ep.6 - Karma
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True Blood - Season 7 - May be the Last Time
Ep.7 - May be the Last Time
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True Blood - Season 7 - Almost Home
Ep.8 - Almost Home
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True Blood - Season 7 - Love is to Die
Ep.9 - Love is to Die
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True Blood - Season 7 - Thank You
Ep.10 - Thank You
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Hordes of Hepatitis V-infected vampires descend on the vampire-human mixer held at Bellefleur's Bar & Grill. A bloody, vicious fight ensues, and Sookie, Bill, and the others fight off H-vamp after H-vamp until they're finally called away by their leader. In the aftermath, the gang assess the damage; Holly, Arlene, Nicole, Kevin, and Jane Bodehouse have all been kidnapped. But, the biggest blow comes when they discover Lettie Mae covered in vampire guts. "They killed my Tara," she sobs. "They killed my baby girl."

After receiving a frantic phone call from Jason about the attack on Bellefleur's, Andy leaves Adilyn with Jessica keeping watch outside the house, warning his daughter not to let Jessica in "no matter what."

Sookie sits in Bellefleur's as healthy vamps heal the wounded. She tunes into everyone's anguished thoughts and is surprised to hear everyone blaming her for bringing vampires to Bon Temps. She's further shocked to overhear Alcide's damning thoughts: "I'll never understand how you can love the dead. If only you'd walked away we wouldn't be in this mess right now." Hurt by his thoughts, Sookie walks home by herself. Alcide tries her cell repeatedly, but Sookie refuses to answer and throws her phone into the woods. Along the way, she stumbles over the body of a girl who looks a lot like her -- and is covered in vampire bites.

In Marrakesh, Pam is opposite a burly vampire named Nizar, who's standing in a big plastic bucket. They play a vampire version of Russian roulette, taking turns pulling the trigger on a gun loaded with a wooden bullet. Despite boasting that he's survived 28 times, Nizar takes the fatal bullet. To honor her for winning, the bar's proprietor gives Pam a piece of paper -- on it is information about Eric's whereabouts.

Searching for the H-vamps, Jason and Violet spot a group of vigilantes led by Vince, Sam Merlotte's bitter mayoral opponent, outside an abandoned barn. They tell Jason they're out hunting the infected vampires, though Jason reminds them that's a job best left to the law. However, the vigilantes refuse to listen to a "fangbanger cop," and Violet takes matters into her own hands, scaring the group away -- and emasculating Jason along the way. Fed up, Jason demands that Violet have sex with him. She eagerly consents; she's been waiting for him to be a man and take charge.

Lafayette returns home with James, who he was paired with for protection. He explains to James that he feels relief over Tara's death because he already grieved for her. James comforts him by telling him the story of his making: He went to offer his condolences to his best friend Danny Monoghan's family after he was killed in Vietnam. However, Danny's father beat James to death in the middle of the street, calling him a "hippie f*ggot." A neighborhood vampire took pity on him and turned him that night. "If you ask me, there's zero point in feeling pain, or fear, or grief, or regret...it doesn't matter to Tara or to the universe. It makes no fucking difference." 

At home, Sookie confronts Alcide. He insists he loves her, but after the brutal attack on Bellefleur's and the True Death of Tara, Sookie decides she wants to be alone. Later that night, the pair make up and have sex.

Through a window, Adilyn and Jessica begin to reconcile over a conversation about boys, but their friendly chat doesn't last long -- an infected vampire appears at the edge of the Bellefleur's property asking "what" Adilyn is. Jessica has Adilyn drink her blood, so she'll be aware if she's in danger.

After drinking Willa's blood, Lettie Mae has a vision of Tara. She insists that her daughter isn't in heaven and needs their help, but Reverend Daniels and Willa insist she's just high. After getting Lettie Mae to sleep, the Reverend tells Willa not give his wife any more of her blood, considering her history of addiction.

Arlene, Holly and the others are chained up in the basement torture room at Fangtasia, the H-vamps new base camp. Things go from bad to worse when a vampire comes down for food, selects Kevin, and then kills him.

As dawn approaches, Jessica prepares to meet the sun in order to keep the mysterious vampire from hurting Adilyn. Right before dawn breaks, Adilyn desperately begs for Jessica to come inside. With the two of them safely inside, the vampire bursts into flames on the front steps.

The following morning, Reverend Daniels addresses a small congregation about the night's events. Lettie Mae blames her for Tara's death and tells her she's not welcome in the church, prompting Sookie to tune into the congregation's thoughts. Unable to take anymore, Sookie shouts, "I can hear you!" She assures the crowd how much she loves everyone, even if they hate her, and begs them to let her help. "For better or for worse, nobody in this town knows vampires better than me!" she explains.

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In a blood-fueled dream, Jason finally tracks Eric down at a Spanish hotel, and the two enjoy a passion-fueled hook-up. The fantasy ends when Jason jolts awake, after smacking his head against a pew in the empty church.

Andy, Sam and Jason debate over how to locate the nesting H-Vamps. Sookie interrupts to tell them about the dead girl she stumbled across in the woods the night before and suggests that once they identify her, they might be able to get answers from the last town the H-Vamps attacked. Andy agrees, and Sam, on the advice of Reverend Daniels, asks the townsfolk to keep busy by cleaning up Bellefleur's in anticipation of Arlene's return.

At Fangtasia, the H-Vamps send Betty, a former schoolteacher, to the basement to retrieve more food. When she makes eye contact with Arlene, a spark of recognition passes between them, and Betty chooses another woman. Remembering that Betty taught her and Holly's kids, Arlene believes she might help them escape.

Sookie leads the gang to the girl's body in the woods and they identify her as 25 year-old Mary-Beth Grant, a resident of St. Alice, two towns over. Sam and Andy call St. Alice's mayor and sheriff, respectively, but neither gets through. "I guess we're taking a road trip to St. Alice," Sookie announces. "We'll go door-to-door if we have to."

Lettie Mae arrives at Lafayette's to check on him -- but she's also on the hunt for more V. She explains how the V helped her communicate with Tara and that she is trapped between heaven and Earth. Dismissing her vision as a drug hallucination, Lafayette refuses to give his addiction-prone aunt anymore V, and Lettie Mae storms out.
The townspeople clean up Bellefleur's, though they're soon joined by Vince and his vigilantes, who are looking for more recruits. "There's a bigger picture here y'all are missing," Vince claims. "This town's full of vampers, has a dog for a mayor and is being preached at by a telepath." The fragile crowd agrees to turn against Sam and Andy to join Vince on his crusade. Adilyn, overhearing the crowd's mutinous thoughts, escapes with Wade.

Arlene and Holly approach Betty, though she is reluctant to help them, fearing that she'll be killed by the others. Arlene reminds her that she's going to die from the Hep-V anyway and suggests that saving them would allow Betty to die with dignity and humanity. Betty finally agrees and returns while the others take a nap. She tries to regain strength by feeding on Arlene, but any hope of escape dies along with Betty, as she turns to goo while feeding.

Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Sam and Andy arrive in St. Alice to find it completely deserted. They walk around the town, taking in the boarded up buildings spray-painted with desperate pleas for help. It isn't long before their worst fears are confirmed: "There's no one left," Sookie observes, as the group takes in a mass grave filled with drained bodies. "They either killed or took everyone."

Wade and Adilyn arrive at the police station, where she convinces Kenya that the townspeople are about to raid the outpost for weapons. Before they can hide the artillery, Vince and his expanded group of vigilantes arrives. Hoping to bring Kenya to their side, one of the women preys on her strained relationship with Andy. "What happened to that promotion Andy promised you when Bud retired?" she asks. "You've been rolling over and taking shit from Andy for years." After a moment's thought, Kenya locks up Adilyn and Wade to join the gang.

At Mary-Beth's house, Sookie stumbles across her diary, which recounts the first time Mary-Beth met a vampire and fell in love, reminding her of when she met Bill. It also details the subsequent Hep-V epidemic and vampire attacks on the town. Knowing the diary resonates with Sookie on a personal level, Alcide reminds her that what's happening is not her fault, despite what the people of Bon Temps think. On their way home, he offers to keep driving and not look back, but Sookie refuses to run away.

While cooking, Lettie Mae accidentally burns herself on the skillet, which inspires a plan to get more V. She presses her palm into the pan, burning it badly, and then goes to Willa, who is sleeping in the church's basement. Though hesitant, Willa gives Lettie Mae the blood she needs to heal. Before long, Lettie Mae has another vision of her daughter, though she's still unable to make out what Tara is trying to communicate.

Jessica senses Adilyn's fear and tries both the police station and Sookie's phone to no avail. When Andy returns home, Jessica's forced to reveal that Adilyn invited her inside, where she's been hiding in the attic. After convincing Andy that she has no intention of hurting his daughter, she asks him for his help finding Adilyn once the sun sets.

At home, Sookie slips off to Bill's house while Alcide is in the shower. "Can you still sense my fear?" she asks her bewildered former lover. "If I got into some serious shit, would you be able to feel me?"

On the other side of the world, Pam finally tracks down Eric in France's Rhone Valley. She's devastated to discover that her maker's been infected with Hep-V.

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At the Dutta Institute in Los Angeles, Guru Sanbir Dutta instructs a yoga class. He pays special attention to a sexy brunette, using the name Noomi, who reveals herself to be Sarah Newlin.

Lying in his Rhone Valley wine cellar, Eric tells Pam he's been sick for about a month. Pam begs to know why he refuses to get help. "You are Eric f*cking Northman," she tells him through her blood tears. "You don't give up, you fight." He's giving up because he's lost Godric and Nora, but most importantly, he lost Sylvie -- the one other human he loved besides Sookie Stackhouse. 

In a flashback to the mid-1980s, Nan Flanagan interrupts Eric and Sylvie while they're having sex in Sylvie's father's Rhone Valley vineyard. Nan then takes Eric and Pam aside and writes them up for many infractions, including not paying taxes to their local vampire government. She also explains that she can't have Eric "publicly f*cking, sucking, and biting the vintner's daughter," as the Authority has partnered with the Yakonomo Corporation to make TruBlood, as a part of a wider effort for vampires to come out of the coffin. Uninterested in changing his ways, Eric, tells Nan to "f*ck off." Pam begs Eric to change his mind, but Eric refuses -- Sylvie wants to finish college and he won't leave her behind. "I'm as big a fan of the French vagina as you are, Eric, but come back to Earth!" Pam cries. "She's just a human."

While taking Sookie to lure out the H-Vamps in the woods, Bill explains that he hasn't been able to feel her since he was totally drained at the vampire prison camp. When she asks if he's no longer the same vampire "who did all those horrible things" to her, he says no, but he has to live with what he's done to her forever. Bill asks her to take his blood again because otherwise he won't be able to help her.

Jessica and Andy rescue Wade and Adilyn from jail, and they explain what's going on with the vigilante group, which is targeting "anyone and anything that's different than they are." The foursome heads to Jason and Violet's -- they fear the vigilantes may be after Sookie.

Sam meets with Reverend Daniels to explain what they saw in St. Alice. Willa interrupts, bursting in with a V-tripping Lettie Mae, and Daniels asks Sam to leave. On their way home, Sam and his vampire protector, Matt, are stopped by the vigilante roadblock. They kill Matt and turn their guns on Sam, but he shifts into an owl and escapes.

James drops by Lafayette's place; he's confused about what he should do about Jessica, who's been emotionally unavailable over her guilt for killing Andy's daughters. He asks Lafayette if he has any weed; Lafayette tells him no, but offers to take some pills so James can drink his blood and get high, too. Later, when James heals Lafayette's bite marks, Lafayette asks if James is "grooving" on him. James acknowledges that he has feelings for Lafayette, but he's still Jessica's boyfriend and can't do anything about it.

In the woods, Sookie acts as vampire bait while Bill keeps an eye on her from a tree. She plans to be taken to where the others are, while Bill will round up everyone to rescue Holly, Arlene and Nicole. In order to bring out the H-Vamps faster, Sookie cuts herself. "C'mon y'all!" she calls into the woods. "I taste like sunshine and flowers and I'm right f*ckin' here!"

Andy, Jason and the others run into the vigilante roadblock. Blaming Jessica for making Hoyt leave, Maxine shoots Jessica but misses her heart and hits her shoulder instead.  Maxine takes aim again, but Violet charges her and tears out her heart. The gruesome scene sends the rest of the vigilantes running for their lives.

Reverend Daniels feeds Willa and tells her that because Lettie Mae struggles with addiction he fears she may manipulate Willa again and he needs to rescind her invitation. "All you look like now is a bottle of Captain Morgan," he tells her sadly.

In another flashback, Eric and Sylvie are again interrupted in the middle of sex -- this time by Pam, who's being held hostage by the Yakuza, who are on assignment from the Yakonomo Corporation. As punishment for Eric's refusal to mainstream, the Yakuza take Sylvie hostage and force Eric to choose which woman lives. Seeing no other option, Eric chooses Pam.

Back in the present, Pam asks Eric if he contracted the disease on purpose, out of guilt over Sylvie. He denies this but admits that he went about his dealings "with a devil may care attitude." She begs him not to make her watch him die, but Eric explains that the world has been his oyster for more than a thousand years, and now he's "lost his taste" for oysters. However, when Pam reveals that Sarah Newlin is still alive and in hiding, Eric rallies. "Let's go find her, shall we?"

Sarah and Guru Dutta finish having sex, and he sends her to his cellar for a bottle of red wine. While she's downstairs, the Yakuza arrive looking for her. When Dutta refuses to reveal Sarah's whereabouts, the Yakuza behead him.

A glamoured Holly bumps into Sookie in the woods -- she's been taken along with the H-Vamps as "trail mix" while they hunt for more food. The H-Vamps descend on Sookie at the same time as Alcide, Sam, Jason, Andy and the others arrive. The gang makes quick work of killing the sick vampires, and Alcide confronts Bill about letting Sookie go through with her plan. The situation goes from bad to worse when two of the vigilantes fire from the woods, killing Alcide. Jessica offers to turn him for Sookie, but she tells Jessica no. "I've been down that road before," she says, weeping.

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Sookie calls Jackson from the Bon Temps morgue to tell him that his son is dead. To comfort Sookie, Jackson tells her that while he and Alcide didn't talk much, when they did, he never heard him happier than when he was with her. Meanwhile, Jason makes an equally difficult call to Hoyt Fortenberry in Alaska, informing him that Maxine was killed by a vampire.

Aboard Anubis Air, Eric announces that they're making a stop in Shreveport to pick up Willa. Pam is aggravated by the change of plans and reminds Eric that his progeny probably hates him for abandoning her -- just like Tara hated her.

In a flashback to 1986 Shreveport, the consequences of Eric's kiss-off to Nan Flanagan are revealed. The Magister sentences Eric and Pam to manage a run-down video rental store in town, replete with the "largest collection of adult videos in Northern Louisiana." To prove that Shreveport is not the cultural vacuum it appears to be, the Magister points out that a tunnel in the basement was once part of the Underground Railroad.

Sam, Sookie and Jason arrive at the Bellefleur mansion. After promising Arlene's kids, Coby and Lisa, that she'll get their mother back, Sookie talks Andy into letting her "unglamour" Holly to learn where the others are being held captive.

At the Compton place, Jessica writhes in pain from her unhealed bullet wound. James begs her to eat, knowing that her self-starvation over her guilt for killing Andy's daughters is at the root of her problem. Jessica refuses and James retrieves Bill to command her to feed. When Sookie arrives looking for help saving Arlene and the others, she offers to feed Jessica -- but not a sympathetic ear. "I don't give a f*ck about you, or your problems," Sookie tells her coldly. "My friends are being held captive at Fangtasia, and I'm going to need a lot of help if I'm going to rescue them tonight."

Back in 1996 Shreveport, Ginger's origin is revealed. A smart, studious Tulane University student, Ginger is in search of old vampire movies for a research paper she's writing. But when Eric arrives, all sense goes out the window. Spotting a "Help Wanted" sign at the register, an enamored Ginger asks for an application.

Bill and Sookie plan the night's attack on Fangtasia, though Bill warns her that they're going to be outnumbered. Hoping to increase his strength, Sookie feeds Bill. Meanwhile, Lafayette arrives to feed Jessica, whose wound heals at last.

While en route to Rosie's to deliver the bad news about Kevin, Sam turns the car around toward Fangtasia to save Nicole and their unborn child. Knowing they won't be safe without their vampire allies, Jason pulls his gun on Sam, ordering him to turn back around and stick to the plan.

Ten years after her arrival, Ginger continues to work for Pam and Eric at their video store. She reports for her shift, brimming with excitement and an old chair in tow. She tells Pam it's meant to be Eric's throne, as part of a new business in light of the fact that vampires have come out of the coffin. She reveals her idea for a vampire bar, Fangtasia, which Pam loves and subsequently glamours out of Ginger's mind, as she plans to claim it for her own. Aboard Anubis Air, Pam finally comes clean to her maker about the deception.

As the paltry group of vampires assembles at the Compton place, Eric and Pam arrive at his door. "Pam tells me you wrote a book in which you claim not to be an asshole anymore?" After Sookie spots Eric's Hep-V veins, the pair ask everyone for a moment alone. After revealing where he was, Eric asks Sookie about the trouble surrounding her. He summons Willa -- who is enraged to see him again -- and commands her to help Sookie rescue her friends from Fangtasia.

With Eric's knowledge of the Underground Railroad tunnel, Sam, turned rat, emerges from a fan in the wall of Fangtasia's basement. He morphs back into his human form, assures Nicole and the others that help is on the way, and returns to the outside to fill in the others. Bill punches his way through the sealed tunnel, and he and Pam head in for the rescue. Unfortunately, Arlene has just been taking upstairs by one of the H-Vamps.

Eric knocks on the door of Fangtasia and reveals himself as the former area sheriff. He explains that he's brought his own food and just needs a safe place to stay. Smelling Sookie, the H-Vamps agree to let him in. He's soon joined by Bill and the others, but their attack is cut short when the vigilantes arrive and throw Molotov cocktails into the former bar. While the others do battle outside, Sookie begs an extremely weak Eric to find a healthy vampire to save Arlene.

Sookie holds a dying Arlene in her arms, begging her to stay alive. She listens in on Arlene's thoughts and hears her and Terry talking. Just as Arlene agrees to join Terry on the other side, Keith -- a vampire drummer in James' band -- rushes in and feeds Arlene. She continues to hallucinate, seeing Terry in Keith's place, but as the vampire blood revives her, Terry agrees she should stay behind with the kids and tells her to be happy.

With all of the vigilantes and H-Vamps dead and everyone else safe, Eric heads back into Fangtasia to see Sookie one last time. As she cradles Arlene, Sookie looks up at Eric and smiles, thanking him. The two share a wordless goodbye.

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Pam, Eric and Ginger clean up Fangtasia after the raid. Willa refuses to join Eric and Pam on their quest to find Sarah Newlin but agrees to tell them what she knows if Eric releases her. Once he does, Willa reveals that Sarah has a sister -- a vampire sister -- who lives in Dallas.

Sookie returns home, struck by how alone she is after Alcide's death. However, Lafayette and James arrive to comfort her and promise to be there when she wakes up. After Sookie sleeps through the whole day, she wakes in the evening to laughter -- Jackson and Jenny have joined James and Lafayette, and they've prepared a feast for the whole town. Sookie, taken aback, tells her guests that's she's in no mood for a party, but Lafayette insists. They need to have a party to say, "F*ck you to death and hello to life."

Eric and Pam locate Sarah's sister, Amber, who's dying of Hep-V. She explains that Sarah paid her off for years to keep quiet, but now that she's contracted the virus and lost her lover Jeremy to the disease, she's more than willing to help Eric kill her. She reveals that Sarah's in town, and after being turned away by Amber for a hiding place, likely to be at a nearby Republican fundraising gala with their parents.

Lettie Mae begs Reverend Daniels to let her go to Sookie's party to say goodbye to Tara, but he refuses because vampires and alcohol will be present. When his back is turned, she dumps a bottle of Benadryl into the chili he's cooking and sneaks off to the party once Daniels is asleep. She arrives at the party and though Lafayette is quick to show her the door, Sookie invites her to say a few words about her daughter.

On the Stackhouse lawn, Andy confronts Jessica and tells her that her torturing herself over killing his daughters keeps the pain alive for him, too. He acknowledges that Jessica's been good to both him and Adilyn throughout the last few days, and he needs her help to move forward. He asks to borrow a ring for a proposal to Holly, but Jessica tells her that none of hers would be suitable. Instead, they find Sookie and Jason, who give him Gran's engagement ring. After telling the DJ to cut the music, Andy offers Holly a heartfelt proposal, and she accepts.

Seeing that Sookie is on the verge of tears, Arlene (toting a bottle of tequila) sweeps her upstairs for a heart-to-heart about losing the men they've loved.

James, noticing Jessica's improved mood, tries to convince her to go home with him, but she wants to stay at the party. Feeling blown off, James finds a sympathetic ear in Lafayette. Before long, they're making out on the porch swing.

Pam and Eric dress up as Republicans to sneak their way into the fundraiser attended by Sarah Newlin's parents, Nancy and Paul Mills. Pam is delighted with her new "Republic*nt" look, but her delight fades when Eric removes his shirt -- he's now stage 2 with Hep-V.

Jessica, searching for James, catches him and Lafayette getting it on in the car she and James bought together. Distraught, she runs back into the Stackhouse place and begs Jason to rescind James' invitation. After getting permission from Violet, Jason heads upstairs to comfort his former flame.

Lafayette interrupts Jessica and Jason's heart-to-heart, sayingthat she doesn't know the first thing about James -- but he does. Furthermore, Lafayette asks if it ever occurred to her "that Lafayette, that queen, that make all you white heterosexuals laugh and feel good about yourselves" might want "a piece of happiness, too"? He tells Jessica that despite how things went down, James is a good man, and if she doesn't love him, then she should let him be with Lafayette.

Sookie finds Bill deep in thought on her front lawn. Turning her towards the happy party scenes in the windows, he tells her she's accomplished in the last few days what's taken him decades: mainstreaming. He walks her back inside to her party and heads home. 

Tuning into her guests' thoughts, Sookie overhears Lettie Mae plotting to stab Willa to get more V, but can't stop her in time. Sam wrestles the knife from Lettie Mae before she can drink any, and Lafayette forces her out. Nicole, who's been on edge all night, finally speaks up and tells everyone in attendance she thinks they're all "f*cking crazy." She's deeply disturbed that, following the events of the last few days, the people of Bon Temps' first reaction is to throw a party. She begs Sam to take her home.

Upstairs, Jason and Jessica continue their heart-to-heart, and Jason reveals that he was very relieved he didn't have to give Gran's ring to Violet because he's not so sure how he feels about their relationship. Feeling comforted, Jessica leans over and kisses him, which quickly turns to sex.

At the fundraiser, Nancy Mills is surprised to discover Sarah hiding in one of the ladies' room stalls. Sarah explains that she needs her mother's -- and her powerful friends' -- help because the yakuza are after her. Meanwhile, Eric spots Paul Mills and glamours him, hoping to learn Sarah's whereabouts. But before he can utter a word, the yakuza burst in. They kill Paul and then gun down Nancy as she and Sarah attempt to escape. Sarah is cornered by Eric and the yakuza, but he's forced to let her go and kill them first. In the melee, Sarah escapes.

After escorting Sam and Nicole home, Violet returns to Sookie's and hears Jessica and Jason having sex. She pauses to listen outside the closed door, but she leaves before announcing herself.

Back at his home, Bill climbs out of the bathtub and, looking in the mirror, is shocked to discover a Hep-V vein crawling up his neck.

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Weakened after doing battle with a seemingly endless Yakuza onslaught, Eric finally surrenders when they present him with Pam, bound in silver chains. They're taken to the Yakonomo Corporation headquarters and held prisoner in a room with massive windows facing the Dallas skyline. A timer is set before them -- there is 7 hours and fourteen minutes until dawn.

Reeling from the discovery that he's Hep-V positive, Bill phones a lawyer to get his estate in order. Jessica, returning from Sookie's, overhears his conversation but decides not to confront him about his diagnosis before he leaves.

Lafayette brings Lettie Mae back to his house, refusing to let her go home where the Reverend is likely still out cold. He's surprised to find James waiting for him inside and lets him spend the night, but not without first telling Lettie Mae that she better not get any "bright ideas about taking a cleaver" to James. However, when James hears Lettie Mae's side of the story, he convinces Lafayette to let her drink from him.

Jason returns home after hooking up with Jessica and is shocked to discover that Violet has set up a romantic scene, complete with jazz and candles. "When I tell you that you're mine," she explains, unbuckling his pants, "I realize I forgot to tell you that I'm yours."

Bill arrives at a law office, already filled with vampires, many in the early stages of Hep-V. He's further dismayed when he's told he can expect a five- to seven-hour wait to see a lawyer.

Five minutes to sunrise, Mr. Gus, the North American president of Yakonomo Corporation, offers to make a deal with Eric and Pam. He wants Sarah Newlin's whereabouts, and despite Eric's orders, Pam agrees to tell Mr. Gus what they know, so long as he gives his word that they won't be killed. Eric pushes the terms on step further: He wants to be the one to kill Sarah. Meanwhile, Yakonomo's Most Wanted, Sarah Newlin, breaks into her sister Amber's house, where she is attacked by her dying sibling. However, exertion is too much for Amber, and she collapses on the floor.

Jason wakes to a phone call from Jessica, begging him to find Sookie and come to Bill's house immediately. Jason dresses quickly and sneaks out, unaware that Violet overheard his conversation. In a rage, she destroys her basement bedroom.

At the Bellefleur mansion, Andy walks in on Adilyn and Wade having sex. Screaming threats, he chases Wade out of the house until Holly comes to her son's rescue. She stalks off for home with Wade in tow, promising Andy she'll "deal with him" later.

Nicole confronts Sam about continuing to live in Bon Temps. "This town is f*cking crazy, and you, you're the mayor of crazy. I will not raise our daughter in this." She asks him to consider leaving with her, despite it being the only home Sam's ever known.

After Jason drags an extremely hungover Sookie out of bed, they head to the Compton place, where Jessica reveals that Bill has Hep-V. Sookie realizes she might have been the one to infect him; he fed on her before the raid on Fangtasia -- after she was splattered by H-Vamp goo during their attack in the woods. She has Jason take her to the clinic to get tested.

On a V-trip together, Lafayette and Lettie-Mae follow Tara as she leads them to her childhood home. They watch as she digs holes in the backyard, but before they can find out why, Reverend Daniels shakes them out of their vision. Despite his pleas for her to give up the V, Lettie Mae refuses -- she won't turn her back on Tara.

At the law offices, Bill observes black veins snaking slowly down his arms -- the disease appears to be progressing at a highly accelerated rate. At last, his number comes up and he sits down with the lawyer, Madeline Kapneck, to amend his will to leave his estate to Jessica. Unfortunately, Kapneck explains, the late Governor Burrell passed a bill that made it impossible to posthumously execute a will, and since he drew his up after he was made vampire there's not much he can do. She suggests he adopt Jessica as a possible workaround, but the process could take up to a year. He could also pay $10 million dollars to be moved to the front of the line, but refusing to be extorted, Bill stabs her in the neck with a letter opener and storms out.

Sookie and Jason drink beers in the back of Alcide's truck while she waits for the clinic to call with her results. Sookie admits she may have never gotten over Bill: "I loved Alcide. I suppose I loved Eric, too, in my own way, but there's something about the first." Jason confesses he's never been in love -- and only feels fear around Violet. Sookie convinces him to break it off because life's too short to be unhappy. Finally, the clinic calls: Sookie is Hep-V positive. 

After Amber comes to, Sarah begs to stay with her until the Yakuza back off, but Amber refuses, despite Sarah's insistence that she's changed. To prove her good intentions, Sarah reveals that she drank the antidote to Hep-V. Opening her arms to Amber she tells her, "I am the antidote, sweetie. Let me heal you."

Jason returns home to find Violet gone and her cubby utterly destroyed. Violet, meanwhile, discovers Adilyn and Wade making out at Fort Bellefleur and offers to let them stay with her, where they'll be safe. She insists they ditch their phones so they won't be tracked.

Eric, Pam, Mr. Gus and the Yakuza arrive at Amber's house for help finding Sarah, but they're in for a surprise. Grabbing Amber by the throat and marveling at her vein-free skin, Eric asks, "How come you're healed?"

Sookie returns to Bill's to break the news to Jessica, and they wait for him together. When Bill returns and finds his former lover and progeny in tears, it's clear they know his secret.

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Eric ties up and interrogates Amber about the location of Sarah Newlin, but she refuses to give up her sister. Believing that money talks, Mr. Gus appeals to Amber's greed -- promising a financial windfall in exchange for information. But Amber remains steadfast in her refusal, insisting that Sarah is a different person -- and the Hep-V cure herself. With his temper at a boiling point, Eric hallucinates Amber as Sarah and stakes her in the heart.

Bill, Jessica, and Sookie talk about Bill's illness, and Sookie wonders if his Hep-V is progressing faster than normal because of her Halfling blood. Andy calls Jessica to see if she's felt Adilyn in danger after he and Holly arrived at Fort Bellefleur to find the kids missing and their cell phones abandoned. Jessica assures him that she hasn't felt anything amiss.

Violet brings Wade and Adilyn to her house and shows them into a room designed for sex -- it's fully stocked with vintage toys, snacks, BDSM equipment, and erotic oils -- all for their consumption. She claims to be providing a safe place for their young relationship, considering she was once in their position. "When I was your age," she explains, "I used to f*ck my brother, too."

Arlene dreams that she's confronted by Keith, her vampire savior, at an empty Bellfleur's. She tells him that while he's very attractive, she's simply not a fangbanger and believes a relationship would be wrong. Despite her objections, Keith kisses her and they have sex on a pool table. Arlene wakes from the dream extremely conflicted.

Mr. Gus presents Eric and Pam with a new business plan: They capture Sarah Newlin, synthesize her blood, and sell it as "New Blood." However, he needs a vampire's testimonial to sell the product, as the public no longer trusts the Yakonomo Corporation. In exchange for his help, Eric will own 49 percent of the new company.

Hoyt and his beautiful girlfriend, Brigette, stop at Bellefleur's for lunch. Arlene is taken aback when Hoyt mentions that he's in a hurry to meet with "Officer Stackhouse" and appears to have no recollection of his former best friend. Arlene calls Jason, who begs her not to say anything to Hoyt before he arrives. Jason soon learns that old habits die hard when he spots Brigette and forces himself to fight off his attraction to another one of Hoyt's girlfriends.

Dr. Ludwig -- the doctor who once helped Pam with Marnie's decomposition curse -- meets Sookie, who takes her to Bill's under the auspices of curing him. Dr. Ludwig confirms that it is indeed Sookie's Halfling blood that is speeding up Bill's Hep-V, and there is nothing she can do to help him.

Sookie heads to Bill's "grave," where she contemplates life without him. She calls on her faerie grandfather Niall for help, but when he doesn't appear, she heads for home. There, she finds him in the kitchen, attempting to cook spaghetti.

While eating, Niall informs Sookie he's always watching over her and even knew she was going to infect Bill but didn't stop her because he doesn't believe Bill is right for her. Angry, Sookie demands that Niall use his magic to help save her former vampire lover, and he reluctantly agrees. 

Sarah visits the abandoned Light of Day Institute campgrounds, where she hallucinates that the grounds are still enjoying their heyday. She also hallucinates Jason Stackhouse, who tells her she's going to die that night and he'll see her in hell. In Dallas, Mr. Gus tracks Sarah via satellite.

Keith arrives at Bellefleur's to comfort Arlene -- he felt her pain while she was sitting and drinking alone. When she realizes it's not a dream, she warns Keith that they can't have sex because she has Hep-V. However, Keith doesn't seem to mind, and tells her they can just dance.

Outside of Bill's house, Sookie and Niall join hands and channel Nature's Memory. They watch Bill's wife Caroline give birth to their daughter Sarah. Niall is amazed, but Sookie is less than impressed. Niall explains that birth, death, love, and forgiveness are all miracles, and that he brought Sookie there to teach her that there are some things magic can't fix -- including Bill.  Devastated, Sookie orders Niall to leave.

Violet walks in on Adilyn and Wade, who tell her they didn't wind up using any of her toys. Violet assures them that's okay -- because they're going to use them now. She throws Wade across the room and handcuffs Adilyn to the bed. Jessica, feeling Adilyn's fear, rushes to her rescue.

Sookie returns to Bill's and tells him that she's going to stay with him until the very end. They make love in front of a roaring fire, just like their first time.

Sarah, still hallucinating at the Light of Day campgrounds, has visions of her ex-husband Steve Newlin and Guru Dutta -- both of whom confront her about her many lies. Steve claims he's there to save her soul, but Dutta insists there is no heaven -- only "the now" followed by "nothingness." Sarah refuses to settle on either man's religion, believing that, as the cure, she is the Messiah. She then has a vision of Jason who laughs and taunts her. "That's death comin' for ya," he warns, as Eric and the Yakuza pull up outside.

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Eric, Pam and the Yakuza descend on the former Light of Day Institute. Sarah decides to give herself up, believing that she's The Messiah, and begs Eric to kill her. Not wanting to give Sarah what she wants -- and faced with Pam's threat of suicide if he does -- Eric relinquishes Sarah to Mr. Gus, but not without drinking her healing blood first. 

Bill and Sookie lay naked by the fire and reflect on their long and complicated relationship. Bill reveals Queen Sophie-Anne's plans for Sookie and explains why he didn't bring her to the Queen: Sookie reminded him what if felt like to have a human heart. "But the problem was, it was only a memory," he says. "All I had was darkness to give you in return."

Lafayette and Lettie Mae continue to dig holes in the backyard of Tara's childhood home. Lettie Mae appeals to Reverend Daniels, begging him to believe in her. He accepts James' offer of blood, and joins his wife and her nephew on a V-trip. Tara brings them to a childhood birthday party, the event that led to her father walking out and Lettie Mae's subsequent alcoholism. In a drunken rage, Joe Thornton beats his wife for hiding Tara's party from him. He searches in vain for his gun, but it's revealed that Tara stole it and contemplated shooting her father before burying it in the yard. As the Reverend digs up the gun in present day, Tara apologizes to her mother for not pulling the trigger. Mother and daughter make peace, and Tara fades into the night.

Jason sits uncomfortably with Hoyt and Brigette while they go through Maxine's things. An argument ensues after Brigette mentions having children with Hoyt -- something he can't possibly fathom given the current state of affairs. Meanwhile, Jason gets texts from Violet -- pictures of Wade, Adilyn and Jessica bound and gagged in medieval torture contraptions. He leaves with little explanation, but Brigette insists on coming along to get away from Hoyt.

Back at Fangtasia, Eric and Pam learn that Yakonomo Corporation is delaying the release of New Blood, despite having the perfect antidote already synthesized. They discuss wanting a less-than-perfect product in order to keep vampires dependent on their product. With that in mind, they demand that Eric and Pam keep Sarah's existence -- and role in New Blood -- a secret.

Jason arrives at Violet's, where she greets him by throwing him down a flight of stairs. "So you do have the balls to be loyal to at least one woman," she seethes. After binding and gagging him, she throws him into her sex dungeon. Violet explains in detail the brutal ways she plans to torture and kill Wade, Adilyn and Jessica. "All I ever wanted from you, Jason," she screams, "was to live in a world with no wit, no intellect -- a world where you worship me for the perfect creature that I am!" Her tirade is cut short by Hoyt, who shoots her dead with a wooden bullet.

Sookie wakes in Bill's bed to a knock at the door. Eric has come to tell her that he's cured, but the excitement is short-lived once Sookie reveals that Bill has also contracted the disease -- from her, no less. She begs Eric for the cure. With reluctance -- and dawn approaching -- he promises to return to help Bill the following night.

Jason brings Jessica home and they talk about their complicated relationship. They agree that despite all the weird circumstances, their relationship has been the least complicated either of them has ever had. They plan to move forward with "a beautiful friendship" -- without the sex.

Not willing to wait, Sookie follows Eric to Fangtasia. Mr. Gus wants to have her killed, but Eric pretends she's "just another fangbanger" and convinces Gus to let him "glamour" her instead.  Knowing she's in danger, Sookie plays along. But while pretending to be under Eric's spell, she listens in on Mr. Gus's thoughts and learns of "the cure" locked in the bar's basement.

Hoyt finds Jason at Bellefleur's and asks him about Jessica; there's something about her he simply can't shake. Jason reveals that Bill is dying, so Hoyt stops at the Compton place to leave a bag of his clean blood for Bill. Touched by the gesture and his kind words about losing a parent, Jessica finds herself falling in love with Hoyt again.

Sookie goes back to Fangtasia and makes her way back through the tunnel used to rescue Arlene and the others from the H-Vamps. She's shocked to discover Sarah Newlin in the dungeon and unlocks Sarah's memory and learns her blood is the cure. "Even as the cure," Sookie tells her, "you're still the f*ckin' problem. I'm not letting you ruin the life of one more person I love."

Sookie returns to Bill's and tells Jessica that she found a cure -- though "it's a mother**cker to explain." They go and rouse Bill, who is fever-dreaming of his future with Sookie. In his vision, he discovers Sookie cradling and singing to their baby -- but to his horror, the child is nothing but a black void.

Mr. Gus finds Eric and Pam and tells them he has to fly to Dallas but will be back before sunrise. He warns them not do "anything stupid," as his men will watch them closely until he returns. Once alone with Pam, Eric tells her they need to get Sarah's blood to Bill. As they approach Sarah in the basement, Sookie, Jessica and Bill crawl out of the tunnel. But faced with the cure, Bill hesitates, admitting, "I don't want the blood."

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Bill explains to an incredulous Sookie and Jessica why he won’t drink from Sarah Newlin -- he’s already accepted his fate. “Whatever you’re doing, you don’t get to hide behind the word ‘fate,’” Sookie tells him. “The cure is right f*ckin’ there -- she’s your fate.” Hurt and angry, Jessica demands Bill release her. 

Sookie and Jessica head to Sam’s, but they find his trailer abandoned and only two envelopes left behind -- one for Sookie and one for Andy. In his letter to Sookie, Sam explains that he loves Nicole and won’t miss out on raising his daughter -- even if it means leaving Bon Temps. They’re only in Chicago and he hopes that Sookie will visit after the baby is born; he reminds her that after all they’ve been through, he loves her, too. Sookie and Jessica head to Bellefleur’s to tell everyone that Sam is gone, and Sookie pulls Andy into Arlene’s office so he can read his letter in private. But unlike Sookie’s letter, all Andy’s contains is Sam’s resignation as mayor.

At Maxine’s, Brigette confronts Hoyt about him not wanting to have children -- as well as his ties to Jessica. Hoyt admits that he doesn’t know Jessica but knows her maker and brought his blood to the Compton place that day. Brigette is ready to accept his explanation until Jessica shows up at the door. Jessica explains that she knows Hoyt, but he doesn’t know her, and they were together until she “f*cked it up.” Enraged, Brigette gives Hoyt an ultimatum -- he’s free to talk to Jessica, but if he does, he walks out that door knowing they’re over. Hoyt apologizes and heads out after Jessica.

Jessica explains that Bill refuses to be cured and that he released her. “I knew that you were here, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d want to be with on a night like tonight,” she says, apologizing for ruining his relationship and for being so selfish. Despite it all, Hoyt tells her that none of that matters. He asks her to catch her breath, and once she’s caught it, wants her to tell him “the story of us.”

Brigette, knowing no one else in Bon Temps, calls Jason and begs him to come pick her up. She explains that Jessica told Hoyt they have a past, and knowing that things are about to get even messier, Jason rushes out the door to Maxine’s.

Eric shows up at Bill’s to tell him he understands why Bill wants to die. Eric admits the disease gave him nihilistic feelings and attempts to talk him out of his decision. However, Bill refuses to change his mind; he says he’s dying for Sookie. He reveals to Eric his dream of their black void baby -- that Sookie had given birth to Death. “That’s what we are, Eric. That’s all we can give her.” He begs Eric to talk to Sookie and convince her to hear him out. Though reluctant at first, Bill promises that this will be the last favor he ever asks of him, and Eric agrees to try.

Jason arrives at Maxine’s hoping to explain himself but gets punched by Hoyt instead. When Jason wakes from his blackout, he finds himself in the passenger seat of his squad car, Brigette at the wheel.

Two Yakuza bring Sarah Newlin upstairs, where Pam readies hair foils. “I’m takin’ you back to blonde!” While she does Sarah’s hair, Pam explains that they’re going to sell her even after “New Blood” is on the market because one drink from Sarah completely cures a vampire. “You play your cards right, you might just become the highest paid trollop in history,” Pam tells her.

Back at his house, Jason uses his charm and charisma to get the airline to change Brigette’s return ticket home to the following day, free of cost. Meanwhile, Hoyt, icing his bruised fist, asks Jessica what makes her ready for a relationship if she wasn’t ready before. Jessica explains that she went from a sheltered and naïve girl to a vampire overnight and needed to explore her dark side. With that all in the past, Jessica tells Hoyt he saved her life twice -- not just from Violet, but talking with him now, she sees a future for herself for the first time in a long while.

Brigette has a heart-to-heart with Jason and tells him he’s a sweet, kind person who’s selling himself short. Jason isn’t so sure and reveals what happened between Jessica, Hoyt and himself. When he’s finished, Brigette invites him to sleep -- actually sleep -- in bed with her. She wants to teach him “how not to have sex with somebody.” Meanwhile, Hoyt and Jessica rekindle their romance by making love.

Eric finds Sookie outside of Bellefleur’s and convinces her to allow Bill to “call on her.” Eric “flies” her home, and Sookie invites him in. His earlier conversation with Bill in mind, Eric politely bids her goodnight.

Back at Fangtasia, Ginger confronts Eric about not telling her he was cured. He apologizes and tells Ginger he’ll make amends by having sex with her and fulfilling every fantasy she’s ever had. Ironically, the sex doesn’t last very long: An overcome Ginger finishes almost immediately and passes out on the floor in a deep sleep.

In search of Pam, Eric descends into the basement only to find his progeny silver-chained to the torture table. Mr. Gus and knows that Eric went to see Sookie. In order to save Pam, Eric reveals that Sookie knows about Sarah -- and the cure.

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Having accepted Bill’s offer to call on her, Sookie listens as he explains his decision to end his life: If they were to stay together, Bill would be denying her Sookie all the best parts of life -- including family and children. He sees no other way around it, as he loves her too much to swear her off. Finally, he asks Sookie to use her light ball on him, ending both his life and her connection to vampires forever. “If you don’t,” he warns, “there’s going to be a line of suitors from here to the gates of Hell trying to call you theirs.” Though Sookie orders him to leave, Bill begs her to consider his request.

In the basement of Fangtasia, Eric reveals to Pam his plans to release Sarah and kill Mr. Gus. He glamours Sarah into being fearful, so that Pam, who feeds Sarah her blood, can always find her. “Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, everybody wants you dead,” he explains. “As much as Pamela and I hate you, we’re the best friends you’ve got.” After letting her go, Eric and Pam call Mr. Gus to the basement and tell him that they let Sarah escape. He races into the tunnel after her, but Eric knows he’ll be too slow. Using a gas can and a lighter, he sends a fireball into the tunnel after Mr. Gus. Eric then races to Sookie’s and intercepts the Yakuza charged with killing her, and disposes of them -- all without Sookie knowing.

Pam finds Sarah, eating garbage inside the carousel, at the abandoned fairground where Eric turned Willa. Sarah asks Pam to turn her, promising to be her lover and faithful servant. Pam assures Sarah she wouldn’t let her go down on her for a billion dollars. “And as for me going down on you,” Pam purrs, “there isn’t enough money in the world.”

Hoyt and Jessica arrive at Bill’s, where Jessica admits that although she doesn’t want Bill to die, she’ll be fine. “That’s what I would want to hear from me, if I was you,” she explains. When Bill learns that Hoyt has chosen to stay in Bon Temps with Jessica, he asks if Hoyt “might one day get around to asking Jessica to marry” him. Aghast, Jessica pulls Bill aside to tell him that’s not how she envisioned her proposal. “I might be a vampire, Bill, but I’m also a girl. And what just happened down there, isn’t anything like what I dreamed about.” Bill explains that he never got to see his human daughter marry and wanted to know that Jessica would be “spoken for” before he died. Jessica, touched by his words, agrees to marry Hoyt -- if Hoyt will marry her that day.

Sookie heads to Jason’s house looking for advice on what to do about Bill. While they talk, Hoyt calls Jason and asks him to be his best man. At the same time, Jessica calls Sookie, asking to borrow a wedding dress. “What the hell went on last night?” Sookie asks, bewildered.
After Bill arranges for Andy to rent the Compton place to Hoyt and Jessica after Bill’s death (for $1 a month), Andy presides over the unofficial ceremony. As Jessica and Hoyt exchange vows, Sookie is shocked to discover that she can hear Bill’s thoughts. Taking his hand, she listens in as Bill thinks about his love for her and how much he hopes Sookie will find happiness someday.

On the way back to Jason’s, Sookie tells her brother that she heard Bill’s thoughts. “Last night he was saying how this disease is making him feel more human than he’s ever felt before. Guess he didn’t know how right he was,” she explains. Before she leaves Jason, she gives him her blessing to sleep with Brigette -- she listened in on her that morning and thinks they’re a good match. Jason fears becoming a “girlfriend f*cker” again, but Sookie reminds him that they just came from Hoyt’s wedding and he’s free to move on.

Just after sunset, Sookie meets Bill at his open grave in the Bon Temps cemetery. Bill lays down in his empty coffin as Sookie prepares her last ball of light, but she stops short of using it. She explains to Bill that her light is part of who she is, part of her truth, whether she likes it or not. “And you Bill, you’re a part of me too,” she says through her tears, “but I can’t do this for you.” Bill still wishes to die, so Sookie makes a stake from a shovel handle and climbs into his coffin with him. Bill places his hands over hers, and helps guide the stake into his heart. As he dies, Sookie hears one last thought from Bill: “Thank you.”

Three years later, Eric and Pam ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating their success with “New Blood.” At the Stackhouse place, a pregnant Sookie and her husband prepare a Thanksgiving turkey. They are soon joined by Jason and Brigette and their three kids, as well as Sam, Nicole and their children. At Fangtasia, Sarah Newlin remains chained up in the basement, working as a blood prostitute, just as Pam foretold. She’s tormented by hallucinations of Steve Newlin, who delights in the notion of haunting Sarah every day for the rest of her life. With the holiday in mind, Steve asks his ex-wife what she’s thankful for. She tells him: “Nothing.”

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The fate of Bon Temps hangs in the balance as Sookie, Bill, Eric & Co. face insidious new threats, and shocking realities, in the seventh and final season of the “fangtastic” HBO hit drama True Blood.


Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
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Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer
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Sam Merlotte
Sam Trammell
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Jason Stackhouse
Ryan Kwanten
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Tara Thornton
Rutina Wesley
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Detective Andy Bellefleur
Chris Bauer
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Lafayette Reynolds
Nelsan Ellis
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Sheriff Bud Dearborne
William Sanderson
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Hoyt Fortenberry
Jim Parrack
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Arlene Fowler
Carrie Preston
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Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
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Jessica Hamby
Deborah Ann Woll
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Maryann Forrester
Michelle Forbes
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Mehcad Brooks
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Rene Lenier
Michael Raymond-James
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Adele Hale Stackhouse
Lois Smith
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Amy Burley
Lizzy Caplan
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Andrew Rothenberg
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Graham Shiels
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Aunjaneu Ellis
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Lettie Mae Thornton
Adina Porter
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Nan Flanagan
Jessica Tuck
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The Magister
Zeljko Ivanek
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Kristin Bauer
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Steve Newlin
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James Kent
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Reverend Daniels
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Violet Mazurski
Karolina Wydra
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Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)

Sookie lost her parents as a child, not long after realising she had the ability to hear others' thoughts. Though Sookie's grandmother took her in, the young woman's telepathy has been an ongoing curse. After decades spent as the local oddball, Sookie has learned to serve up a combination of sexiness and sass that helps her deal with most situations, but she has yet to find out whether her bite can back up the bark.

Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress who has had her life turned upside down by the supernatural - including (but not limited to) love, loss and danger.

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton)

In his 173 years on the earth, this vampire has seen more than his share of cruelty and violence from humans and vampires alike. Now, Bill has returned to his family home of Bon Temps hoping to reconnect with whatever humanity he's managed to retain. He never expected this attempt at mainstreaming to include romance, however; especially with a human girl just strange enough to accept him for what he is.

Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte)

As owner and operator of Merlotte's, Sam holds a front-row seat to all the small-town drama of Bon Temps, whether he wants it or not. As a private guy himself, he tends to stay out of his patrons' and staff's personal lives, but a protective streak occasionally places him in the midst of the strange events that are starting to unfold at his bar.

Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse)

Jason Stackhouse, the charming and handsome brother of Sookie, is a local sheriff deputy with a history of failed relationships. He's left behind his womanizing ways in search of a more meaningful life.

Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton)

Tara has been Sookie's loyal best friend since childhood. She's built up a tough exterior, taking care of her alcoholic mother at home, but the stress can make her quick to anger - and hard to employ. She may have found her perfect job, after talking her way into a bartending job at Merlotte's where she can turn her temper to keep unruly customers in line.

Chris Bauer (Detective Andy Bellefleur)

Born into the faded lineage of Bon Temps gentry, Andy is aware that working as a police officer doesn't help his standing in a town that already distrusts him. Then again, his personality doesn't do him any favors either; he makes a habit of pushing people farther than he needs to and doesn't mind using his authority to settle scores with the locals.

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds)

Not your typical short-order grill cook, Lafayette flips his burgers in club clothes and eye makeup. But local rednecks should never forget, Lafayette isn't afraid to mix it up with the ignorant bullies who cross his path. With his many shady sideline businesses and personal connections, Lafayette has plenty to fall back on.

William Sanderson (Sheriff Bud Dearborne)

Widely respected in a town where many residents remember him as a childhood authority figure, Bud tries to do right by everyone as much as possible. He doesn't understand people's sudden fascination with vampires, however, and his job was a lot easier before the creatures started showing up.

Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry)

One of Jason's buddies, Hoyt used to be happy just swilling back beers after a day working on the road crew. The string of murders in town - and Rene's role in them - has had a sobering effect on Hoyt, though, and with carousing taken off the menu, he's hoping to just meet the right girl. If his small town and overbearing mother don't kill his chances.

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler)

Divorced with kids at home, Arlene is pushing into her forties and in complete denial about it. Her boyfriend, Rene Lenier, helps keep her slightly grounded, but the stress of hustling between customers at Merlotte's while answering her children's constant phone calls has left her permanently frazzled.

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman)

An old and powerful vampire, Eric commands a strong physical presence as well as a well-connected position and a cunning personality. The same self-assurance that served him as a Viking now allows him to manipulate or just dominate humans and vampires alike. Owning and operating the vampire bar Fangtasia provides ample opportunity to do both.

Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur)

This scruffy short-order cook at Merlotte's brought a lot more home from his tour in Iraq than just a sand-filled duffel. Some days his PTSD acts up so bad he can barely hold a spatula. His cousin Andy used to help keep him grounded, but ever since dead bodies became a staple in Bon Temps, the detective's soothing influence has evaporated.

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby)

Jessica Hamby is the less than two-year-old progeny of Bill, who was turned at the age of seventeen. Though turned against her will, she now embraces her human death as the beginning of forever.

When Bill was forced to turn Jessica into a vampire as punishment for killing one of his own kind, he was devastated by corrupting a young life. But being stuck with the perpetual teenager for eternity inspires a different kind of regret. Petulant, emotional and immature, Jessica makes sure that none of her growing pains go unshared

Michelle Forbes (Maryann Forrester)

This mysterious and somewhat sinister stranger turned up as a do-gooder at the local police department. Now with a house full of reformed criminals and a rosy self-improvement vibe, she's quickly becoming a fixture around Bon Temps. Her true identity - and her real reason for showing up in town - remain to be seen.

Mehcad Brooks (Eggs)

A beneficiary of Maryann's hospitality, Eggs exchanged a dangerous and crime-ridden past for the security of lounging poolside at her house. It's unclear - especially to Tara - how long he's been in Maryann's circle and exactly what their relationship has involved

Michael Raymond-James (Rene Lenier)

One of Jason's friends from the road crew, Rene has been shacked up with Arlene long enough that he's basically a member of the family. As a stand-up guy in love, he'd like to settle down and have some kids of his own, though Arlene feels taxed enough with the children from her previous relationship.

Lois Smith (Adele Hale Stackhouse)

After Sookie's parents died, Adele took the young girl in, raising her through some tough teenage years. Though Gran always knew about Sookie's "talent" and encouraged the girl to use it when appropriate, she often found herself comforting her granddaughter when other young women weren't as understanding.

Lizzy Caplan (Amy Burley)

A privileged upbringing, a Wellesley education - Amy has left it all behind to find a more "authentic" existence on the road. She's a firm believer in the philosophy of Gaia and has found the ultimate tool to commune with the earth: Vampire blood.

Andrew Rothenberg (Malcolm)

A strapping man when he was alive, this vampire's sexual appetite has only increased over the years: Men, women - whatever. Sharing a nest with Liam and Diane hasn't exactly warmed his attitude towards humans, either.

Graham Shiels (Liam)

A tattooed vampire with a taste for rough sex, Liam knows where to find a willing fangbanger when he wants one. While many "mainstreaming" vamps try to blend into the human world, Liam looks positively terrifying - or positively gorgeous, depending on what kind of bars you patronize.

Aunjaneu Ellis (Diane)

A sexy, sadistic vampire, Diane has allowed every shred of her human compassion to slip away. Despite the new trend of "mainstreaming," she still sees mortals as playthings to be enjoyed and summarily discarded.

Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Thornton)

Tara's mother has become a mean drunk - through years of practice. Nowadays, she mostly just boozes herself into quiet oblivion on the couch, though the decrease in drama has done little to ease her daughter's burden.

Jessica Tuck (Nan Flanagan)

Nan Flanigan is a spokeswoman for the American Vampire League.

Zeljko Ivanek (The Magister)

The Magister is a sadistic enforcer of vampire law.

Kristin Bauer (Pam)

As Eric's offspring and primary aide, Pam knows how to advance her maker's various agendas (while pulling off one hell of a skirt/sweater combo). Beneath this vampire's polished demeanor, however, lies the lethal instinct that has made her an asset to someone as ruthless as Eric.

Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin)

Steve Newlin, the former leader of the anti-vampire religious group the Fellowship of the Sun, is now coming to terms with his complicated new life as a vampire.

Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin)

Sarah knows that a Godly woman stands behind her man - especially when he's leading humanity's fight against creatures of darkness. Still, it's not always easy playing second fiddle to the Lord's work.

Mariana Klaveno (Lorena)

Lorena gave Bill the 'gift' of eternal life almost two centuries ago, and though they parted ways quite a while ago, she still manages to maintain some type of hold over him.

Ashley Jones (Daphne)

A local from a few towns over, Daphne is the latest addition to the Merlotte's staff. She's either lied about her waitressing experience or casual dining training ain't what it used to be - in any case, Sam's just glad to have an extra pair of hands around the place.

Evan Rachel Wood (Sophie-Anne)

This vampire queen, driven close to madness over her centuries of existence, rules the state of Louisiana with an unforgiving hand. But ever since vampires revealed their existence, Sophie-Anne's debts have been outpacing her influence.

Allan Hyde (Godric)

This 2,000-year-old vampire spent most of his existence hunting humans for sport -- and passing on that disdain for the living to his offspring, Eric. After millennia, Godric has realised that all the senseless killing has only left him feeling detached and empty.

Wes Brown (Luke McDonald)

Luke is Jason's friend, then nemesis, at the Light of Day Institute.

Adam Leadbeater (Karl)

Karl is Maryann's utterly devoted manservant.

Dale Raoul (Maxine Fortenberry)

Maxine is Hoyt's judgmental and overbearing mother.

Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens)

Sam's estranged younger brother Tommy spent his childhood trying to protect his two destitute parents from themselves. Now in his teens, the abrasive and sarcastic shapeshifter wishes he had someone he could trust, but he's been burned way too many times to believe that Sam is that guy.

Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington)

The flamboyant 'and deadly' vampire king of Mississippi is one of the oldest and most commanding vampires on the continent. Careful planning over centuries has led him to his current seat of power, and his latest scheme is far more ambitious.

Lindsay Pulsipher (Crystal Norris)

A beautiful but puzzling woman from the bad part of Bon Temps.

Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez)

The handsome nurse who cares for Lafayette's mother.

Grant Bowler (Cooter)

The alpha male in a raging biker gang.

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)

A reclusive werewolf from Mississippi, Alcide has racked up some unfortunate debts to Eric Northman. Though he's doing his best to make arrears through legitimate contracting work, occasionally Alcide is required to perform favors for the Nordic vampire.

Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt)

Alcide's ex-fiancee, Debbie broke her engagement to run off with a biker werewolf. Addled by her addiction to both adrenaline and vampire blood, she's quickly spiraling into a lifestyle she might not be able to walk away from.

Theo Alexander (Talbot)

Russell's décor-obsessed partner in immortality.

James Frain (Franklin Mott)

A suspicious vampire lurking around Bon Temps.

J. Smith-Cameron (Melinda Mickens)

Sam's mother, who is also a shape-shifter.

Cooper Huckabee (Joe Lee Mickens)

Sam's estranged and suspicious father.

Fiona Shaw (Marnie Stonebrook)

Marnie is a timid and socially awkward medium who serves as leader of a local Wiccan group. She poses a threat to humans and vampires alike.

Vedette Lim (Naomi)

Naomi is a sexy and fierce cage fighter in New Orleans, LA. Her involvement with the people of Bon Temps eventually puts her in danger.

Alexandra Breckenridge (Katerina Pelham)

Katerina appears to be a member of Marnie's Wiccan group, but soon reveals her true allegiance.

Janina Gavankar (Luna Garza)

Luna is a sexy shapeshifter friend of Sam's. She offers him a shot at romance, but like most of the people in Bon Temps, she has a troubled past.

Courtney Ford (Portia Bellefleur)

Portia is a local attorney whose strong-will and classic beauty always get her what she wants. The sister of Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, her family's ties to the community soon complicate an arrangement she's brokered with a local vampire.

Giles Matthey (Claude)

Claude is the brash and cynical faerie who has attempted to guard and protect Sookie

Valentina Cervi (Salome Agrippa)

The Salome from the Bible, is a powerful ancient vampire and a Chancellor of the Vampire Authority.

Scott Foley (Patrick Devins)

Patrick Devins, Terry's sergeant during their tour in Iraq, has come to Bon Temps to reconnect with his old war buddy. His presence serves as an unwelcome reminder of Terry's past.

Lucy Griffiths (Nora Gainesborough)

Nora is a Vampire Authority Chancellor and the vampire "sister" of Eric Northman, meaning she is also a progeny of Godric.

Dale Dickey (Martha Bozeman)

Martha Bozeman, mother to the late Marcus Bozeman, is a prominent female figure in the Shreveport wolf pack. She is also grandmother to Emma, Marcus and Luna's daughter.

Chris Meloni (Roman Zimojic)

Roman Zimojic is the long-standing Guardian of the Vampire Authority and a passionate believer in the mainstreaming movement. He's dedicated his political career to furthering this cause and expects the same of his Chancellors.

Arliss Howard (Truman Burrell)

Truman Burrell is the Governor of Louisiana. As a shrewd and patient politician, he has bided his time and is now prepared to strike against what he believes to be the greatest threat to Louisiana: all of vampirekind.

Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa Burrell)

Willa is the smart, ambitious daughter of Governor Burrell. But as she works for her father, she is subject to his imposing and demanding will.

Rutger Hauer (Niall Brigant)

Niall is an ancient faerie, the king of his tribe, and faerie grandfather to Sookie and Jason. The sole survivor of a brutal attack by Warlow, he has made it his mission to track down and destroy the legendary vampire.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Nicole Wright)

Nicole Wright is the co-founder of the Vampire Unity Society, a non-violent group dedicated to supernatural rights. As a newcomer to Bon Temps and the granddaughter of Freedom Riders, she comes with the goal to bring equality to all supernaturals.

Rob Kazinsky (Ben Flynn)

Ben is a mysterious halfling traveling through Bon Temps, who is found by Sookie after he is attacked and nearly drained by a vampire.

Lauren Bowles (Holly Cleary)

Holly Cleary is a waitress at Merlotte's and the single mother of two boys. She is a practicing Wiccan, whose charm and good looks have caught the eye of Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.

Nathan Parsons (James Kent)

James and Jessica bonded after he suffered UV burns when he refused to participate in the "copulation study" they were forced into by Sarah Newlin. A peaceful, gentle vampire, James maintains a firm grasp on his humanity.

Gregg Daniel (Reverend Daniels)

Reverend Daniels - Reverend Daniels is Lettie Mae's husband and an important fixture in the Bon Temps community. In addition to helping his wife lead a sober, church-going life, Daniels provides the people of Bon Temps guidance during these very uncertain times. Actor/Director Gregg T. Daniel returns for the final season of HBO's True Blood as the wise and sympathetic Reverend Daniels, marking his character's fourth season on the Emmy winning series. With over 100 credits in film and television, Gregg's roles span the spectrum from comedy (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds) to drama (The West Wing, Castle, Desperate Housewives) to procedurals (NCIS), science fiction (Star Trek: Voyager) and children's shows (Austin & Ally, Kickin' It). Big screen credits include Spiderman 3, Hancock, Mars Attacks, Evan Almighty, Pump Up The Volume, and White Men Can't Jump. An accomplished theatre director, Gregg is the Artistic Director of the Los Angeles-based Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble, and was nominated for a 2013 NAACP Image Award for helming the Los Angeles production of Kwame Kwei-Armah's Elmina's Kitchen, which also won the NAACP Award for Best Ensemble for 2103. Prior to that, his stage direction included 2009's acclaimed production of Tom Stoppard's Heroes, Sybyl Walker's Beneath Rippling Waters, Lee Blessing's Cobb, and Frank McGuinness's Someone Who'll Watch Over Me. Gregg also directed the world premiere of solo performance artist Joyce Guy's War Stories at the Los Angeles Theatre Center and at St. Mark's Church in New York. For Theatre 150 in Ojai, California, he directed Athol Fugards' Sizwe Bansi, Diana Son's Stop Kiss, and the 2004 Pulitzer Prize winner, I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright. A trained theatre actor from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Gregg stars as Lord Montague in Shakespeare Center of L.A.'s production of Romeo & Juliet this summer. Previous stage acting credits include the Williamstown Theatre Festival (Back Country Crimes, Gogol), The Mark Taper Forum (Joe Turner's Come and Gone), the Pasadena Playhouse (Jitney), Actors Theatre of Louisville (Master Harold), Hartford Stage Company (Peer Gynt), and South Coast Repertory (Fences, Death Of A Salesman). A native of Brooklyn, NY, Gregg Daniel resides with his family in Los Angeles.

Karolina Wydra (Violet Mazurski)

Turned sometime in the 12th century, Violet is cool, calm, and a little bit possessive. She laid claim to Jason Stackhouse while they were imprisoned together in vampire prison camp. Violet's strict belief in monogamy draws on her medieval Catholic roots, which puts a whole new spin on "his" and "hers."

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