Namond Brice

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Julito McCullum (Namond Brice)

The legacy of his father, imprisoned Barksdale hitter Wee-Bey Brice, is a source of street credibility and conflict for the 14-year-old. As he attempts to emulate his father, Namond is given work as a runner on Bodie's corner - a job that Bodie has offered out of respect to the imprisoned Bey, though his son, at times arrogant and entitled, takes it as his due. Having taken the weight for more than a dozen Barksdale organization drug killings, Wee-Bey's steadfast loyalty to Avon kept his family on the Barksdale payroll for some time. But when Briana eventually cut them off and put Namond on the street to earn, it quickly became clear that the younger Brice couldn't live in his father's world. Bunny Colvin, working a school program for troubled kids, took Namond under his wing, eventually becoming his guardian with Wee-Bey's blessing.