Calvin "Cheese" Wagstaff

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Method Man (Calvin "Cheese" Wagstaff)

A gambling man with an affinity for the dogfights, eastside lieutenant Cheese - a nephew to Proposition Joe - is among his trusted lieutenants, a bit more hot-headed and ready for action than Proposition Joe normally requires, given Joe's reluctance to show muscle or profile. Cheese was nearly caught on the detail unit's wiretap talking about having shot his dawg - an admission that the detectives took to be relevant to an eastside drug war that erupted over a fixed dog fight. To their chagrin, it turned out that Cheese was actually confessing to having executed his dog, believing that the animal had turned cur after failing in the fixed fight. The aborted arrest stopped that eastside war and won Daniels plaudits from superiors for having reduced violence at a time when the department was under pressure to improve its statistics. But it cost the unit an opportunity to take down Prop Joe's organization on a wiretap that was instead revealed prematurely. While acting as Prop Joe's go-between for drug deliveries in the Co-op and from The Greek, it's Cheese who Omar tracks to intercept the motherlode shipment - and Cheese is angrier at the double-cross that Prop Joe himself.