Pfc. Eugene Sledge

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Joe Mazzello (Pfc. Eugene Sledge)

Eugene B. Sledge was born in Mobile, Alabama on November 4, 1923. He was raised by his parents, Edward and Mary, and had an older brother, Edward, Jr., who eventually became a lieutenant in the Army. As a boy, Sledge spent his free time hunting, fishing, and collecting Civil War relics at Spanish Fort, a Civil War battlefield site located on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. His ancestors served as officers in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and he maintained a strong interest in military history and battles.

Joe Mazzello is currently in production on David Fincher's "The Social Network," starring opposite Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg. He is a recent graduate of the USC Film School, where he wrote and directed a short film, "Matters of Life and Death." Just as the film was making its way through the festival circuit, Mazzello was cast in "The Pacific" and left immediately for Australia to begin production. He started acting at age seven when he landed the role of Bobby in "Radio Flyer" directed by Richard Donner ("Superman" and "Lethal Weapon"). His big break, however, arrived at age ten when he was cast as Tim Murphy in Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park," as well as the sequel, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park." Mazzello also starred opposite Meryl Streep in "The River Wild" and opposite Ashley Judd in the adaptation of John Irving's novel "Simon Birch." Additionally, he has appeared in numerous TV shows, including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Without a Trace" and "Providence."