Sex and the City Season 1

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Sex and the City Season 1

In Sex and the City, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her female friends vow to start enjoying sex rather than worrying about finding the perfect partner. Models and Mortals sees Miranda dating a model obsessive, while Samantha videotapes herself having sex.

In Bay of Married Pigs, Miranda is shocked to discover that her colleagues think she is a lesbian. In Valley of the Twenty-Somethings, the sex-obsessed ladies discover the ins and outs of dating younger men. The Power of Female Sex sees Carrie dating a wealthy French architect, while in Secret Sex, she suspects that Mr Big is keeping her a secret from his friends because he is ashamed of her.

In The Monogamists, Carrie decides that she wants to be monogamous with Mr Big, while Miranda's feelings for Skipper change when she sees him with another woman. Three's a Crowd sees Carrie disappointed when she meets the ex-Mrs Big, while Charlotte's boyfriend wants to spice up their relationship with an extra woman. In The Turtle and the Hare, Mr Big tells Carrie that he will never remarry, while Samantha tries to change a halitosis-ridden investor whom she has nicknamed 'The Turtle' into a 'catch', without notable success.

In The Baby Shower', the girls start to think about their futures and, specifically, the joys of motherhood. The Drought sees the girls all taking an involuntary break from sex. And finally in Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Carrie worries that her relationship with Mr Big is going nowhere after he introduces her to his mother as a 'friend'.