Brother Mouzone

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Michael Potts (Brother Mouzone)

With his trademark suit and bowtie, rimmed glasses, well-spoken demeanor and penchant for highbrow literature, public commentary and journalistic essay, Mouzone seems more like a banker or entrepreneur or scholar. Given Mouzone's Muslim faith, many have concluded that the New York-based hit man has some history with the Nation of Islam, though this in no way jibes with that group's anti-drug stance. Some say Mouzone spent years with the sect but is now an apostate. Others say his appearance is a calculated act of intimidation, but that he is in no way connected with NOI. Engaged by Avon to protect the Towers while he straightened out kinks in the drug supply, Mouzone was secretly set up for execution by Stringer Bell so as to remove him as an obstacle from Bell's planned alliance with Proposition Joe Stewart. Wounded by Omar Little, Mouzone was then spared by his assailant, who came to realize - from Mouzone's behavior at the very edge of death - that they had been played against each other. Their subsequent alliance led to Bell's downfall and death.