Officer Jimmy McNulty

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Dominic West (Officer Jimmy McNulty)

Irish whiskey. The stick. A good hard case. And women. These are some affinities in the life of Jimmy McNulty. A failed marriage, drunkenness, philandering, disturbing co-workers in the middle of the night, insubordination and backdooring aside, McNulty is good police - both in skill and heart - driven by a propensity for solving cases.

Having instigated the Baltimore Police Department's investigation of the Barksdale organisation, McNulty defied anyone he had to for the sake of the case. Breaking the chain-of-command, he was sent to a no-hope detail with the Baltimore Harbor Patrol. At least he met Beadie Russell there. He also encountered another case worth building: 14 bodies in a shipment container landing him back in the detail. Closure in that case focused his attention back on the Barksdales and a war with a new westside rival. McNulty almost squeezed out a tear when Stringer was killed subverting his efforts on the case. It had become personal. He still managed to find some satisfaction when he handed Avon an arrest warrant citing Stringer as the named source of information. Accepting the victory he was given, McNulty settled into a patrol job in the Western - and a relationship with Officer Beatrice "Beadie" Russell - and started to put his life in order. But, when his collegial street adversary Preston "Bodie" Broadus dies under Marlo Stanfield's order, McNulty returns to Major Crimes and the turmoil that comes with it.