Jack Berger

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Ron Livingston (Jack Berger)

On the surface, Jack Berger seemed like the perfect match for Carrie Bradshaw. Like Carrie, Berger was a professional writer that always had the perfect one-liner for any situation.

Carrie's first time out with Berger was actually a "non-date" since he was already involved with somebody else. Luckily, Berger dropped the other woman (and picked up a motorcycle), opening the door for Carrie to step in. When the pair met up at Bobby and Bitsy's wedding, there was definite "zsa-zsa-zsu" in the air, and the future looked bright for the two authors.

Unfortunately, the magic didn't last. Berger's writing career stalled out just as Carrie's was heating up, something that he had a very hard time coming to terms with. Dates became sniping matches between the two, with every meeting ending up with hurt feelings. Berger eventually appeared to come around, but wound up sneaking out of Carrie's apartment in the dead of night, breaking the relationship off via a Post-it note. Carrie held onto the Post-it for posterity, but it seems as if Berger will wind up as nothing more than a bad memory for Ms. Bradshaw.