The Greek

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Bill Raymond (The Greek)

The mysterious "Greek" ran a business that imported stolen goods, drugs, women -- anything and everything -- through the Baltimore docks. He's unimposing, soft-spoken and is only interested in facts that make him more money. Anyone interfering with this process is eliminated immediately, and his signature style is to leave victims headless and handless. When one of his containers arrived at the port with 13 dead girls inside, the Greek calmly ordered the capture of the ship's engineer, who had fled. After getting the man to explain how the valuable cargo had died, the Greek signaled Vondas to kill him. The incident also created problems with the union boss Sobotka, who was angered about trafficking humans. The Greek handled the situation, reassuring Sobotka and sweetening the deal by tripling his rate. But the violence led to an investigation, and when The Greek learned that Sobotka has made a deal to cooperate, he had the union man killed. The Greek is later identified by Sobotka's nephew Nick, but disappears from Baltimore before the police can pick him up.