Officer Thomas Hauk

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Domenick Lombardozzi (Officer Thomas Hauk)

"We tune 'em up, beat 'em down, lock 'em up. The Western District way." Herc is at home on the streets, knocking heads, conducting street sweeps and slapping bracelets on young hoppers. Dedicated and well-meaning on the one hand, Herc finds temptation challenging on the other - especially when there's a payday involved... whether it lines its own pockets or furthers a case through improper means. Herc scored high enough on a sergeant's test to win promotion, but was denied thanks to a lack of political connections - and his long, awkward history of brutality complaints. Determined to make rank, he transferred out of the Western drug unit to the Mayor's security detail, hoping that a year of driving Royce around would achieve what police work did not.

After catching the mayor with an intern under his desk - and subsequently keeping his mouth shut - Herc found himself bumped up the ladder and back at Major Crimes. His promotion didn't last long, though; a lost surveillance camera and some manufactured informants cost him his stripes, then his job.