Chris Partlow

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Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow)

As Marlo Stanfield's most trusted and valued lieutenant and enforcer, Chris is a tactician, a voice of assurance and in the last, fleeting glances of his victims, the angel of death. Protective of Marlo at all points, Chris is beside the car in a nightclub parking lot while Marlo enjoys a sexual tryst, and when Marlo arranges to the meet the girl a second time, it is Chris and Snoop who have surveilled the location and determined that it is a trap. When Chris learns that the Barksdales are four deep in an awaiting SUV, he responds by blasting them through the window, killing one gunman and wounding Avon. When Stringer Bell is killed by Omar and Brother Mouzone and it is clear that Marlo and Chris will be credited, they agree to perpetuate that lie, continuing their war for Westside dominance and burnishing their own street reputations.