State Delegate Odell Watkins

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Frederick Strother (State Delegate Odell Watkins)

Bound to a wheelchair, state legislator Watkins is a power in Baltimore's Annapolis delegation and a senior member of the state House Appropriations Committee. He is also a kingmaker and a valuable political operative with strong voter influence. As a political leader, he is more genuine than most in confronting the difficulties of improving Baltimore and is not afraid to confront the political realities associated with that goal. He was a longtime ally and adviser to Mayor Royce, but his eventually disenchantment with the mayor led him to make a last-minute switch to Carcetti's camp and he has become an advisor to the new mayor, warning him against firing an African American police chief without another in waiting. Watkins is also a mentor to political newcomer Marla Daniels, who was elected to the city council riding on Carcetti's ticket.