Slim Charles

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Anwan Glover (Slim Charles)

When the tit-for-tat between Avon and Marlo became a full-blown battle over territory, towering Barksdale enforcer Slim Charles was brought on the payroll. He soon started dropping bodies and organizing the ranks of Barksdale hitters, thinned though they were after the losses of Wee-Bey to prison and Stinkum to Omar. And even as Daniels' squad kicks in the Barksdale safehouse and ends that war, consigning Avon Barksdale and most of his muscle to prison on weapons charges, Slim Charles was surveilling Marlo Stanfield and Chris Patrlow, ready to deliver a blow to the opposition. Because he was not at the safehouse, Slim Charles remains on the street - a man without an organization, until Proposition Joe offers him a lieutenant's grade, working with the eastside kingpin and the New Day Coop. Slim remains the source of supply for a handful of independent dealers trying to make their way on stray corners in the wake of the Barksdale collapse - dealers that include Bodie Broadus.