State Senator R. Clayton "Clay" Davis

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Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (State Senator R. Clayton "Clay" Davis)

When Freamon and the detail started following money instead of drugs, the investigation connected the streets to the upper echelons of the city's political structure, including State Senator Clay Davis. A savvy and charismatic hustler, the state legislator seemingly has no other agenda than raising money for himself and his political allies. He is a master of the con, bureaucratically protected and willing to take money from whoever happens to offering it. Shameless as he is personable, Senator Davis is not without his charm, though this was lost on Stringer Bell, who, after finding that he had been duped out of a considerable sum by the senator, wanted to have him killed. Recognizing the boundaries between the political world and the street, Avon Barksdale refused to go forward with that contract, though even at the time of his death, Bell was angrily trying to hire out-of-town hitters to avenge himself. Mayor Royce's loss to Tommy Carcetti meant the loss of a major ally for Davis, who relied on Royce to quash an investigation of his finances. But the senator continues to back the crony Ervin Burrell in the police commissioner's job, and is willing to help keep rising department star Cedric Daniels in check by whatever means necessary.