Maurice "Maury" Levy

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Michael Kostroff (Maurice "Maury" Levy)

During Bird's murder trial of William Gant, Barksdale lawyer Maurice Levy called prosecution witness Omar a parasite while Omar shot back: "Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase." Under the pretense of justice, Levy defends his clients with the same ferocity drug dealers do corners - a defense that also has the attorney crossing ethical lines. McNulty witnessed Levy's courtroom proficiency first hand when his team successfully cleared D'Angelo Barksdale of a murder by suborning perjury. And when Avon pulls off a lethal prison scheme that leads to multiple deaths from tainted heroin, Levy helps him achieve early parole by scapegoating a corrupt guard in the deaths. Whether it's warning dealers to protect themselves by dispatching living witnesses, or explaining state Sen. Clay Davis's "rainmaking" to an embittered Stringer, Levy is an important counsel to the gangsters that can afford his services.