City Councilwoman Marla Daniels

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Maria Broom (City Councilwoman Marla Daniels)

Once the sounding board for her estranged husband Cedric's career frustrations, the ambitious Ms. Daniels was also at his side when he was a young supervisor in the Eastern District, engaged in corruptive practices that are their shared secret. Dubious about her husband's ability to achieve his potential in the Baltimore department, Marla had long urged him to leave police work, use his law degree and join an influential firm. Police work, however, and Daniels' unwillingness to walk away from that work, always seemed to thwart her. Her disappointment eventually resulted in a trial separation for the two, though they kept this discreet so as to present a happier picture while Marla ran for a city council seat, mentored by state Delegate Odell Watkins. But once Watkins secured the mayor's support against the incumbent councilwoman, Eunetta Perkins, Daniels was free to make his new romance with prosecutor Rhonda Pearlman public. Marla has since shown regret about her decision to separate from her husband, perhaps because her own ambitions are now a substitute for those that proved so frustrating to her when she lived through her husband's career.