Dennis "Cutty" Wise

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Chad L. Coleman (Dennis "Cutty" Wise)

Out of respect and courtesy - and a growing need for fresh muscle in their organization - fellow inmates Avon Barksdale and Wee-Bey Brice wanted to reach out to this old school soldier before his parole. They gave him a number to call once he hit the street and sure enough, the organization offered him a small package of vials, ready for sale, as a coming-home present. Cutty's legend preceded him. He had once wounded a rival at a Pennsylvania Avenue booth, then dialed 9-1-1 to declare, "I just shot a nigger. Come get him," before walking away - an act of bravado that had his name ringing out for years. But returning to a neighborhood and a drug culture that had evolved during his 14-years in prison, Cutty felt at odds with his previous life. After a short stint as Barksdale muscle, Cutty realized the game hadn't changed, but he had. Sensing Cutty's sincerity, Avon - himself paroled at that point - allows him to department and later, when Cutty approaches him for a handout to open a boxing gym, Avon hands the aging soldier the start-up money. Barely ekeing out a living doing landscaping with shape-up crews of Mexican workers, Cutty's heart and soul has become his gym program for young Westside boxers. He tries to engage Michael Lee and keep him from succumbing to life on the Corner but ends up shot in the leg on the night Michael makes his choice. Recuperating in the hospital, Cutty is able to help Colvin rescue Namond Brice from a similar fate, by helping Colvin talk to Wee-Bay about taking in his son.