Sergeant Ellis Carver

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Seth Gilliam (Sergeant Ellis Carver)

Hailing from C.I.D. narcotics, Sgt. Carver learned a lot of lessons and took advantage of many second chances before he became an effective police sergeant. In the past, he was - along with his running buddy Herc - not at all above some petty corruption and cutting a few ethical corners here and there. During the initial Barksdale probe, Carver provided Burrell with details on the progress of the case behind the back of his lieutenant and co-workers, thereby assuring his own promotion to sergeant. Eventually, Daniels realized that Carver was the mole in the unit and chastised Carver even as the case came to a close. Reassigned to the Southeastern District as a sector sergeant, Carver later finds his way back to Daniels when the port investigation gears up and is offered manpower from the district. Daniels offers Carver the opportunity to redeem himself, but refuses to recognize his new rank, and Carver finishes that probe with his ego deeply bruised. Along with Herc, he escapes to the Western District, where he takes over the street-level drug enforcement unit and goes back to the head-banging, stat-driven arrests with which he is comfortable.

Colvin's drug legalization initiative proves to be an education for Carver, however, and as he begins to see the drug war and policing in a different light, he begins to become real police. His improved ethic eventually earned him the job of acting shift lieutenant in the Western - and a new minefield to navigate as he learns to deal with the officers under his command.