Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs

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Sonja Sohn (Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs)

Raised by Lt. Daniels as a pup in the Eastern District drug unit, Kima became one of his best detectives after they transferred downtown to C.I.D. narcotics. Her demonstrated ability and her willingness to do the job even changed McNulty's unfavorable view of female police, and soon they even began to empathize with one another about the job, relationships and department politics. When Greggs was shot and seriously wounded in an undercover buy during the first Barksdale probe, her girlfriend Cheryl's worst nightmare came true. McNulty was guilt ridden for having pushed the case, and Daniels became more determined than ever to see it through - regardless of the cost to his career.

Escaping without permanent injury, Greggs initially agreed to limit herself to desk work in order to placate Cheryl, who was contemplating an in vitro pregnancy. But becoming a "housecat" is untenable for Greggs. Pushing paper until she could no longer stand it, she accepted Daniels's invitation to reunite with the unit investigating criminal activity on the Baltimore waterfront. When Cheryl got pregnant, Greggs distanced herself emotionally from her partner and, ultimately, from the newly arrived baby. She lost herself - and the relationship - in fresh casework and fresh sexual conquests, becoming ever more like McNulty. When Police Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell effectively gutted the Major Crimes unit with a bull-dog supervisor loyal to the department brass, Kima transferred to homicide, where the customary hazing from her new colleagues did little to obscure her talent.