Deputy Commissioner for Ops. William A. Rawls

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John Doman (Deputy Commissioner for Ops. William A. Rawls)

As the commander of C.I.D. Homicide, Major Rawls was blindsided by McNulty's effort to bring attention to the Barksdale organization, and his ire at the detective only grows as the wiretap detail expands that case. Rawls is a career officer and a lethal bureaucrat, not to be crossed. He banished McNulty to the marine unit, only to have the detective wash back up in the port investigation. As Daniels' star began to slowly rise following the port case, Rawls bid his time, protecting himself and his superiors and demanding constant statistical improvements from all subordinates, regardless of whether actual police work was being achieved or not. Promoted first to colonel and then to the Deputy Commissioner for Operations, Rawls remained the loyal subordinate to Burrell until trying to usurp his boss's position via backdoor conversations with Mayor-elect Tommy Carcetti. Burrell managed to survive the attack, and Rawls returned to his subordinate seat at the commissioner's side. Married with children, Rawls is nonetheless given, in moments of choler, to considerable homoerotic posturing and banter.