Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos

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Paul Ben Victor (Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos)

Vondas managed all aspects of The Greek's illicit shipping business, but kept a low profile, working discreetly out of Little Johnny's Diner. He supervised Sergei in shipment pickups, deliveries and other special duties as directed by The Greek. He also served as the negotiator between The Greek and various associates, including the union leader Sobotka, who allowed their shipments to pass through the docks. When one of The Greek's containers was discovered with 13 dead girls inside, a distraught Sobotka contacted Vondas immediately. Later, when Vondas heard that the engineer of the ship carrying the girls was trying to flee, he had the man picked up. After questioning him, Vondas ended up killing the engineer, whose mistake had cost them much money and time. Working with Nick Sobotka, Vondas became appreciative of Nick's intelligence, and began thinking of him as the son he never had, bringing him deeper into the business. When Ziggy's legal troubles and the Detail's investigation closed in on the Sobotka family, Vondas attempted to broker a deal that would help, but had to kill Frank Sobotka when he learned that the union boss has agreed to turn informant. Forced to leave the country when The Greek's operation is shut down, Vondas made sure to take the time for one final meeting - with drug kingpin Proposition Joe - before leaving Baltimore.