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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 1
Ep.1 - Part 1
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 2
Ep.2 - Part 2
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 3
Ep.3 - Part 3
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 4
Ep.4 - Part 4
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 5
Ep.5 - Part 5
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 6
Ep.6 - Part 6
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 7
Ep.7 - Part 7
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 8
Ep.8 - Part 8
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 9
Ep.9 - Part 9
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The Pacific - Season 1 - Part 10
Ep.10 - Part 10
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December 1941. In the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Robert Leckie tells his neighbour Vera that he has enlisted in the Marines and impulsively suggests that he might write to her while he's overseas. Sargent John Basilone and his Marine brothers-in-arms J.P. Morgan and Manny Rodriguez listen as their commander Lt. Col. Chesty puller explains that they will be sent to the Pacific Theatre of Operations, where they will be fighting for "tiny specks of turf that we have never heard of."

Meanwhile, Alabama teenager Eugene Sledge is devastated when his physician father. Dr. Sledge confirms he still has a heart murmur that will prevent him from enlisting in the Marines like his best friend Sid Phillips.

Several months later, Phillips is assigned to the same company as Leckie. Along with their pals Runner, Chuckler, Hoosier, and Gibson, they are part of the invasion of a distant island called Guadalcanal. After an unopposed beach landing, the men move into the jungle and are stunned and angered when they encounter the mutilated bodies of fellow Marines. Later, Leckie and his men watch from a hilltop as another regiment takes the airfield. That was the objective of the invasion. The U.S. Navy suffers a major defeat and retreats to open water, leaving Leckie and the others to defend the airfield, abandoned and unsupplied. The Marines repulse a furious night-time Banzai attack, but it's only the beginning. The psychological and emotional toll exacted on the men by their first taste of combat is clear. The post-battle carnage that covers the beach prompts Leckie to reflect on the nature of war itself. He begins writing the first of many letters to Vera.

After a month of increasing deprivation on Guadalcanal, Leckie and his men are reinforced by Chesty Puller's Seventh Marine Regiment including John Basilone.

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October 1942. Basilone, Morgan, Rodriguez, and their men patrol the jungles of Guadalcanal, engaging in deadly firefights with the enemy. Throughout, Basilone demonstrates vigorous leadership that endears him to his men. The arrival of an Army regiment provides Leckie, Basilone, and their comrades with the opportunity to pilfer a windfall of supplies. Soon after, there is a major Japanese naval bombardment, and the 1st Marine Division suffers heavy casualties. Col. Puller warns his men that the Japanese are mounting a night-time offensive to retake the airfield, and that the Seventh Marines will likely be right in their path. Thousands of Japanese attempt to break through the American line, but their effort fails.

Basilone displays extraordinary courage during the battle, risking his life to resupply his fellow machine gunners with ammunition and almost single-handedly holding back the enemy - despite suffering serious burns from moving his red-hot machine gun. By dawn, the carnage is revealed, but the hard-won victory comes at a grievous cost to Basilone when he discovers Rodriguez's dead body. Col. Puller tells Basilone he's recommending him for a medal for his actions.

Meanwhile back in Alabama, Sledge elatedly secures his father's permission to enlist in the Marines. His father, who treated soldiers wounded in the First World War, privately laments because he knows what his son is about to endure. 

When the Marines are finally evacuated from Guadalcanal on the eve of Christmas, Leckie and his group are stunned to discover that the entire country has followed their campaign on this remote island, and he and his buddies are heroes.

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January 1943. Physically, mentally, and spiritually debilitated after the four-month ordeal of Guadalcanal; Leckie, Phillips, Basilone and thousands of their comrades land in Melbourne where they are greeted by adoring crowds who view them as the saviours of Australia. The troops set up a makeshift camp in the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the MPs turn a blind eye to the hordes of men who go AWOL in search of much-needed R&R.

After several rounds at a local pub, Basilone and J.P. get into a brawl with a resentful Aussie who mocks their toast to Rodriguez. While his buddies carouse, Leckie meets the beautiful Stella and quickly becomes attached to her and her Greek immigrant family. As the youngest member of a large and dysfunctional clan, Leckie is reminded of what he most yearns for in life - a warm and loving home. Meanwhile, Col. Puller informs a hungover Basilone that he has been awarded the Medal of Honor for "extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry," and lectures that he must continue to merit the honour.

Phillips also courts a lovely young Australian, Gwen, and listens attentively as her grandfather lays out the rather strict ground rules for their courtship. Stella ends her romance with Leckie, fearing his potential death in combat would prove devastating to her, and even more importantly, to her mother. Leckie is heartbroken. He drowns his sorrows in a bottle and has a drunken confrontation with Lt. Corrigan, which lands him in the brig. Meanwhile, Basilone receives his Medal of Honor and is told he will be going back to the States to help in the war bond effort. With great reluctance, Basilone says goodbye to J.P. and flies home. The rest of the 1st Marine Division ship out, heading back into action.

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December 1943. Sledge and Oswalt stumble through Marine weapons training, learning to fire mortars. Meanwhile, Leckie and his group celebrate Christmas aboard a naval transport ship, bound for combat on Cape Gloucester, New Britain. Once on the island, the men repel a night-time Banzai attack during a torrential downpour. Soon, the jungle itself becomes the primary enemy; the relentless rain, mud and insects begin to wreak havoc on the men's physical and mental health. Leckie confronts his commanding officer when that officer steals his prized Japanese chest and pistol. After being assigned KP duty as punishment, Leckie watches in horror as a fellow Marine meticulously hangs up his uniform in the rain before proceeding to blow his brains out.

In May 1944, the men are shipped to Pavuvu, a rat-infested island, to await orders. Dispirited and suffering from recurring enuresis, Leckie is sent to a hospital on Banika Island for observation. When his razor blades and belt are confiscated, Leckie asks Dr. Grant why he's been placed in the psychiatric ward and begins to question his own sanity. Leckie is shocked to discover that Gibson is also locked up in the ward for trying to steal a plane home, and he sees how easy it would be to slide into madness.

Instead, Leckie asks Dr. Grant to authorise his return to his combat unit as the most important thing to him is to get back to his comrades.

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Basilone, "The Hero of Guadalcanal," continues on the bond drive tour with beautiful starlet Virginia Grey. While on the tour, he's able to have breakfast with his younger brother George who's about to ship out overseas. He cautions his brother not to do anything foolish in order to live up to the Basilone name. Sledge, Oswalt, and Leyden arrive on Pavuvu and are assigned to the Fifth Regiment but receive a frosty welcome from combat veterans Burgin, Snafu, and Jay De L'eau. Sledge is happily reunited with Phillips but is disappointed to learn that his old friend is about to head home.

Sledge meets his commanding officer Capt. Andrew Haldane as well as Lt. "Hillbilly" Jones. Phillips tries to explain to Sledge that war is nothing like they envisioned when they were kids playing soldier. Without a chance to say goodbye to Phillips, Sledge debates faith and the existence of God with a once faithful but now skeptical Robert Leckie.

September 15, 1944. Eugene Sledge finally heads into combat along with Snafu, Burgin, and the others. Their mission is to take the coral atoll of Peleliu. The beach is heavily defended, and the Marines suffer scores of casualties. Leckie's unit lands in an equally well-defended but different section of the beach. Leckie comforts his comrade Hoosier when he suffers a bloody thigh wound. Capt. Haldane urges Sledge and the others off the beach and toward the airfield.

The heat is extreme, and thirst from the lack of clean water quickly becomes another obstacle the Marines must overcome. After the beach is secured, Leckie finds Runner and Sledge watches in horror as Snafu pries gold teeth from the mouth of a dead Japanese soldier. As night falls on the first day on Peleliu, Sledge and Oswalt contemplate crossing the airfield - a vast, flat expanse offering no cover. But that's for tomorrow.

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September 1944. Stateside in Mobile, Alabama, Phillips visits the Sledge family to give them news of their son. Meanwhile, Sledge, Leckie, and their respective units grow increasingly dehydrated as they prepare to attack the airfield. Following a thunderous naval barrage, the Marines begin crossing the airfield under heavy fire and once again, suffer serious casualties. Runner is shot and Leckie, desperate to aid his friend, is ordered to go back to get a working radio and a corpsman, which means he must recross the airfield. Meanwhile Sledge's newfound comrade Oswalt is shot in the head and killed instantly. Searching for a corpsman, Leckie is blown off his feet and knocked unconscious. He is evacuated onto a hospital ship.

That night, Sledge confesses to Capt. Haldane how frightened he was when they crossed the airfield. Haldane assures him that every Marine was scared that day, veteran and boot alike, and that "it's all worthwhile because our cause is just." Sledge begins noting his combat experience in his New Testament. Now a battle-hardened Marine, Sledge is christened "Sledgehammer" by Snafu. Assigned a seemingly impossible mission, Capt. Haldane heads back to battalion headquarters to request a change in orders. Leckie and Runner reunite on the hospital ship and wonder as to the fate of Hoosier and Chuckler. They sail away from Peleliu and out of the war.

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Peleliu, September and October 1944. Sledge, Snafu, Burgin, Leyden, De L'Eau, Lt. Jones, and hard-bitten WWI veteran Sgt. Haney patrol the Japanese-controlled Umurbrogol Hills. The men finally come off the line and revel in the thought of rest and hot chow. An injured Col. Puller brings his men down from the hills and Sledge recognises Chuckler being carried out on a stretcher. Meanwhile, Basilone continues his bond tour back home, appearing at yet another fundraiser with ever-growing frustration and guilt over being away from his comrades in combat for so long.

Lt. Jones and Burgin lead Sledge and the rest of the platoon on a mission and quickly realise that a nearby bunker is filled with Japanese soldiers. In the ensuing fight, Leyden is peppered in the face by grenade shrapnel while Sledge kills an enemy soldier at close range with his bayonet. Eventually, Sledge's company is ordered back up into the Umurbrogol Hills where they come under increasing fire from the Japanese, who are hidden in caves and pillboxes. Sledge and Snafu are pressed into stretcher duty and ordered to retrieve a wounded Lt. Jones. As they bring him down the hill, Lt. Jones is shot again, this time fatally. Then the unthinkable. "Sniper got the Skipper, Ack Ack's dead," Burgin announces to the stunned company. The men weep openly at the loss of their beloved captain.

Later, Snafu admonishes a close-to-the-breaking-point Sledge not to remove gold teeth from a Japanese corpse as he was obviously intending. "You don't wanna do that," he cautions, and Sledge reconsiders, settling for the Japanese insignia instead. After a month on Peleliu, Sledge and his men are finally relieved and return to Pavuvu where they are greeted by replacement Lt. Mac and the incongruous sight of smiling Red Cross girls offering juice. As evening falls, Sledge strips naked and joins the others in a welcome and cleansing swim in the ocean.

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Pavuvu, 1944. Sledge and Snafu recuperate from their time on Peleliu. Back in New Jersey, an increasingly-frustrated Basilone is unable to enjoy the comforts of home and family. He requests permission from General Vandegrift to return to a more active duty. He is transferred to Camp Pendleton to train new recruits, including Tatum and Evanson, and works to get himself back into fighting shape as well.

At Pendleton he meets Sgt. Lena Riggi. Despite her initial coolness, Lena eventually warms to Basilone, and they enjoy a whirlwind courtship. His enlistment nearly lapsed, Basilone re-ups. Being a Marine, Lena understands. They marry and enjoy a passionate honeymoon.

Months later, in February 1945, Basilone, leading the men he trained at Camp Pendleton, lands on Iwo Jima. Demonstrating the same leadership he displayed on Guadalcanal, Basilone is an inspiration to his men but this time, tragically, he is killed on the first day of battle. Back in America, Lena is left to contemplate her life without the man she loves.

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May 1945, Okinawa. Sledge, Leyden, Snafu, and Burgin toil through the mud with new arrivals Hamm and Kathy, and for the first time in the war, they encounter civilians. The thunder of artillery is constant in the muddy wasteland of ridges and draws, where corpses decompose in the muck. The men are horrified by the Japanese use of civilian women and children as shields in combat. Leyden is wounded and taken off the line. When Hamm is killed, Sledge and the others are driven perilously close to the edge.

Sledge and the Marines continue their advance and systematically clear out the entrenched Japanese. In a hut, Snafu and Sledge find a crying baby at his slain mother's breast. A mortally wounded old woman begs Sledge to shoot her and end her misery. Once again at a moral crossroads, Sledge instead cradles her in his arms as she dies. He later spares the life of a Japanese boy soldier, only to see him shot and killed by a newly-arrived Marine. The battle won, Okinawa secured, Sledge, Snafu, Burgin and the rest of their unit are informed by Lt. Mac that the Americans have dropped some kind of new bomb that has vaporised a Japanese city. But the war isn't over.

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August 15, 1945. While still recovering from his wounds at a stateside hospital, Leckie learns that the Japanese have surrendered. Back on Okinawa, Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin receive word as well and share a bottle of Scotch in celebration and wonder about their respective futures. Leckie returns home, where he is greeted somewhat distantly by his mother, Marion Leckie, and father, John Leckie.

Now back in the U.S., Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin cross the country in a train bound for home. Snafu and Burgin have mapped out their plans, but so far Sledge is undecided. Meanwhile, Lena meets the Basilone family for the first time and, in an emotional gesture, hands Basilone's Medal of Honor to his mother and father. Leckie retrieves his old job covering high school sports for the local paper. That night, while writing a story, Leckie sees Vera for the first time since returning from the war. Determined, Leckie elbows aside another suitor and persuades Vera to join him for dinner.

Back in Mobile, Sledge is met by Phillips at the train station. An obviously happy Phillips asks Sledge to be the best man in his upcoming wedding. Sledge has a tearful reunion with his parents, but tells his brother Edward that he will never wear his Marine uniform again. At a society ball, Sledge's discomfort and uncertainty as to why he survived when so many others didn't is assuaged, but only slightly, by his oldest and dearest friend, Phillips, who experienced similar emotions when he returned. Vera joins Leckie and his family for dinner, and despite Leckie's fractious family, it's clear that they are falling in love. Under increasing pressure from his mother to get on with his life, Sledge attempts to enroll in college. When trying to determine what field of study Sledge should pursue, the registrar asks what he learned in the Marine Corps. Sledge's curt reply: "I learned to kill Japs." His future remains uncertain.

Hoping to help Sledge return to life as it was, Dr. Sledge takes his son hunting as they'd done so many times before the war. But Sledge will never be the same, and the idea of killing is unfathomable. Sledge looks within to find the strength and inner peace to lead a normal life after everything he's experienced.

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Executive produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Gary Goetzman, The Pacific is an epic ten-part miniseries.  The Pacific tracks the intertwined real-life stories of three U.S. Marines: Robert Leckie, John Basilone, and Eugene Sledge; across the vast canvas of the Pacific Theater during World War II.  The miniseries follows these men and their fellow Marines from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and the strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima and through the horror of Okinawa, and finally to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day.

The Pacific is based in part on the books 'Helmet for My Pillow' by Robert Leckie, and 'With the Old Breed' by Eugene B. Sledge, with additional material from 'Red Blood, Black Sand' by Chuck Tatum, and 'China Marine' by Eugene B. Sledge, as well as original interviews conducted by the filmmakers.


Robert Leckie
James Badge Dale
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Pfc. Eugene Sledge
Joe Mazzello
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Pfc. Sidney Phillips
Ashton Holmes
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Capt. Andrew Haldane
Scott Gibson
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Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Chesty Puller
William Sadler
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Cpl. Merriell Shelton
Rami Malek
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Keith Nobbs
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Pfc. Lew Chuckler Juergens
Josh Helman
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Pfc. Jay De L'Eau
Dylan Young
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Sgt. J.P. Morgan
Josh Bitton
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Pfc. Bill Hoosier Smith
Jacob Pitts
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Pfc. Bill Leyden
Brendan Fletcher
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2nd Lt. Hugh Corrigan
Henry Nixon
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Vera Keller
Caroline Dhavernas
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Sgt. Elmo "Gunny" Haney
Gary Sweet
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Lena Mae Riggi
Annie Parisse
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Pfc. R.V. Burgin
Martin McCann
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James Badge Dale (Robert Leckie)

Robert Leckie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 18, 1920. He was the youngest of eight children in an Irish Catholic family and was raised in Rutherford, New Jersey. Before the war, Leckie was a sportswriter for The Bergen Evening Record, a local New Jersey newspaper.

James Badge Dale (PFC Robert Leckie) will star in the highly anticipated new series "Rubicon," a serialised political thriller that revolves around an analyst (Dale) at a New York City think tank whose work leads him to uncover a clue that points him toward an unfolding global conspiracy. The son of the late Broadway, film and TV star Anita Morris and two-time Tony Award-winning director-choreographer Grover Dale, he grew up backstage and followed his parents into the arts, making his off-Broadway debut in 2003 with the Flea Theatre Company's "Getting into Heaven." Since then, Dale has returned to the stage to work with The New Group and New World Stages. His most notable film role to date is Barrigan in Martin Scorsese's Academy Award®-winning "The Departed." Dale's other films include "Lord of the Flies" and the film festival favorite "Cross Bronx." On TV, he appeared as Chase Edmunds, Kiefer Sutherland's younger partner, in the hit series "24," and also originated memorable roles in "Rescue Me" and "The Black Donnellys."

Jon Seda (John Basilone)

John Basilone was born in Buffalo, New York on November 4, 1916. He enlisted in the Army in 1934, served in the Philippines, and was honorably discharged in 1937. Three years later, he enlisted in the Marine Corps in Baltimore, Maryland, and was assigned as a machine gunner with the 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division before heading into combat in the Pacific.

Jon Seda, a New Jersey native and amateur boxer, hung up his gloves in 1992 when he made his screen debut as a fighter in "Gladiator." His star rose throughout the '90s, thanks to roles in such films as "Carlito's Way" and "Twelve Monkeys," though it wasn't until "Homicide: Life on the Street" that Hollywood took serious notice. In 1996, Seda received critical acclaim for his role as Blue in the film "The Sunchaser," opposite Woody Harrelson, at the Cannes Film Festival. He then played the love interest to Jennifer Lopez's title character in the film "Selena," based on the true story. Seda's TV credits include series regular roles on "Kevin Hill" and "Close to Home," and recurring roles on "Ghost Whisperer" and HBO's "Oz." Seda has also guest starred on "House M.D.," "CSI: Miami," "NYPD Blue," "Las Vegas" and "Law & Order," among many others.

Joe Mazzello (Pfc. Eugene Sledge)

Eugene B. Sledge was born in Mobile, Alabama on November 4, 1923. He was raised by his parents, Edward and Mary, and had an older brother, Edward, Jr., who eventually became a lieutenant in the Army. As a boy, Sledge spent his free time hunting, fishing, and collecting Civil War relics at Spanish Fort, a Civil War battlefield site located on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. His ancestors served as officers in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and he maintained a strong interest in military history and battles.

Joe Mazzello is currently in production on David Fincher's "The Social Network," starring opposite Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg. He is a recent graduate of the USC Film School, where he wrote and directed a short film, "Matters of Life and Death." Just as the film was making its way through the festival circuit, Mazzello was cast in "The Pacific" and left immediately for Australia to begin production. He started acting at age seven when he landed the role of Bobby in "Radio Flyer" directed by Richard Donner ("Superman" and "Lethal Weapon"). His big break, however, arrived at age ten when he was cast as Tim Murphy in Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park," as well as the sequel, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park." Mazzello also starred opposite Meryl Streep in "The River Wild" and opposite Ashley Judd in the adaptation of John Irving's novel "Simon Birch." Additionally, he has appeared in numerous TV shows, including "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Without a Trace" and "Providence."

Ashton Holmes (Pfc. Sidney Phillips)

Sidney Phillips was born September 2, 1924. His father, a teacher who became principal of Murphy High School in Mobile during the War, had been a 2nd lieutenant in the 145th Infantry in World War One, and had been wounded in the Argonne Forest. Phillips' best friend growing up was Eugene B. Sledge.

Phillips graduated from high school in June of 1941 and went to work with the U.S. Engineers, carrying maps between departments while saving for college. On December 8, 1941, he was just seventeen when he and a friend enlisted in the Marines. After training, Phillips was assigned to H Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines Regiment, 1st Marine Division, and taught to operate the 81 mm mortar.

In the spring of 1942 he went overseas -- first to New Zealand, and then, in August, to the Solomon Islands where he participated in the landings on Guadalcanal.

Ashton Holmes made his feature film debut opposite Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello in David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence." He was most recently seen in "Smart People," which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and also starred Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page. Holmes' other films include "Wind Chill," "Peaceful Warrior" and "What We Do Is Secret." His TV credits include a guest lead role on "House" and a recurring role on "Boston Legal." Holmes made his stage debut as the lead in the national tour of "Rent," landing the role after his first audition.

Scott Gibson (Capt. Andrew Haldane)

Capt. Andrew Haldane, the son of Scottish immigrants, was captain of the Bowdoin College football team before joining the Marine Corps, where he earned the Silver Star. Known as “Ack-Ack” among his men, Haldane commanded 235 men in K company of the 3rd Battalion, Fifth Marines, where his spirited leadership was widely respected by the troops. In Haldane's honor, Bowdoin College has established an award and a scholorship for student leadership in public service.

Scott Gibson (Capt. Haldane) first studied acting at the University of Western Ontario, followed by a classical acting diploma from the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. His film credits include "Lucky Number Slevin," "The Skulls," "Breach" and "The Sentinel." Gibson has been seen on TV in the miniseries "Nuremberg," the movies "13th Mission," "Black Iris," "The Color of Justice" and "Any Mother's Son," and series such as "Due South," "Road to Avonlea," "Kevin Hill" and "Total Recall."

William Sadler (Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Chesty Puller)

William Sadler's (Chesty Puller) film credits include "Last Day of Summer," "Green Mile," "Eagle Eye," "The Mist," "August Rush," "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Die Hard II." His TV credits include "Thin Ice," "Numbers," "The Black Donnellys," "Roswell," "Roseanne" and HBO's "Tales from the Crypt." Sadler appeared in Broadway productions of "Exit the King," "Julius Caesar" and "Biloxi Blues," as well as the off-Broadway productions "Arturo Ui," "A Few Stout Individuals" and "Limbo Tales."

Rami Malek (Cpl. Merriell Shelton)

Rami Malek's (Snafu) other TV credits include the current season of "24," as well as "The War at Home," "Medium" and "Gilmore Girls." He has also been featured in the "Night at the Museum" films.

Keith Nobbs (Wilbur)

Keith Nobbs' (Runner) film credits include, "Phone Booth," "Double Whammy," "25th Hour," "It Runs in the Family," "Premium" and the upcoming "Weakness." He starred on Paul Haggis' acclaimed series "The Black Donnellys" and has appeared in guest roles on HBO's "In Treatment," "Fringe," "Law & Order," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Law & Order: SVU" and HBO's "The Sopranos." He has also appeared on Broadway in "The Lion in Winter", with Laurence Fishburne and Stockard Channing, directed by Michael Mayer. Off-Broadway, he received a Lucille Lortel Award and a Drama Desk Nomination for Christopher Shinn's "Four," as well as appearing in "Dog Sees God," "The Hasty Heart," "Stupid Kids," "Fuddy Meers," "Free to Be You and Me" and "Hope Is the Thing with Feathers." Also off-Broadway, he worked with Conor McPherson on his play "Dublin Carol" and with David Mamet on his play "Romance," both at the Atlantic Theater Company.

Josh Helman (Pfc. Lew Chuckler Juergens)

Josh Helman's (Chuckler) previous TV acting credits include "McLeod's Daughters" and "Home and Away." His previous film credits include "Aiden's View,"
"Animal Kingdom" and "All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane."

Leon Ford (2nd Lt. Edward)

Leon Willem Ford's ("Hillbilly" Jones) feature credits include "Beneath Hill 60," "$9.99" and "The Great Raid." His TV credits include HBO's "Tsunami: The Aftermath," as well as appearances on the Australian series "All Saints" and "The Cooks," and in the Australian miniseries "Changi." He is an award-winning writer and director of short films and has recently completed his first feature film "Griff the Invisible," which stars Ryan Kwanten (HBO's "True Blood") and is due for release late this year.

Dylan Young (Pfc. Jay De L'Eau)

In addition the 'The Pacific,' Dylan's credits include 'Rush' and 'Canal Road.'

Josh Bitton (Sgt. J.P. Morgan)

Joshua Bitton's (J.P. Morgan) film work includes supporting roles in "Stop Loss," "National Treasure," "Lenexa 1 Mile," "Gordon Glass," "Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Piece" and "Returning Mickey Stern." His TV credits include "Miami Medical," "A.M.P.E.D.," "Commander In Chief," "NCIS," "Without a Trace" and "The Job." Bitton has also worked extensively in the theater, with off-Broadway credits including "Romeo and Juliet," "The Crumple Zone" and "The Seagull."

Jacob Pitts (Pfc. Bill Hoosier Smith)

Jacob Pitts (Hoosier) has appeared in a variety of features, including Robert Luketic's "21," Julie Taymor's "Across the Universe," Kathryn Bigelow's "K-19: The Widowmaker," the comedy "Eurotrip" and the indie drama "Quid Pro Quo." His TV credits include HBO's "Sex and the City," "Strangers with Candy," "Law & Order" and a series regular role on the upcoming drama "Justified." He has also appeared off-Broadway in such productions as Christopher Shinn's "Where Do We Live."

Brendan Fletcher (Pfc. Bill Leyden)

Brendan Fletcher (Leyden) has appeared in Terry Gilliam's "Tideland" and opposite Al Pacino in "88 Minutes." His other feature credits include "The Onion Movie," "Jimmy Zip," "Rollercoaster" and "The Five Senses." Fletcher's TV credits include guest star work on "Saved" and "Masters of Horror," in addition to a recurring role on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." In his native Canada, he earned a Genie Award for "The Law of Enclosures," a Leo Award and Gemini Award nomination for "Little Criminals" and a Gemini Award nomination for "100 Days in the Jungle."

Henry Nixon (2nd Lt. Hugh Corrigan)

Henry Nixon's (Lt. Corrigan) film credits include "Happy Feet" and the Australian films "The Black Balloon," "Nightwalking" and "Triangle," as well as the upcoming "Deliberation." His TV credits include "McLeod's Daughters," "All Saints," "Don't Blame Me" and "Home and Away."

Caroline Dhavernas (Vera Keller)

Caroline Dhavernas (Vera) has amassed many feature film credits in both French and English. She has appeared opposite Ryan Phillippe and Chris Cooper in "Breach," with Adrien Brody in "Hollywoodland" and will soon be seen in "The Baster" with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, and "The Devil," produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Her other feature credits include "Passchendaele," "The Baroness and the Pig," "Edge of Madness," "Niagara Motel," "La Belle Bete" and "Tulse Luper Suitcases" by Peter Greenaway. She made her American TV debut in the critically acclaimed "Wonderfalls."

Gary Sweet (Sgt. Elmo "Gunny" Haney)

Gary Sweet (Haney) will be seen in the upcoming feature film "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." His extensive list of Austrailian TV credits includes such series as "The Circuit", "Rain Shadow", "Stingers" and "Police Rescue".

Annie Parisse (Lena Mae Riggi)

Annie Parisse (Lena Riggi) was a series regular on "Law & Order" from 2005-2006. She has appeared in the films "My Own Love Song," "Tickling Leo," "Definitely, Maybe," "Prime," "Blackbird," "Monster-in-Law," "National Treasure" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." On TV, she has guest starred on "Fringe," "Friends," "Third Watch" and "Big Apple." Parisse starred in the 2007 revival of Craig Lucas' "Prelude to a Kiss" and in the title role of the off-Broadway play "Becky Shaw."

Martin McCann (Pfc. R.V. Burgin)

Romus Valton "R.V." Burgin was born on August 13, 1921 in Jewett, Texas.