Charlotte York

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Kristin Davis (Charlotte York)

"If you had a patient who had a very very slim chance of living, would that be good news? Would you tell the family, "Buck up, he's got a shot in hell?"

Charlotte has a refreshingly optimistic outlook on love and romance amidst the ever-complex dating scene of NYC. Well-bred, she walks through life with a perfect sense of decorum. And a lot of idealism. For years, Charlotte had a crystalline vision of the life she wanted to have. First and foremost, she wanted to get married. She wanted true love. And she wanted her husband to be wealthy, handsome and belong to the social elite. Dr. Trey MacDougal seemed her Prince Charming, but her marriage was far from what she had hoped it would be.

Not one to give up easily, Charlotte worked hard at her less-than-perfect union - from dragging Trey to sex therapy to confronting her meddling mother-in-law Bunny to quitting her art gallery job to devote herself to wifely duties.

The sex got better, but when Charlotte decided it was time to procreate, things began to unravel again. Unable to conceive naturally, she started hormone therapy and considered adoption. Trey's reaction to Charlotte's determination was to pull away and question the decision to have a child. As Charlotte became aware of their very different visions of the future, their marriage quickly dissolved. Giving up her dream of holy matrimony hasn't been easy, but Charlotte hasn't become embittered about love or life.

Charlotte met her 36th birthday as a divorcee and came face to face with her fears of becoming an old maid. Chin up, she followed the relationship advice of self-help gurus but had trouble letting go of her feelings of disappointment and disillusionment over the end of her marriage. But ever the optimist, Charlotte continued to believe in love. When her uncouth divorce lawyer, Harry, proclaimed his lust for her, Charlotte threw aside her prim and proper ways and had sex for sex's sake. As the affair continued, though, she realised she might be falling in love with a man who represented everything she thought she didn't want.
This realisation lead Charlotte to convert to Judaism in an attempt to land Harry, who had promised his dying mother that he would only marry a Jew. Charlotte successfully made the conversion, but was so stressed out from the whole process that she blew up at Harry, causing the pair to split. Several weeks of moping around came to an end when the two ran into each other at a mixer, with the couple becoming engaged to be married minutes later. The actual wedding ceremony was somewhat bumpy, but all indications are that Charlotte has finally managed to find herself the perfect man.

Fashion Sense

Charlotte's wardrobe reflects her Park Avenue lifestyle and feminine charm. Her classic and chic style is timeless. Pastel pieces coordinated with matching accessories show off her girlish side.