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J.D. Williams (Preston )

Another soldier in Barksdale's line-up, Preston "Bodie" Broadus, grew up the hard way in Baltimore with an economy that couldn't support him. Neither could his mother, so his grandmother took him in. Bodie came up in The Pit under D'Angelo Barksdale's soft supervision, which was at odds with his own style. He is loyal, stoic and willing to do whatever his superiors regard as necessary, up to and including participating in the murder of his young cohort, Wallace, when ordered to do so by Stringer Bell. In return, Bodie was given command of a crew at a high-rise tower, and he held that territory until the buildings were dynamited.

With the Barksdale organization now shattered, he is back on the street, without connections and without territory of his own, operating an independent corner and vulnerable to larger drug organizations. With Marlo extending his reach, Bodie fails to remain independent and has to start selling Marlo's package. When his top crew members Lex and Little Kevin are taken out by Marlo's team, an enraged Bodie throws a fit that lands him in jail. Ofc. McNulty talks him into informing on Marlo, but Marlo has him killed before he can do any damage.