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Charley Scalies (Horseface)

Horseface works the docks as a "checker" and, as one of the oldest members of the I.B.S union, is a loyal confidant of Frank Sobotka. Horseface's special duty is to check all cans laden with illicit shipments destined for The Greek and ensure they arrive undetected by the port authorities. When the container with 13 dead women inside is discovered, Sobotka tells Horseface not to worry although Horseface senses there's trouble. After Sobotka's men start getting nonstop summonses and parking tickets, (thanks to a vengeful Valchek), Horseface decides to exact some of his own revenge. He slips into the police department parking lot and acquires a surveillance van assigned to Valchek. He drives the stolen van to the docks where the union members and Sobotka await. They load the van into a container and before shipping it off, slap an I.B.S union sticker on the back and take a picture, which is anonymously sent to Valchek. The can travels around the world, and Valchek receives a postcard from the global brotherhood.