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James Ransone (Ziggy)

Ziggy is Frank Sobotka's son, which also makes him Nick's cousin. He fancies himself a big man who gets the girls and flashes the cash. Zig is on a constant quest to prove his manhood to others, but his efforts always seem to come up short. The dockworkers and bar locals take advantage of this vulnerability by playing tricks on him. Ziggy acts like it doesn't matter, but he deep down feels the pain. Always looking for a score, Ziggy has taken a package of drugs on credit from a mid-level distributor, Cheese, but botched the deal. Cheese delivers a beating and warning, and to emphasize his point, Cheese takes Ziggy's prized Camaro as collateral. With his debt doubling and his life on the line, Ziggy turns to Nick, who, with some help from Vondas and Sergei, gets Ziggy off the hook. But Ziggy's resentment at not being the big man makes him feel depressed. When Ziggy and Nick get paid for another deal partly in heroin, Ziggy is eager to regain his street credibility. This excitement is short lived, however, as Nick tells Ziggy he's taking over the deal and Ziggy will still get his cut. Nick keeps his word and pays Ziggy his end, but Ziggy's still resentful that he's not on the end with the big players. He soon strikes out on his own, with mixed results.