Steve Brady

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David Eigenberg (Steve Brady)

Steve the bartender isn't standard dating material. He's sweet, soft-spoken, sincere, and he believes in monogamy. On top of all that, living in Manhattan, he's managed to hold onto his boyish charm. All of these qualities - and those big blue eyes behind little wire-rim glasses - broke through the cynicism of Miranda and made the most independent of the SATC girls embark on a real honest-to-goodness relationship. At least for a while...

Alas, what makes Steve so adorable is also what makes him so intolerable to Miranda. In the fast-paced career-driven mind of Miranda, Steve is lacking in ambition and maturity. He doesn't own a suit, he's messy (remember those "skid marks") and takes shooting hoops about as seriously as Miranda takes the law. He's fine with who he is, but Miranda isn't. In an early and telling moment, Steve says, "There's always going to be things out of my reach." Ever optimistic, he was ready to go the distance with Miranda. When he suggested they have a baby, she blew up. "You ARE a kid," she tells him. So, Steve returned with a puppy - that Miranda ended up taking care of.

Still, Miranda had a lot of trouble giving up Steve. After all, like a puppy, he's cute and scruffy and he worshipped her. And he isn't without some drive: he's now the successful owner of a hip downtown bar. Even after they split up, Miranda and Steve remained friends (and sometimes lovers). When Miranda had laser eye surgery, he was there to help her get home. And when Steve lost one of his testicles to cancer, Miranda came to the rescue. When he asked Miranda what size his faux replacement testicle should be, he was downcast when she said medium. Miranda rushed to assure him, "A large medium." And Miranda even bolstered his now fragile manhood with a "mercy f*ck."

Steve's virility was more than confirmed when Miranda found out she was carrying his child. With the birth of Brady Hobbes, she had a chance to see if the little boy in Steve was ready for fatherhood, and after a rocky start (including the constant fear that he'd accidentally kill the baby), he came through with flying colors. As Steve matured as a father, he became more and more appealing to Miranda, leading the couple to reconcile on Brady's first birthday.