Richard Wrigh

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James Remar (Richard Wrigh)

From the moment Samantha met hotel magnate Richard Wright, the sexual chemistry was palpable. Powerful, wealthy and unabashedly confident, alpha male Richard seemed the perfect prey for Samantha - professionally and personally.

Samantha didn't have an easy time landing Richard as her mega-client. To get through Richard's chauvinist standards, Samantha ultimately had to prove to Richard that she had "balls." "I love that you're not scared of me," said Richard at their first meeting of the minds.

Like Samantha, Richard isn't one to mince words. "I like to sleep around." Also like Samantha, Richard knows what he wants and usually gets it. After bonding over the joys of being single, Richard whisked Samantha off on his private jet and seduced her on take-off. For a man of Richard's means, not even the sky is the limit.

Providing phenomenal sex with no strings, Richard Wright became Samantha's "Mr. Right." That is, until Richard added some romantic gestures to the mix. After a skinny-dipping sex session, he persuaded Samantha to join him in a slow dance and we watched as Samantha struggled to keep her emotional distance. After taking Ecstasy one night, Samantha was overcome by her emotions and declared her love to Richard mid-orgasm. The next day, the smooth, monogamy-fearing Richard just chalked it up to the X. A relationship was as foreign a concept to Richard as it was to Samantha. But even game-master Richard couldn't control the forces at play and soon said the words, "I love you Samantha."

Clearly in uncharted territory, Richard wasn't ready to let go of his power bachelor ways. Samantha was his star mistress (he showered her with expensive gifts bought by his personal assistant), but there were other women. For his birthday, Samantha indulged Richard's fantasy of a three-way. But when the younger participant implored him, "You tell her, daddy," Richard told Samantha to get rid of her. The one thing that could rattle Richard's confidence was having his age brought into the equation. He said to Samantha, "Let's try this. Just you and me."

Samantha wanted to believe Richard's words, but she saw the familiar signs of deception. He kept her waiting and he wasn't quite as lustful as usual. When she asked him if he was sleeping with another woman, he denied it. When she caught him in the act, Richard pleaded, "It's just sex. I love you." Richard seems to have accomplished the impossible - he broke Samantha's heart.

Is Richard a man who loves the pursuit but tires once he's caught his prey? Is he a commitment-phobic man who runs from intimacy? Or is Richard perhaps the yin to Samantha's yang? We may never know, unless Samantha decides to bring the magnate back into her life.