Sex and the City - Season 6 - To Market, To Market
Ep.1 - To Market, To Market
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Great Sexpectation
Ep.2 - Great Sexpectation
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Perfect Present
Ep.3 - The Perfect Present
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little
Ep.4 - Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Lights, Camera, Relationship
Ep.5 - Lights, Camera, Relationship
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Hop, Skip And A Week
Ep.6 - Hop, Skip And A Week
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Post-it Always Sticks Twice
Ep.7 - The Post-it Always Sticks Twice
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Catch
Ep.8 - The Catch
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - A Woman's Right to Shoes
Ep.9 - A Woman's Right to Shoes
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Boy, Interrupted
Ep.10 - Boy, Interrupted
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Domino Effect
Ep.11 - The Domino Effect
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - One
Ep.12 - One
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Let There Be Light
Ep.13 - Let There Be Light
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Ick Factor
Ep.14 - The Ick Factor
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Catch-38
Ep.15 - Catch-38
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Out of the Frying Pan
Ep.16 - Out of the Frying Pan
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - The Cold War
Ep.17 - The Cold War
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Splat!
Ep.18 - Splat!
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)
Ep.19 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)
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Sex and the City - Season 6 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)
Ep.20 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)
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"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet." - Carrie


Carrie finally manages to set up a date with fellow author Jack Berger, but the situation makes Carrie as nervous as she is ecstatic. She fears that she'll screw up everything by having a lousy date, thereby dooming the entire prospective relationship. The girls suggest that Carrie go on a "Sim-u-date" with another man to calm her nerves and take the edge off the entire situation.

Meanwhile, Charlotte finds herself in a tough situation. Against all odds, she is falling deeply in love with Harry, but he can't get serious about her because she's not Jewish. She tries everything she can think of to make him change his mind (including bringing up the subject during the throes of passion), but he refuses to budge, since he promised his late mother that he would marry a Jew. Later, Charlotte begins to consider converting to Judaism for Harry. The lovers discuss their possible future, and when Harry accepts Charlotte's difficulty in having children, Charlotte realizes that he may be the man she's been looking for.

Things aren't any easier for Miranda, who finally admits to herself that she's in love with Steve. After much soul-searching, she decides to tell him during a dinner "date", but he beats her to the punch by revealing that he's already in an another relationship. Miranda's spirits plummet, and she keeps her feelings to herself.

Samantha, as usual, doesn't seem to be having any problems with men. She quickly seduces her new neighbor Chip, a successful stockbroker. Sleeping with Chip pays off well for Samantha, since whenever she becomes intimate with him, he gives her stock tips. Unfortunately, Samantha isn't the only woman getting stock tips from Chip, and during a delicate moment, the FBI burst in and arrest the broker for insider trading.

Carrie's "Sim-u-date" with graphic designer Willie Applegate does not go well. After getting balsamic vinegar in his eye and having a pigeon land on his head, Willie manages to absolutely destroy the entire tablesetting during a pratfall. This gets Carrie even more nervous for her first date with Berger. During an afternoon talk with Miranda, she spots Berger on the street, causing her to panic and run down the street and right into Aidan... and his newborn son, Tate. The meeting is awkward, but Carrie realizes that if both she and Aidan could survive their crash, then there is nothing that she could do on a first date that couldn't be bounced back from. She calls Berger up, and their first date goes off without a hitch.

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"F*ck me badly once, shame on you. F*ck me badly twice, shame on me."Samantha


Carrie and Jack's relationship is moving along perfectly. Their first few dates are nearly flawless, and are filled with steamy displays of public affection. Unfortunately, after a night of "quiet sex," Carrie discovers that the passion the two share doesn't translate to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, when Samantha introduces the girls to a "raw foods" restaurant, she discovers that she wants something that's not on the menu... a date with the hot waiter. Unfortunately, Samantha isn't the only woman interested in the staff. Later in the week, Sam returns to the restaurant, determined to be the last one there at the end of the night, allowing her to take the waiter home for dessert. After many hours (and four courses of uncooked food), Samantha finally gets her man and soon finds out that he was worth both the wait and the wheatgrass.

Hoping to fill the Steve-sized hole in her life, Miranda finds a new love, TiVO. Miranda's relationship luck remains consistent (consistently bad), as Magda accidentally breaks the device, leaving Miranda alone once again. Repeated attempts to fix the TiVO fail, until Steve steps in and works his magic, repairing the box while simultaneously making Miranda's feelings for him even more clear. 

Having decided that Harry is indeed her ideal man, Charlotte announces that she is going to convert to Judaism. The conversion is easier said than done, however, as Charlotte's attempts to meet with a rabbi are repeatedly rebuffed. Harry explains that the rejections are standard, since the church wants to ensure that any "applicants" are serious. Charlotte sets out to prove herself, but winds up crashing Shabbos at the rabbi's house. He forgives the intrusion, and invites Charlotte to observe. 

Carrie and Berger's love life continues to be "quiet." The frustration between the two is palpable, and they eventually turn to alcohol to lessen the tension. Unfortunately, the drinks lead to unconciousness, rather than elevated passion. The next morning, Berger and Carrie finally admit that they have a problem, and after trying some makeshift voodoo (including salt tossing and shoe modelling), the two finally manage to click in bed.

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"The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship is the person in your next relationship."Miranda


Now past their problems in the bedroom, Carrie and Berger move firmly into the next phase of their relationship with Carrie making the first trip to Berger's apartment. While pleasantly surprised that Jack's apartment does not say "scary bachelor", Carrie is less thrilled when Berger uses the visit as an opportunity to open the dreaded "ex-file".

After a sleepless night at the hands of Berger's sound machine, Carrie accompanies the girls to the purse party of a recently-singled acquaintance. While surrounded by her beaded and furry creations, the girls begin to ponder the question: how much knowledge of your steady's past relationships is too much? The appearance of Samantha's nameless waiter takes the evening in a new direction. When Samantha and the waiter are caught behind the kitchen in a compromising position, he is fired and their "fragile" host ends the party abruptly. Several days later, Samantha tries to make it up to him with a $300 tip, which he refuses. After a conversation with Carrie, Samantha decides the only way to get back "in the kitchen" with her waiter is to turn the tables and "serve" him. The role-play works and waiter/actor reveals his name - Jerry.

Dealing with the new relationship of her ex, Steve, proves difficult for Miranda; particularly, when a diaper-bag discovery forces her to realize that the relationship is indeed moving forward, at least in the bedroom. Miranda continues to suppress her true feelings, lecturing a confused Steve on the importance of focus in parenting.

Meanwhile, a zealous Charlotte continues her conversion with an accelerated course in the Jewish faith. But doubts arise when she realizes that becoming Jewish means giving up some of her own traditions. Resolving not to be a "meat-eating vegetarian", she plans her last Christmas celebration (in July). After a touching moment with Harry by the tree, Charlotte realizes that the "memories she was giving up might be nothing compared to the memories she was getting." A content Charlotte completes her conversion, moving into her new faith with a bit of the old Charlotte and a bit of the new.

After a sexy "trip down memory lane" with Big and a spirited reaction from Berger to his ex's voicemail, Carrie continues to wonder "Can you get to a future if your past is present?" During another sleepless night, she breaks the ice by bringing up Berger's double finger incident, causing the two to confide in each other about their past relationships. With Berger's "ex-file" safely closed behind her, Carrie knows it's time to clean up her own past with a phone call to Big. The two resolve to be friends, as Carrie moves forward with her newly more serious relationship.

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"Hi, Mrs. Collier. I'm a Jew now. How are you?"Charlotte


Carrie brings Berger out for a dinner with the girls, and the conversation flows smoothly, but things come to a screeching halt when Berger gives Miranda some blunt advice about her lovelife. The advice may be difficult to hear, but ultimately, Berger scores points with the girls for his honesty. Later that night, Carrie and Berger share their first "I Love Yous," and things couldn't seem to get any better.

Unfortunately, they soon get worse. Berger gives Carrie a copy of his book, "Hurricane Pandora." Carrie loves his writing, but gently ribs him for having a female protagonist from New York that wears a hair scrunchy. Berger does not take to this light criticism well, shutting down completely, and becoming very cold to our Ms. Bradshaw. 

Meanwhile, Samantha and Jerry's sex life is heating up, with the pair acting out several different fantasies in the bedroom. Sometimes Jerry plays an IRS agent, other times a doctor... but the scenarios always end with a steamy bedroom encounter. While acting out one fantasy in a bar, Samantha is shocked by an unexpected bit of information about Jerry... that he's a recovering alcoholic. That puts the kibosh on the roleplaying for a while, until Jerry manages to meet up with Samantha and talk things out with her. Samantha accepts Jerry's past, but seems less thrilled with his real last name: Jerrod. 

Miranda tries to test Berger's theory about men in her daily life -- namely that men don't send hidden messages to women -- but this backfires badly on Miranda when she goes out with a man and misinterprets her date's stomach ailments for a lack of interest.

The newly converted Charlotte takes to her new role as a Jew with great vigor. She peppers her conversations with Yiddish phrases and cooks Harry a massive dinner for their first Shabbat together. However, Harry wants to watch the Mets game during the Shabbos, leading to a huge argument between the two. Charlotte demands that Harry propose to her then and there, but instead, he walks out of her apartment, leaving her as another single Jewish girl in New York. 

The tension between Berger and Carrie hits a boiling point at a Manhattan bar when Berger notices a woman wearing a scrunchy. He thinks that he finally gets one-up on Carrie, but it turns out that the woman is actually from Georgia, not New York. When the date ends, Berger decides not to come upstairs with Carrie, but rather than give up on the relationship, the two talk things out. Carrie discovers that Berger is still smarting from the commercial failure of his book, the real source of his recent discontent. With that out of the way, the couple make up and resume their perfect relationship.

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"A stud is born!"Stanford


To celebrate the latest advance of her book, Carrie takes Berger on a date to Prada. Berger initially feels like a fish out of water in the upscale retailer, but a few comped glasses of champagne help him to relax. Unfortunately, no amount of alcohol can help him deal with the sticker shock brought on by the price of a shirt that Carrie wants him to buy. After leaving Prada, Carrie tells Berger about her advance over a lunch date. She then gives him the Prada shirt as a celebratory gift, making him feel very uncomfortable. Later, a chance encounter with Courtney, Carrie's editor, reveals two important bits of information: that Courtney has been fired due to "low sales in her sector" and that Berger's option has been dropped by the publisher. Carrie begins to feel guilty, afraid that she's been rubbing her success in Berger's face, and that buying the expensive shirt may have been a bad idea.

Samantha continues her burgeoning relationship with Jerry, even going so far as to travel to Brooklyn to see him in a play. The show ("Full Moon") bores her into numbness until Jerry steps onstage and drops trou. After the show has ended and the pair are in Samantha's bedroom, she decides that she's going to help him to become the "next big thing" in New York. She works her magic to add buzz to the show, but not before officially changing his name from Jerry Jerrod to Smith Jerrod.

Sadly, Miranda and Charlotte aren't doing as well as Samantha in the relationship department. Charlotte is still smarting from being dumped by Harry, while Miranda's feelings for Steve continue to grow. Charlotte goes to Anthony for dating advice, but even he can't brighten her spirits. While trying to earn "points" with Steve, Miranda accidentally agrees to bake cupcakes for his girlfriend Debbie. Luckily, Miranda's self-respect wins out, and the cupcakes remain unfinished.

Thanks to Samantha, the official opening of Full Moon becomes the hottest event in the city. Carrie invites Berger, but he shocks her by picking her up for the premiere on his motorcycle. Carrie risks getting a bad case of helmet hair, and winds up petrified by the speed at which Berger drives across the Brooklyn Bridge. When they finally stop, an argument ensues. After much soul-baring, things seem to resolve themselves... but when it comes time to enter the theatre, Berger begs off and leaves Carrie holding the fabulous bag. The play is a huge success (largely due to Smith), but Carrie's future with Berger is in question.

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"Do we need distance to get close?"Carrie


Carrie gets tapped for jury duty, and she finds herself unable to talk her way out of performing her civic obligation. Sadly, this is the least of her problems, as her relationship with Berger is becoming more and more forced by the moment. The once easy banter is being gradually replaced with bickering, and the couple decide to take a week-long break after a particularly difficult date.

Carrie and Berger aren't the only people undergoing relationship issues. Equally imperiled is the bond between Miranda and baby Brady. Miranda's career puts more and more demands on her time, and Brady begins to see Magda as his mother figure since his real mother is never home. This all proves too much for Miranda, so she tells her office that she's going to be cutting back her hours... to only 50 per week, 55, tops. The office isn't happy with this decision, but the rift between mother and child is healed.

Charlotte's major problem is that she has too many dates. Now that she's become active in her synagogue, she finds herself as the target of several matchmakers, all of whom set her up on painfully bad outings. Even when a final setup is with a "perfect" guy, Charlotte rejects him, since he still can't measure up to her Harry. Just when things look their bleakest, Charlotte sees Harry at a mixer, begging his forgiveness, and receiving it, along with a quickly accepted wedding proposal.

Samantha, as usual, doesn't seem to be having any problems at all. Her guidance of Smith's career is going swimmingly. She manages to get him a gig as the "Absolut Hunk", which brings with it a several story tall billboard in Times Square. Smith is initially unhappy with the ad campaign, since it leads to him getting attention without getting any real work. Samantha tells him to relax, and is proven right when Smith gets cast in a Gus Van Sant film.

Carrie tries to figure out exactly what's going on with Berger. Big offers advice via a transcontinental phone call, while Miranda weighs in from her apartment. Ultimately, it looks as if Carrie and Berger will need to separate... but the pair decide to give it one more shot. Unfortunately, Berger's heart just isn't in it, and while she sleeps, Berger leaves Carrie in the dead of night, breaking it off via a solitary Post-it note stuck to her computer screen.

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"I once was broken up with by a guy's doorman. 'I'm sorry Ms. Hobbes, Jonathan won't be coming down. Ever.'"Miranda


Carrie and the girls are meeting for their usual breakfast when two bombshells are dropped. The good news is that Charlotte and Harry are engaged... but the bad news is that Berger dumped Carrie via a Post-it note earlier that morning. Carrie swears that she will refrain from giving Berger the satisfaction of an angry message, but winds up inadvertantly leaving one after badmouthing him to some of his friends at an exclusive club.

Charlotte absolutely basks in the glow of her engagement to Harry. Her ring is enormous (and patterned after the one given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor), and all seems well. All, that is, except for the nagging feeling that somehow this second marriage will be somewhat less special than her first. She tells the girls that this wedding will be far less elaborate than the last, releasing them from bridesmaid duties. Charlotte's attitude changes after running into a enthusiastic barhopping bridal party, rejuvenating her spirits and causing her to re-enlist her friends as bridesmaids.

Miranda is also in a funk until discovering that after many months of juggling motherhood and a career she is now able to fit into her "skinny jeans" for the first time since 1985. Her confidence soars, and she finds herself able to easily speak with the type of men that had been intimidating her. The jeans eventually split, but Miranda's positive new outlook remains.

Smith's career is rapidly heating up, but Samantha fears that he's moving too quickly by referring to her as his girlfriend during a private moment. She gives him a fabulous pair of Robert Marc sunglasses and coaches him to say that he's single when he makes an appearance on TRL, maximizing his teenage scream potential and keeping a comfortable distance between the pair. The plan backfires on Sam when she sees the broadcast and finds that she doesn't like hearing Smith declare his availability on national television.

Licking their wounds, the girls wind up in a dive bar. Samantha manages to score a joint in the bar, along with a man to potentially keep her mind off of Smith. Unfortunately, the man's girlfriend takes exception to this, chasing Carrie and Samantha out of the bar. The pair light the joint to take the edge off of their problems, but it just gets worse when Carrie gets busted for posession. Miranda, ever the lawyer, manages to talk the charge down to "smoking in a bar," leaving Carrie with just a small fine to pay. The girls then convene over shared banana splits, laughing as a very long day comes to an end.

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"I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights!"Charlotte


"Well, I do not... you've seen my shoes."Carrie


An assignment sends Carrie to explore the newest pastime for singles in New York... swinging through the air on the flying trapeze. Try as she might, Carrie just can't allow herself to let go of the bar and allow her instructor to catch her. While relating this situation to the girls, Harry appears and introduces Carrie to his best man for the upcoming nuptials. After much coaxing, Carrie allows herself a one-nighter with her fellow member of the wedding party, but winds up wildly unsatisfied after he proves to be a less than sensitive lover.

Also having relationship issues are Miranda and Samantha. Miranda finds herself hiding underneath her bed (nestled next to Fatty) when Steve drops by unexpectedly with his girlfriend Debbie. Miranda realizes that if she were to actually meet Debbie, she'd have to admit that Steve has found somebody else, and that's not something that she's overly eager to do. Equally troubled is Samantha, for loathe as she may be to admit it, Samantha realizes that she definitely likes having Smith around. She misses his helping hands in removing stubborn bracelets, but even moreso, she wants him around due to her ever-growing affection for the actor.

Charlotte and Harry's wedding day arrives, but much to the bride's chagrin, nothing seems to work out properly. First, Harry sees Charlotte while she tries on her gown, sending Charlotte into a panic. The Sunday Times wedding announcement is ruined with an ink stain on the image of Charlotte's face (making her look somewhat like a certain WWII dictator). Then at the ceremony, Charlotte manages to spill wine on herself, Harry is unable to smash the ceremonial glass, the best man (Carrie's fling) gives a raucous drunken toast and Miranda accidentally sets her tribute to the couple ablaze. Charlotte's "perfect" day is wrecked, but Carrie consoles her, reminding her that her wedding with Trey was flawless, but the marriage itself didn't work out at all. From that moment on, Charlotte enjoys the festivities, and happily anticipates her life with Harry.

Returning to the trapeze once again, Carrie still finds herself unable to let go and be caught by her instructor. However, as the girls cheer her on from the sidelines, she realizes that with friends like that, she'll always have a safety net.

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"It's like she's had two caesarians and a lobotomy."Carrie


Carrie and Stanford attend a baby shower thrown by their friends Kyra and Chuck. Upon arriving, they discover that Kyra's house rules include the removal of all footwear, regardless if doing so will destroy a carefully crafted outfit. The evening is pleasant enough, but when Carrie plans to leave the party, she discovers that her brand new Manolos have been stolen. Later, Kyra offers to pay for the missing shoes, but balks when she discovers that they cost $485. Carrie winds up leaving the apartment with no compensation, and a sense of shoe-induced shame. She wonders if she has somehow made a mistake by choosing the lifestyle that she did, rather than the more traditional one chosen by Kyra.

Miranda finds herself with three separate problems: an open apartment in her building, Brady suffering from the chickenpox and her own growing need for male companionship. Luckily, one person solves all three problems, as Dr. Robert Leeds takes the vacancy and helps Miranda care for her sick child. When Brady's virus spreads to Miranda, Robert begins attending to her, but the tension in the air hints that their relationship may soon grow beyond doctor/patient.

Charlotte and Harry are still glowing in their post-wedding bliss, but the new bride has a slight problem adjusting to living with her husband's habits. She manages to get him to agree to stop leaving his used teabags all over the apartment, but she finds it more difficult to get used to the sight of him walking around the apartment in the nude. Charlotte doesn't say anything, but when Harry puts his naked form on her new white couch, she puts her foot down, and he agrees to wear shorts around the house from then on.

 Samantha's dislike for misbehaving children comes to a head in a fancy restaurant. While a child babbles loudly in the background, Sam is admonished for daring to speak on a cell phone. Wildly frustrated by the double-standard, Samantha approaches the table with the child, but winds up with a face full of pesto for her troubles.

Carrie tries to smooth things over with Kyra, but it seems that the two won't be able to come to an agreement. Carrie then gets a brainstorm... since she's always come through whenever Kyra has registered at a store, then maybe it's time for Carrie to turn the tables. Ms. Bradshaw registers herself at Manolo Blahnik, in recognition of her just-announced marriage to herself. The only item that she registers for is a single pair of the missing $485 shoes, and Kyra finally comes around and replaces the missing Manolos.

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"He and Stanford are in love!"Charlotte

"Well, according to 'Honcho', he used to be in love all over town."Anthony

Carrie receives a pleasant surprise when her high school boyfriend, Jeremy, calls her up and asks her to meet for dinner. The pair broke up in High School, but their chemistry leads them to instantly reconnect. Everything seems perfect, until he reveals one fairly shocking bit of information... he is actually in the area because he's committed himself to a Connecticut mental facility.

The New York City summer heat is driving Samantha crazy, but equally frustrating is her inability to be granted access to SoHo, an exclusive club that features a fabulous swimming pool. Luckily for Sam, she finds a misplaced ID card that grants her access to the club, so long as she doesn't mind answering to the name Annabelle Bronstein. Unfortunately, a SoHo employee blows the lid off the deception, causing Samantha to beat a hasty retreat back into the sweltering Manhattan streets.

Approving Dr. Leeds' application to live in her apartment building proves to be one of the best decisions that Miranda has made in some time. The good doctor gives Miranda courtside seats to a Knicks game, but she isn't exactly thrilled to see a cheerleader flirting with him after the event. Later, Miranda thanks Robert for the tickets, and he comes clean with his feelings for her, sparking a romance.

While Miranda's love life is improving, poor Stanford's is in a downward spiral. Stanford and Marcus run into Charlotte and Anthony during lunch, and the wedding planner recognizes Marcus as somebody that previously worked as a male escort (advertising in 'Honcho' under the nom d'homme 'Paul'). Charlotte accidentally lets this bit of information make its way to Stanford, leading him to break it off with Marcus. Later, at the gay/lesbian/bi/transgender prom, Marcus approaches Stanford, and the couple decide to give it another go.

Carrie decides that maybe she can accept the prospect of dating Jeremy, even though he currently undergoing extensive psychiatric care. She even goes to visit him in the facility, discovering that he is easily the most sane person on the grounds. Unfortunately, Jeremy tells her that he's going to be in the instituation for another eight to ten months, smashing any potential that the two may have had as a couple. Even so, Carrie concludes that it was actually the sanest breakup that she's ever been through.

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"Just how dangerous is an open heart?"Carrie


Big is back in New York, but unfortunately, he's returned to Gotham to undergo an angioplasty. Carrie does not react well to this news, breaking down into tears whenever the subject comes up. The waterworks don't subside, even when Carrie visits Big after the procedure, making her realize that Big is somebody that will always be under her skin.

Miranda is torn as to how best to introduce Steve to her new boyfriend, Dr. Leeds. Luckily (or unluckily), this problem is solved for her when Steve walks in on the couple during a vigourous lovemaking session held in Miranda's apartment. The awkward meetings continue a few days later when Steve brings Debbie to meet Miranda, an encounter that suggest some residual feelings between Steve and Miranda. 

Charlotte's ever present desire to conceive intensifies after a chance meeting with the very-pregnant Bitsy Von Muffling. She learns that Bitsy attributes her condition to the wonderful treatments of a Dr. Mao... leading Charlotte to sign herself up for an appointment. After a couple of visits (and scores of accupuncture needles), Charlotte finds that she's not able to center herself properly, since she can't block out all of the native noises of New York. Eventually, she abandons the treatments, attempting to get pregant without any help from far Eastern medicine.

Smith and Samantha's relationship hits an odd plateau when the actor tries to take Sam's hand as they're walking down the street. Samantha is so eager to refrain from the PDA that she actually trips and falls down an open hatch on the sidewalk. Smith isn't having any of this, telling Samantha in no uncertain terms that he loves her, and wants to be able to express his feelings. Samantha grudingly accepts, realizing that maybe a little hand-holding isn't so bad after all.

When Carrie tries to call Big in the hospital after the proceedure, she is shocked to learn that he's already checked himself out. Playing a hunch, she tracks him down at the Four Seasons Hotel, determined to help him recover. She makes the visit dressed as a candy striper, entertaining the patient with two boxes of dominos. After some light conversation, Big suddenly falls ill with a high fever. In a feverish delerium, Big opens up, and he and Carrie begin to wonder why they aren't together. But when the fever passes completely the next morning, Big is back to his old, closed-heart self. Carrie is saddened ,because she recognizes that life's too short for her to wait for Big to come around emotionally, no matter how much she loves him.

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"When will waiting for "the one"... be done?"Carrie


Carrie and Charlotte make a visit to a gallery where a performance artist has placed herself on display without any food or water. While viewing the exhibit, famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky takes notice of Carrie, but disappears into the crowd before she can point him out to Charlotte. When the two women are leaving the building, Charlotte notices Aleksandr and starts up a conversation. The artist clearly pays more attention to Carrie, however, and later in the week calls her up to ask her on a date, which Carrie accepts.

Charlotte and Harry finally realize their dream by conceiving, but unfortunately, Charlotte miscarries less than a month into the pregnancy. This absolutely devastates her, and she finds herself unable to leave her living room due to her grief. Even a visit from Carrie doesn't manage to cheer her up. Then, while sitting zombie-like in front of the television, Charlotte happens upon a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor. Liz's struggles inspire Charlotte, allowing her to get up, out of the apartment, and on with her life. 

Robert surprises Miranda by giving her a giant cookie with the words "I Love You" written out in chocolate chips on it. Miranda realizes that she's not able to respond in kind to him (the words, not the cookie), and she worries that she's never going to be able to express her feelings to anybody. Later in the week, everybody gathers in Miranda's apartment to celebrate Brady's first birthday. Miranda is still a bit put off by her inability to say those three words... but she shocks herself by blurting them out in a private moment with Steve. He reciprocates, and the couple begin their relationship anew.

Baby Brady isn't the only one that is aging. Samantha notices a grey hair "down there" after a shower, deciding to dye it to make it disappear. Unfortunately, the experiment goes awry, and Ms. Jones accidentally dyes the whole region a bright orange. Stuck with "Bozo Bush", Sam chooses to shave it all off, telling Smith that she did it to make it easier for him to find things during intimate moments.

Following Brady's party, Carrie meets up with Aleksandr at Russian Samavor for a late dinner. The conversation is easy, despite the periodic language barriers. After the meal, the pair travel to the gallery to see if the performance artist is indeed maintaining her lonely vigil. After verifying that she is, Carrie and Aleksandr call it a night... but not before Carrie surrenders to his charm, with the couple sharing a passionate kiss on the New York street.

Carrie's all-original Victorian paste heart necklace with handset stones set in silver was provided by Terry Rodgers, Melody Antique and Vintage Jewelry, NYC.

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"Don't play "hard to get" with a man who's hard to get."Samantha


After much consideration, Carrie decides that she will begin sleeping with Petrovsky, but rejects Charlotte's suggestion that an actual relationship between the two could develop. The pair spend a wonderful night together, but the next morning, Carrie is shocked to find that Petrovsky's apartment is also a hub for his business, with a living room full of his employees. Petrovsky serves Carrie a wonderful breakfast, but she wonders if she's just the latest in a long line of conquests for the artist.

Steve moves into Miranda's apartment, but the newly-recoupled couple finds that they have to deal with unfortunate run-ins with Dr. Robert Leeds. Robert goes out of his way to make Miranda uncomfortable, leading Miranda to conclude that he's become obsessed with her. Eventually, Steve decides to talk things out with Robert, but winds up interrupting Leeds in an intimate moment with two other women. Instead of dealing a blow to Miranda's ego by telling her that Robert is over her, Steve chooses to just tell her the problem is solved, leaving it at that.

While mentally recovering from her miscarriage, Charlotte decides that she will dedicate some of her time to helping the blind. To help prepare for this new endeavor, Charlotte asks Carrie to take her to Barney's, where she can don a Burberry sleep mask, and experience life without sight. Unfortunately, "guide" Carrie gets pulled away from Charlotte due to a phone call, leaving the sightless brunette on her own in the store. After several harrowing minutes, Charlotte removes the mask and abandons her plans.

 Samantha's relationship with Smith is also experiencing some friction, as Ms. Jones begins to tire of her younger lover's perceived inexperiences and flaws. This dissatisfaction comes to a head at a party thrown by Richard Wright, as Sam and her ex- steal away for a tryst in one of Wright's hotel suites. The encounter backfires on Sam, devastating her since she realizes that Smith's feelings for her are genuine, unlike the more carnal considerations from the Richard Wrights in her life. At the end of the evening, Smith and Sam reconnect, re-cementing their relationship.

When Petrovsky returns from a business trip abroad, Carrie visits the artist in his apartment. After another passionate night, Carrie realizes that she's not comfortable only having Petrovsky as a lover. She goes into his studio to tell him that she's breaking it off, but he shocks her by saying that he's interested in being in a real relationship with her. The now-official couple embrace while gazing into one another's eyes, capping off a wonderful evening.

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"I said, "no white, no ivory, no nothing that says 'virgin.'" I have a child. The jig is up."Miranda


The relationship between Carrie and Petrovsky continues to develop, but one thing continues to nag at Carrie. Petrovsky is given to grand gestures of affection (including poetry reading and the composition of original love songs), and that's a bit too much for this slightly cynical New York girl. When Petrovsky takes Carrie to a premiere at the Met, she literally swoons. To balance things out, the artist takes her to McDonald's, where the pair become the most elegantly dressed duo in the establishment's history.

Steve and Miranda decide to finally tie the knot, but vow not to have an elaborate wedding. Keeping things low-key isn't as easy as it sounds, but they eventually manage to work things out, finding a perfect community garden in which to hold their ceremony.

Not to be left behind in the romance department, Harry takes Charlotte to an upscale French restauarant. The meal is wonderful, but later that night, the newlyweds both come down with acute food poisoning. The romantic evening breaks down, as the pair alternates dashes to the restroom. The experience may not be the most intimate, but it does make clear their genuine love and caring for each other.

After seeing herself pictured in In Touch magazine, Samantha decides to get breast augmentation. However, during her initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, a lump is found in her breast. The biopsy reveals that the growth is cancerous, and Samantha realizes that she's in for the fight of her life.

The day of Steve and Miranda's wedding arrives, but before they get to the ceremony, Samantha discloses her condition to Carrie. Samantha is very matter-of-fact, and swears Carrie to temporary secrecy, as not to ruin Miranda's big day. The ceremony is beautiful, but during the reception, both Charlotte and Miranda discover Samantha's secret. The four friends then spend some sobering time preparing for what will no doubt be a long journey for all of them.

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"I think that I was just mistaken for a mother... by a mother!"Carrie


Petrovsky continues to open himself up to Carrie, teaching her the access code and giving her a set of keys for his apartment. He also reveals that he has a daughter - Chloe, 22 and living in Paris. He also mentions that he doesn't want to have any more children, making Carrie wonder if she'll be willing to give up a man for a baby that she may or may not want to have.

Samantha's cancer treatments hit a rough spot when her male physician offends her by mentioning that some studies show that childless women have an increased risk for breast cancer. Samantha vows to receive treatment from a female doctor. Unfortunately, the top female specialist, Dr. McAndrew, has a months-long waiting list. Samantha tries namedropping her way into the doctor's schedule, but to no avail. Luckily, McAndrew's receptionist idolizes Smith, so a quick mention of his name manages to get Samantha (and a fellow patient) onto the toughest list in Manhattan.

Miranda and Steve take their honeymoon, but Miranda finds it somewhat difficult to totally relax in the wilderness setting chosen by her husband. The lack of television, radio and other distractions (along with Steve's raging libido) drives Miranda crazy.

While Miranda and Steve are on their honeymoon, baby Brady is entrusted to both Carrie and Charlotte. Carrie enjoys her time with Brady (taking him fingerpainting at Petrovsky's), but Charlotte winds up stressing out. She flips when Brady accidentally winds up seeing a lovemaking session between her and Harry, convincing her that she's scarred the child for life. Miranda eventually assuages Charlotte's fears... somewhat.

Carrie confronts Petrovsky about potentially wanting a child some day. She says that she thinks that she could ultimately end up with him, but that she worries that this issue will eventually tear them apart. Petrovsky also sees a future for them, but is certain that he doesn't want to have any more kids. The pair embrace, leaving the issue unresolved, but Carrie's affections for Petrovsky continue to grow.

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"I can't be on the red carpet in a bad rug."Samantha


In a change from their usual excursions around Manhattan, Petrovsky convinces Carrie to have dinner at her place. The meal goes well, but ends abruptly when a mouse (smashed by Petrovsky) runs across her countertop. Later, the two get to talking about Samantha and her cancer, and Aleks shocks Carrie by talking about a friend of his who had died of the disease, making her realize the severity of Samantha's situation. Carrie doesn't appreciate Petrovsky's black and white viewpoint, and she walks out on him.

Samantha's cancer treatments are going well, and she reacts positively to the chemo. Unfortunately, the procedure causes her hair to begin falling out. Samantha freaks out at this development, especially since she has Smith's big premiere coming up. A trip to a wig store proves unsuccessful, since none of the pieces can match her fabulous hair. After all of this, Samantha is forced to admit to both Carrie and herself that her condition scares her greatly. She then takes matters into her own hands, and decides to shave her head. Proving that chivalry isn't dead, Smith also shaves his own head in a show of solidarity, and the pair make the premiere in style.

Charlotte and Harry's quest to conceive continues in vain as Charlotte's latest round of IVF proves unsuccessful. She tries to run away from her problems (literally) by taking frequent jogs in the park. During one of these runs, Charlotte meets Trudy Stork and her King Charles spaniel Princess Dandyridge Brandywine. The Princess is a showdog, but she doesn't compete due to a minor cosmetic flaw. Charlotte relates to the dog, and her perceived imperfections. Trudy sees the bond between the two, and gives Dandyridge to Mrs. York Goldenblatt. A quick namechange to Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt cements the dog's place as the newest member of Charlotte's family.

Steve and Miranda discover that their apartment just isn't big enough for the two of them, Brady, Fatty and Scout. Steve suggests that the family move to Brooklyn, but the thought of leaving Manhattan doesn't sit well with Miranda. She grudgingly decides to take a look at one house in the outer borough, and though she doesn't immediately fall in love with the place, she does realize that moving to Brooklyn is the best course of action for her family. After some quick negotiations, she signs the deal, and the house is theirs.After another mouse invades Carrie's apartment, she calls Petrovsky to try and eliminate that problem. After he takes care of the rodent situation, the pair begin to talk, and come to an understanding, bringing them back together again.

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"I'm a beard in a wig."Samantha


New York is in the middle of a cold snap, but Carrie and Petrovsky's relationship continues to sizzle. The pair cuddle up in the Russian's apartment for several days, causing Carrie to somewhat isolate herself from her friends. During this period, Carrie starts to wonder if she and Petrovsky have anything in common. They never talk about work, even though Petrovsky has a huge exhibition looming in Paris. When Carrie finally does come home from Petrovsky's, she's got a week's worth of messages waiting for her... all from Big. She erases the messages, and gets a sense of satisfaction from doing so.

Samantha (along with her fabulous collection of wigs) is non-plussed to hear growing rumors that Smith is actually gay. However, after a carefully cropped image of Smith, Stanford and Marcus sees print, the talk intensifies, and Sam is stuck with the label of "fag hag." To combat the rumors, Sam breaks out a video camera, and films a raunchy sex scene between her and Smith. The tape "leaks" to the press, and Smith's (and Sam's) sexual preferences are firmly established once and for all.

Charlotte decides to take Elizabeth Taylor back into competition, entering the King Charles Spaniel in a dog show. The event doesn't go smoothly, as Elizabeth goes into heat right before the judging. Despite leaving a trail of blood droplets in the ring, Elizabeth takes first prize, largely due to the judge being sweet on Charlotte. Harry and Charlotte take Elizabeth to the park to celebrate, but the spaniel ends up mounted by numerous other pooches, much to the dismay of the Goldenblatts.

The general disarray of the Hobbes/Brady house in Brooklyn is starting to get to Miranda. Even though Steve is constantly tinkering with the property, she finds every chance to flee back to Manhattan. After a difficult night out with the girls, she returns home to discover that Steve has finally installed her DSL line, making Brooklyn feel a bit more like home to her. 

 Carrie gets Petrovsky to agree to meet with all of the girls for a drink, but he ends up no-showing the get-together due to his workload. Carrie brings the girls up to the Russian's studio to introduce everybody, but he winds up shooing them all alway so he can continue to work. After the girls leave, Carrie approaches Petrovsky, only to discover that he's in the midst of an anxiety attack about his upcoming exhibition in Paris. He finally is willing to discuss his work with her, and the couple spends the rest of the night talking.

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"It's the end of an era."Carrie


Carrie finally manages to bring her new and old friends together as Petrovsky hosts a dinner party for Ms. Bradshaw's inner circle. The evening is pleasant enough, but it's clear that there's some tension in the air. An off-handed comment from Samantha (regarding her vibrator) illicts a particularly uncomfortable reaction from The Russian. Petrovsky then totally throws the party into a spin when he announces that Carrie will be moving to Paris to live with him. Although his announcement is a bit premature (he had only made the offer to Carrie shortly before the party began), it's clear that Carrie is indeed considering the intercontinental journey. It's also clear that Miranda isn't totally thrilled with this possibility.

A decision about Paris will have to wait as Carrie and Petrovsky attend a party thrown by Enid Frick, Carrie's editor from Vogue. Enid asks Carrie to set her up with one of Petrovsky's friends, but when she produces food critic Martin Grable at the party, Enid's reaction is tepid. Instead, Enid tries to put the moves on Petrovsky, a tack that is quickly headed off by Carrie.

Also at the party is former "it girl" Lexi Featherston, an old running partner of Carrie. Unfortunately, Lexi is a 25-year-old party girl in a 40-year-old body, and she quickly wears out her welcome at the event. Coked up and craving a cigarette, Lexi denounces all of the people at the party, utters the immortal words "I'm so bored I could die," then trips over her Manolos and falls out of a window to her death.

Lexi's death causes Carrie to pause and consider her own life. All of her friends have been moving on with their lives - Miranda has married and gone to Brooklyn, Charlotte has married and is now taking care of a litter of puppies, and Samantha is finally in a stable relationship. Carrie wonders if it's time to try some change in her life as well. She accepts Petrovsky's offer.

At Lexi's funeral, Carrie drops this bombshell on her three best friends. Samantha and Charlotte are supportive, but Miranda is hesitant. The old friends take a walk, and Miranda admits that she doesn't like Petrovsky at all. Carrie is hurt by this, and walks away from Miranda, getting ready for her new start at life.

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"I can't be drunk on the plane. I want to arrive stunning and impossibly fresh looking."Carrie


Before leaving for Paris, Carrie runs into Big outside of her apartment, but she makes it clear to him that she wants him totally out of her life. Ms. Bradshaw then has one last dinner with Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, and it's clear that the four women know that Carrie's absence will have a major impact on all of their lives.

It's then time for Carrie's Parisian adventure to begin, and she soon manages to take in several of the city's breathtaking sights. She is also introduced to Petrovsky's daughter, who clearly isn't taken with Carrie's charms. In her travels, she sees four women having a meal together, which combined with the frustration of losing her signature "Carrie" necklace in a spill at Dior, makes her think about her usual dining companions who are now an ocean away. She makes a phone call to Miranda to try and get some comfort, but the call is cut off before resolution is achieved.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Samantha is chosen to speak at a benefit for breast cancer research. Her speech starts out stiffly, but she soon loosens up, and wins over the audience with her usual blunt manner. Charlotte and Harry continue their quest to adopt a child, with the newlyweds knowing that the process is going to be long and difficult.

When Charlotte visits Carrie's apartment to pick up an adoption recommendation, she intercepts a phone call from Big, intended to try and bring Carrie back into his life. She sets up a meeting with herself, Big, Miranda and Samantha to discuss the situation. Ultimately, the three women agree that Big should go and try and find Carrie in Paris.

Petrovsky surprises Carrie by replacing her missing nameplate with a stunning diamond necklace. She's stunned by the piece, but it seems as if she's beginning to realize that Paris may not be where her true destiny lies.

Samantha's audience for her speech featured real-life cancer suvivors. Their participation was coordinated by Gilda's Club, a national wellness and support organization/community for men, women, and children with all forms of cancer, as well as support activities for family, friends, and caregivers who are experiencing cancer through their loved ones. For more info about Gilda's Club, call 212-647-9700 or go to www.gildasclubnyc.org

Carrie's vintage bag was provided by Judith Leiber.

Aleks' diamond necklace to Carrie was provided by Fred Leighton Rare Collectable Jewels. They are located on Madison Avenue in New York.

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"The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous."Carrie


Carrie has a meal with Petrovsky's ex-wife, but the encounter is slightly awkward since Aleksandr is too busy to show up. Carrie learns that Juliet and Petrovsky split because she was tired of always coming in second place to his art. After Petrovsky leaves Carrie behind for a second time in Paris, she begins to wonder if she's doomed to follow in Juliet's footsteps. While wandering Paris, she meets some of her fans, who quickly decide to throw a party in her honor. She agrees to come, and Petrovsky is happy to hear this, even though the affair takes place on the same night that he is scheduled to unveil his exhibit to the curator of the museum and his colleagues.

Back in New York, Samantha's chemo treatments are killing her sex drive (something she's never had to deal with previously), and she tries to push Smith away in an attempt to cope with it. He tries to explain to her that he can wait for her to come around, but he eventually has to go on a movie shoot, leaving the issue unresolved. Smith knows that his feelings for Samantha are strong, so he leaves the set to fly to the city and tell her that he loves her. Sam's strong front fades, and she opens up to him again.

Hoping to adopt a baby, Charlotte and Harry host an expectant couple from North Carolina, with the intent of acquiring their unborn child. Unfortunately, the Goldenblatts feel more depressed than ever when the parents change their mind. Just as the situation is at its worst, their fortunes change when Harry and Charlotte receive notice that they'll be able to adopt a child from China in six months.

 Miranda and Steve have their hands full, as his mom, Mary, has suffered a small stroke. Her memory is impaired, and after a quick visit to her apartment, it's clear that she can't take proper care of herself. At Miranda's suggestion, she and Steve decide to bring Mary into their home. Her condition is difficult, and she wanders off one day, causing Miranda to chase after her in a panic. She finally finds Mary eating a slice of pizza out of a garbage can, and brings her home and gives her a bath to clean her up. It's clear the situation will be difficult for everybody, but it's one that will must be dealt with, and love will get them through it. 

On the night of his big unveiling, Petrovsky has an anxiety attack, and he begs Carrie to skip her party, and to come with him for support. However, when they get to gallery, he quickly leaves her on her own. She's despondant until finding her missing "Carrie" necklace in the lining of her purse. Carrie realizes that she doesn't belong there, and she dashes out and tries to meet up with her fans, Unfortunately, it turns out that she's missed the party, and when she later tries to explain her frustrations to Petrovsky, he just doesn't understand. The couple argue, and Aleksandr accidentally winds up slapping Carrie. She leaves and tries to book her own room, but when she's in the lobby struggling with the language, she runs into Big who has finally tracked her down. When Big hears about the slap, he rushes upstairs to avenge Carrie, but winds up getting tripped up on the way. Big and Carrie then walk through the streets of Paris, both realizing that they are meant to be together. Carrie then returns to New York, ready to start the next phase of her life.

Carrie's vintage bag was provided by Judith Leiber.

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In To Market, To Market, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is getting so nervous about her date with Berger (Ron Livingston) that she decides to go on a Sim-u-date to calm her nerves. Great Sexpectations sees Carrie realising that the passion she and Berger feel for each other doesn't translate to the bedroom.

In The Perfect Present, Carrie is concerned by Berger's hostile reaction to his ex-girlfriend's voicemail message. In Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little, Berger reacts badly to Carrie's jokey criticism of his new novel. In Lights, Camera, Relationship, Carrie and Berger's relationship starts to look even more fragile when Carrie gets a big advance for her book just as Berger's option is dropped by his publisher.

In Hop, Skip and a Week, Berger and Carrie drift even further apart and he finally dumps her - by Post-it note. In The Post-it Always Sticks Twice, Carrie vows to her friends that she won't badmouth Berger - but when she runs into some friends of his the temptation proves irresistible. In The Catch, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) gets married to Harry (Evan Handler).

A Woman's Right to Shoes finds Carrie's new Manolos being stolen at her friend's baby shower. In Boy, Interrupted, Carrie runs into an old high school boyfriend, who is in town to attend a local psychiatric facility. The Domino Effect sees Big (Chris Noth) back in town for an operation.

In a feverish delirium he opens up to Carrie - but on recovery becomes his usual cool and closed-off self. In One, Carrie meets Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov) at a hot new art exhibition. In Let There Be Light, Carrie stays over at Aleksandr's apartment and the two become an official item.

In Catch-38, Aleksandr tells Carrie that he has a daughter in Paris, and that he doesn't want any more children - leaving Carrie to wonder if, at 38, she's willing to give up a man for a baby she may or may not want to have. Out of the Frying Pan sees Carrie walking out on Aleksandr when, during a conversation about Samantha's (Kim Cattrell) breast cancer, he mentions a friend of his who died of the illness. In The Cold War, Carrie arranges for her friends to meet Aleksandr, but he doesn't show up, and it turns out he's anxious about his forthcoming exhibition in Paris.

In Splat, Carrie accepts Aleksandr's offer to accompany him to Paris. In An American Girl in Paris (Part Une), Carrie, left to her own devices on the streets of Paris while Aleksandr prepares for his exhibition, is missing her friends and her life back home. In the final episode, An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux), Carrie returns to New York and her friends with Big after he tracks her down in Paris and they realise they are meant to be together.


Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah Jessica Parker
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Samantha Jones
Kim Cattrall
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Charlotte York
Kristin Davis
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Miranda Hobbes
Cynthia Nixon
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Mr. Big
Chris Noth
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Jack Berger
Ron Livingston
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Stanford Blatch
Willie Garson
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Anthony Marentino
Mario Cantone
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Aidan Shaw
John Corbett
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Steve Brady
David Eigenberg
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Trey MacDougal
Kyle MacLachlan
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Harry Goldenblatt
Evan Handler
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Smith Jerrod
Jason Lewis
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Aleksandr Petrovsky
Mikhail Baryshnikov
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Richard Wrigh
James Remar
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Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw)

"The only thing I've ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. And several small fires."

No one captures the lives of the lovelorn and the love-seeking in New York City better than columnist Carrie Bradshaw does. As fodder for her column, single and fabulous Carrie looks to the experiences of her best friends and her own. Never shying away from difficult or delicate subjects, Carrie has covered everything from emotional dependence to sexual independence. And somehow, through all her research and realisations, she's remained open to the possibility of finding love among the ruins.

Of all her paramours over the past few years, no one has captured and frustrated Carrie's heart as much as Mr. Big. Their sexual chemistry was undeniable, as was the fact that Big would never fully commit to Carrie.

And every time Carrie mustered up the strength to say goodbye, there he was, driving up in his chauffeured car and luring her back with his charm. Until he married. Then, along came the anti-Big, Aidan Shaw - good-hearted, good-looking, emotionally honest and ready to commit. Carrie fell for Aidan's authentic charm. Still, the bad girl in her couldn't sever itself from Big and she embarked on a torrid affair with her married ex. When she came to her senses and ended the clandestine tryst, she confessed to Aidan and watched him and his broken heart walk away.

Until Season Four, that is, when Carrie and Aidan were reunited - each a little older and wiser. However, at each step forward in the relationship - living together and then getting engaged - Carrie was overcome with doubt. She struggled to quiet her fears, but ultimately realised she wasn't quite ready. When Aidan pushed her, she realised he still did not trust her and the relationship ended with heartbreak and a desperate need for a bank loan. Single again, Carrie turned to getting her life in order. She moved from being a "renter" to an "owner" and put her career on a new track with a job at the mecca of fashion journalism, Vogue. Nothing signaled the "end of an era" more than Big's decision to move to Napa, California. Carrie said goodbye to her past and faced her future with renewed strength and hope.

In Season Five, Carrie struggled to define herself - and her weekly column - outside of a relationship. With the publishing of a book of her past columns, her career became front and center. Yet despite of or perhaps because of her professional success, Carrie became increasingly cynical about love. Upon meeting fellow writer Jack Berger, she felt that unmistakable "spark" - but Jack was spoken for. On a book tour to California, Carrie reunited with Big for a night and satisfied her longing for some sexual satisfaction. But realised, that even no-strings-attached sex with Big is never simple. Back in New York, Carrie crossed paths with Jack again and learned he was newly single. After a promising flirtation in the Hamptons, Berger got nervous and backed off. But while dancing at a wedding the two decided to overcome their fears and go out on a date before breaking up.

Unforunately, as we learned in Season Six, Berger wasn't Carrie's perfect man. Despite the seemingly ideal pairing of two professional writers, Berger just couldn't cope with Carrie's growing success. Carrie's luck with men stayed consistent (consistently bad) with a horrible fling with a friend of Harry's, followed by a heartbreaking experience with Big. Then, when she least expected it, Ms. Bradshaw met the world-renowned artist Aleksandr Petrovsky, a man that seems to have swept her off her feet with his European charm and natural charisma. Perhaps the mysterious Russian will prove to be the man that will finally be able to keep up with Carrie for good.

Fashion Sense

The most fashion-forward of all the Sex and the City girls, Carrie's style defies all categorisation. Rummage through Carrie's closet and you'll find haute couture pieces side by side with vintage frocks, downtown club wear and miles of Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Carrie expresses her eclectic, whimsical self and that of her city through a masterful and sometimes outrageous mix of these styles. A fashion chameleon, Carrie can start her day looking like a streetwise pixie, change into a neo-bohemian outfit for lunch, don an elegant princess dress for dinner and slip into a skin-baring ensemble for a late-night party. Every season, she makes a signature statement through her accessories. First it was the nameplate necklace, then the flower pins, and "baguette" bags and then, gloves, newsboy hats and the diamond/gold stackable jewelry from Mia and Lizzie.

Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones)

"Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it's good, you don't have it anymore; if it's bad, you just had sex with an ex."
Scintillating Samantha is a successful PR exec who knows what she wants - and most of the time, she gets it. She radiates confidence in everything she does, whether it's landing a star client, getting a table at the trendiest restaurant or bedding the hottest guy in a room. Samantha embraces her uninhibited sexuality with a diverse (and large) group of lovers, from wrestling coaches to power bachelors to a studly farmer. Forget wedding dreams; Samantha takes lust over love any night, and she's proud of it. Once, she even experimented with lesbian love, but when her "girlfriend" demanded more intimacy, Samantha knew it wasn't going to work out.

Her next conquest, the unabashedly confident ladies' man and hotel magnate Richard Wright, seemed Samantha's perfect match. But as the sexual affair progressed, Samantha found herself feeling much more than lust, and she eventually declared her love to Richard. Somewhat resistant, Richard offered to try monogamy. When Samantha caught him cheating on her, she was thrust into uncharted territory : the land of the broken-hearted.

Samantha gave Richard one more chance, but the trust had been broken, and around every corner she imagined he was cheating. She chose to walk away from him, scarred but with her dignity.

When Samantha met the sexy Smith Jerrod, the last thing on her mind was a long-term monogamous relationship. However, the "Absolut Hunk" got under her skin like no one had ever been able to do. Despite her constant denials (both to the girls and to herself), she found herself completely falling for Smith. Has Ms. Jones finally found herself the one man that can keep her satisfied in every way? Only time will tell.

Fashion Sense

Samantha's high-power lifestyle demands a wardrobe ready to make a statement at every occasion. For work, she gravitates towards body-accentuating suits in bold colors and at night she turns up the volume with racy ensembles that show off her bombshell figure and personality.

Kristin Davis (Charlotte York)

"If you had a patient who had a very very slim chance of living, would that be good news? Would you tell the family, "Buck up, he's got a shot in hell?"

Charlotte has a refreshingly optimistic outlook on love and romance amidst the ever-complex dating scene of NYC. Well-bred, she walks through life with a perfect sense of decorum. And a lot of idealism. For years, Charlotte had a crystalline vision of the life she wanted to have. First and foremost, she wanted to get married. She wanted true love. And she wanted her husband to be wealthy, handsome and belong to the social elite. Dr. Trey MacDougal seemed her Prince Charming, but her marriage was far from what she had hoped it would be.

Not one to give up easily, Charlotte worked hard at her less-than-perfect union - from dragging Trey to sex therapy to confronting her meddling mother-in-law Bunny to quitting her art gallery job to devote herself to wifely duties.

The sex got better, but when Charlotte decided it was time to procreate, things began to unravel again. Unable to conceive naturally, she started hormone therapy and considered adoption. Trey's reaction to Charlotte's determination was to pull away and question the decision to have a child. As Charlotte became aware of their very different visions of the future, their marriage quickly dissolved. Giving up her dream of holy matrimony hasn't been easy, but Charlotte hasn't become embittered about love or life.

Charlotte met her 36th birthday as a divorcee and came face to face with her fears of becoming an old maid. Chin up, she followed the relationship advice of self-help gurus but had trouble letting go of her feelings of disappointment and disillusionment over the end of her marriage. But ever the optimist, Charlotte continued to believe in love. When her uncouth divorce lawyer, Harry, proclaimed his lust for her, Charlotte threw aside her prim and proper ways and had sex for sex's sake. As the affair continued, though, she realised she might be falling in love with a man who represented everything she thought she didn't want.
This realisation lead Charlotte to convert to Judaism in an attempt to land Harry, who had promised his dying mother that he would only marry a Jew. Charlotte successfully made the conversion, but was so stressed out from the whole process that she blew up at Harry, causing the pair to split. Several weeks of moping around came to an end when the two ran into each other at a mixer, with the couple becoming engaged to be married minutes later. The actual wedding ceremony was somewhat bumpy, but all indications are that Charlotte has finally managed to find herself the perfect man.

Fashion Sense

Charlotte's wardrobe reflects her Park Avenue lifestyle and feminine charm. Her classic and chic style is timeless. Pastel pieces coordinated with matching accessories show off her girlish side.

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes)

"Do any of you have a completely unremarkable friend or maybe a houseplant I could go to dinner with on Saturday night?"

Miranda is smart, self-assured and proud of her achievements. She raises the bar for herself continually, be it in her professional or personal life. She made partner in her law firm and was able to buy her own pre-war apartment on the Upper West Side (Take a look inside). However, she's struggled with her love life and, at times, abandoned the pursuit of love altogether. Tough and down-to-earth, she doesn't open up easily, masking her vulnerability with cynicism and self-deprecating humor. Throughout her long-term relationship with Steve, she had bouts of doubt about her true feelings and was constantly frustrated with Steve's laid-back approach to life.

His attempts to bring their relationship to a new level only seemed to push her farther away. They gave up, but managed to salvage their friendship. Much to her dismay, Miranda's post-Steve dates haven't panned out. When Steve lost one of his testicles to cancer, Miranda boosted his male morale with a night of passion. Shortly after, she realised she was pregnant. She had every intention of having an abortion, but minutes before the procedure, she had a change of heart and decided to keep the baby. She wondered if this was her last chance at motherhood. As her pregnancy progressed, she feared she didn't have a maternal instinct and struggled to juggle her demanding career with her new identity as a mommy-to-be. Nature took its course, and, with Carrie and Steve by her side, she gave birth to Brady Hobbes.

Not shockingly, Miranda grappled with her new role as a single working mom. She had to come to terms with how being a parent would change her relationships with her friends and any new man that might come along. And Miranda and Steve accidentally rekindled their sexual relationship one night, forcing Miranda to take a hard look at her complicated attachment to Steve. A brief relationship with the dashing Dr. Robert Leeds ultimately ended, due to Miranda's feelings for Steve, but fortunately, Steve's feelings proved to be mutual and the two decided to make another go at it.

Fashion Sense

For pragmatic Miranda, fashion is more about getting the job done than following the latest trends. By day, her lawyerly look tends towards smart tailored suits. This year we've seen her experiment more with color, especially rich wines and purples that accent her fiery red crop. Though she tends toward casual sportswear on the weekend, she keeps up with the girls just fine in sexy slip dresses and funky accessories. Take a closer look at Miranda's style in our fashion slideshows.

Chris Noth (Mr. Big)

Mr. Big. The name says it all. From the moment he came onto the scene, he was larger than life, dashingly handsome, and oh-so unattainable. Like a gentleman, he helped Carrie pick up the spilled contents of her purse when they collided, but he kept no secrets about what was going on in his head when he handed the condoms back to her. For four seasons now, we've kept him in our sights and sighs. For years he has been in and out of Carrie's life. But what does she really know about Mr. Big? This man of mystery has tried to keep us at arm's length, but we've managed to figure out a few things.

Let's start with his undeniably positive traits. Big is the quintessential New Yorker, the man about town. He loves jazz music - it embodies the cool, suave attitude that he exudes. His irresistible smile and teasing eyebrows are appealing to be sure, but when he drives up on the most disappointing of birthdays with chilled champagne and a big bunch of balloons you can't help but fall for him all over again. In fact, his unpredictable behavior and passion constantly stirs the drama-seeking soul of our Carrie.

And of his "other" traits, the ones that make him harder to define? We know he's extremely successful (witness the chauffeur Raoul, the exquisite apartment, the Armani suits, and vintage Jag). What specifically is his lucrative profession? Something in finance, we presume. Moving on. He has an affinity for gorgeous women, models and actresses alike. His ex-wife Natasha the "stick figure with no soul," "Silent Y", starlet Willow, the list goes on. Ironically, it is meeting his first wife which gives us hope that he will come out of the modeliser trance that he's under and settle down with a real, flesh and blood woman. We know he goes to church with his mother on Sundays like a dutiful son. What girl wouldn't love that? Probably a girl whom he refuses to introduce to his mother.

With Big, though, it's the traits that frustrate us most that we are most drawn to. He does care, and he does love. We even think that deep down, he knows that Carrie is the one for him. At one point during their affair, he tells Carrie he will end things with Natasha so that they can be together, but Carrie knows it will never be that simple.

There is an elusiveness to Big that most women have encountered at some point in time. And just like the real-life Mr. Bigs, he makes Carrie believe she is the one who can get into his heart. She will be the one to break through, and capture his affection for eternity. But she never quite gets through. The potential for commitment is enough to sustain her for a while, but Carrie can only endure so much ambivalence and heartbreak.

Still, Carrie can't separate herself completely from Big. Big becomes a special friend and in spite of (or maybe because of) their complicated past, he manages to ground her when she's feeling scared or alone. When he tells Carrie he's moving to California, Carrie compares his leaving NY to the Chrysler building leaving NY. That's how big a part of Carrie's life Big has been. Since leaving the City, Big and Carrie have continued to talk on the phone, and have managed to cross paths a couple of times. An angioplasty caused Big to momentarily open his heart to Carrie, expressing his true feelings, but Carrie had already learned that waiting for Big to come around for good could be an impossible task.

Ron Livingston (Jack Berger)

On the surface, Jack Berger seemed like the perfect match for Carrie Bradshaw. Like Carrie, Berger was a professional writer that always had the perfect one-liner for any situation.

Carrie's first time out with Berger was actually a "non-date" since he was already involved with somebody else. Luckily, Berger dropped the other woman (and picked up a motorcycle), opening the door for Carrie to step in. When the pair met up at Bobby and Bitsy's wedding, there was definite "zsa-zsa-zsu" in the air, and the future looked bright for the two authors.

Unfortunately, the magic didn't last. Berger's writing career stalled out just as Carrie's was heating up, something that he had a very hard time coming to terms with. Dates became sniping matches between the two, with every meeting ending up with hurt feelings. Berger eventually appeared to come around, but wound up sneaking out of Carrie's apartment in the dead of night, breaking the relationship off via a Post-it note. Carrie held onto the Post-it for posterity, but it seems as if Berger will wind up as nothing more than a bad memory for Ms. Bradshaw.

Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch)

One of Carrie's most loyal friends is Stanford Blatch, her gay galpal and confidante. Whenever Carrie needs some advice or a stand in for a cancelled date, Stanford is always there for her.

Stanford's luck with men is even worse than Carrie's, so he's uniquely qualified to understand her dating dilemmas. One of his former flames took the infamous "Single and Fabulous?" picture of Carrie. A turn on the internet (under the pseudonym of "Rick9Plus") wound up with Stanford standing in a bar, clad only in his underwear. Currently, Stanford is involved with Marcus (a man with abs good enough to grate cheese on), so maybe Stanford has finally found his man.

Mario Cantone (Anthony Marentino)

Whenever Charlotte needs emergency fashion or dating advice, she knows just where to turn... her former wedding planner Anthony Marentino. At their first meeting, Anthony helped Charlotte to pick out the perfect dress, and even though the marriage didn't last, the new friendship did.

Anthony loves to cut right to the chase, always being very blunt with the normally hesitant Charlotte. He loves to play devil's advocate, and encourage Charlotte to get out there and date. Charlotte tried to return the favor once and set Anthony up on a date with Stanford, but that didn't work out so well.

Given that Charlotte still hasn't managed to find a lasting marriage, it's a sure bet that Anthony is going to be by her side for some time to come!

John Corbett (Aidan Shaw)

The man who manages to stake a more than temporary claim on Carrie's heart would have to be really something. We've seen a parade of paramours - from a pee-happy politician to a jittery jazz guy. Aidan is irresistibly charming, with laid-back sex appeal - witness the slow smile, the twinkle in his eyes, the sweet sayings - that slays Carrie. There are actually two Aidans: the before Carrie had the affair Aidan and the after they got back together for the second time Aidan. And many audience members are specifically in one camp or the other. The before Aidan was a little more grungy and a little softer - the slightly scruffy shaggy hair, the funky shirts, the leather thong around his neck, the backward baseball cap.

Then there was the after Aidan - the new, slick look: a short haircut, a sleek dark jacket over a crisp white shirt, the buffed-up body. Those who like the new Aidan say he used to have a belly and those who like the old Aidan say heartbreak made him tougher. Both sides will agree that he definitely looks good now. Aidan Shaw - furniture designer, dog owner, guy with a country cabin - he's the perfect opposite to the commitment-phobic, hard to pin down Mr. Big. Aidan is so warm and accessible and THERE for Carrie. He even refinishes her floors and makes her a home-cooked meal.

They met when his furniture designs were featured in a newspaper article. Best guy pal Stanford dragged Carrie down to Aidan's shop. After a slight contretemps between Aidan's dog and Carrie's thigh, the woodworking hunk soon had her eating out of his hand - or at least plunking down her credit card to acquire one of his sensuous seating designs. "This leather is over 100 years old," he says. "Feel it." Who could resist? If Aidan tells a girl to feel something, she will. And how. Several thousand dollars later, Carrie's almost hooked.

Aidan has the courage of his convictions. Carrie finds out on their first date that, to him, smoking is a no-no. He's even willing to risk losing the girl. But never fear, the course of true love will be helped along by the nicotine patch.

And then there are the nicknames: Puddin' and Ladybird (Where is he from?). Who wouldn't love a guy who says: "I have a life, I'm just making room for you in it," or "You make me happy," or even "Let's get you a donut." There seems to be nothing wrong with him - not a flaw. He goes to help Miranda (sprawled naked on her bathroom rug) when her back goes out. And he doesn't even sneak a peek. Not Aidan.

His downside may just be those darn convictions. His inability to bend his slightly rigid moral code. When Carrie reveals her secret steamy affair with Big, Aidan's out. Carrie's thrown back on the Manhattan singles merry-go-round for a while. And Aidan nurses his broken heart off screen. But one look at the improved, spiffed-up Aidan at the opening of his and Steve's new bar, and Carrie's a goner - she just has to convince him. Aidan needs serious convincing - he's been burned. Once Aidan realises that Carrie is serious, he manages to get past their past.

When he gets down on his knees in the middle of a moonlit street and proposes, we all sigh and join Carrie in saying, "Yes". For a while, Carrie is swept along by Aidan's excitement, but as the reality of marriage sinks in, Carrie is increasingly fearful. As Aidan tries to tie her down more and more, Carrie realises that, unlike Aidan, she needs to be out in the world of Manhattan. And then there is the realisation for Carrie that Aidan does not really trust her. With unbelievable sadness but with great respect for each other, Carrie and Aidan call it quits for the second time. Although, this time, it appears there's no going back.

David Eigenberg (Steve Brady)

Steve the bartender isn't standard dating material. He's sweet, soft-spoken, sincere, and he believes in monogamy. On top of all that, living in Manhattan, he's managed to hold onto his boyish charm. All of these qualities - and those big blue eyes behind little wire-rim glasses - broke through the cynicism of Miranda and made the most independent of the SATC girls embark on a real honest-to-goodness relationship. At least for a while...

Alas, what makes Steve so adorable is also what makes him so intolerable to Miranda. In the fast-paced career-driven mind of Miranda, Steve is lacking in ambition and maturity. He doesn't own a suit, he's messy (remember those "skid marks") and takes shooting hoops about as seriously as Miranda takes the law. He's fine with who he is, but Miranda isn't. In an early and telling moment, Steve says, "There's always going to be things out of my reach." Ever optimistic, he was ready to go the distance with Miranda. When he suggested they have a baby, she blew up. "You ARE a kid," she tells him. So, Steve returned with a puppy - that Miranda ended up taking care of.

Still, Miranda had a lot of trouble giving up Steve. After all, like a puppy, he's cute and scruffy and he worshipped her. And he isn't without some drive: he's now the successful owner of a hip downtown bar. Even after they split up, Miranda and Steve remained friends (and sometimes lovers). When Miranda had laser eye surgery, he was there to help her get home. And when Steve lost one of his testicles to cancer, Miranda came to the rescue. When he asked Miranda what size his faux replacement testicle should be, he was downcast when she said medium. Miranda rushed to assure him, "A large medium." And Miranda even bolstered his now fragile manhood with a "mercy f*ck."

Steve's virility was more than confirmed when Miranda found out she was carrying his child. With the birth of Brady Hobbes, she had a chance to see if the little boy in Steve was ready for fatherhood, and after a rocky start (including the constant fear that he'd accidentally kill the baby), he came through with flying colors. As Steve matured as a father, he became more and more appealing to Miranda, leading the couple to reconcile on Brady's first birthday.

Kyle MacLachlan (Trey MacDougal)

It was a fairytale beginning for Charlotte York when Trey MacDougal's cab screeched to a stop in the street practically on top of her prostrate form. Charlotte was a damsel in distress, he, a knight in a yellow cab. Trey is a Park Avenue cardiologist with blue blood and deep brown eyes. With his pedigree comes social status, a country house and lots of money. Add to that chiseled chin his perfectly coiffed hair and he is the stuff that dreams (especially Charlotte's) are made of.

He also has exceptional manners. Now that may not seem so important on the Manhattan dating scene but to properly-raised Charlotte, they are more of an aphrodisiac than raw oysters and Champagne. Witness Trey's conduct in a crisis - offering a hankie to his wife after a certain embarrassing moment. Although perhaps asking for the dry-cleaning bill was a BIT much.

Alas, marrying into the MacDougal clan does have its disadvantages. While on the surface Trey seems to be Charlotte's perfect match, their marital problems began before they could even embark on their honeymoon. And after time, counseling, some "Juggs" magazines, and a brief break-up, the wind swept up the sails and Trey's ship returned to sea.

Dr. and Mrs. MacDougal had other obstacles to conquer. Trey, it seems, is a bit "Bunny" whipped and Mama MacDougal refused to hand her son over to Charlotte. From duck decoys to cold remedies, Bunny begrudgingly relinquished control over her son. Her tendencies to barge into the connubial bedchamber and sit beside him during bath time did not help matters much. And as if all of this was not enough to produce marital strife their struggle to conceive made things even more difficult. The hormone shots and ovulation kits began to take their toll. While Charlotte was even more determined to have a baby, Trey began to question whether all of the effort is worth the stress on their marriage and lifestyle.

Trey just didn't seem to understand who Charlotte is. This was never more apparent than when he returned home one night with a cardboard baby. Trey's clueless idea of a joke. The miscommunication continued until Trey announced that he was moving back in with his mother. With great sorrow, Charlotte and Trey separated. He was, as always, a gentleman and left her the apartment she had so lovingly redone, but sadly, Trey was gone.

Evan Handler (Harry Goldenblatt)

When Charlotte needed a divorce lawyer to bring an end to her marriage to Trey, she found herself in an interesting dilemma. She naturally wanted to hire a good looking legal representative, but she found herself unable to be cold-blooded and hard-nosed around an attractive lawyer, a definite problem considering the upcoming battle with Bunny MacDougal.

Enter Harry Goldenblatt.

Harry was the total opposite of what Charlotte desired from her men. He was bald and chewed with his mouth open. Charlotte knew that she could let her guard down around Harry, since she would never fall for anybody like him. That is, until she did.

Charlotte kept denying her feelings for Harry, both to herself and her friends. She kept using his hairy back and lack of social skills to justify not wanting to be with him, but deep down, her feelings grew every single time they got together.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, Harry dropped a bombshell on her at Bobby and Bitsy's wedding, telling her that he could only marry a Jew after she finally admitted her feelings. Not one to give up so easily, Charlotte actually converted for Harry. The couple had a few rocky moments, but eventually realised that they were destined to be wed. The wedding itself was anything but perfect, but Harry and Charlotte seem destined to have a successful marriage.

Jason Lewis (Smith Jerrod)

Samantha Jones always gets her man, and after a trip to Raw she knew that she had to take home her sexy waiter, Jerry Jerrod. After downing endless amounts of uncooked vegetables, she finally managed to bed him, starting a beautiful relationship between the two.

Sam's passion for Jerry almost disappeared after she discovered that he was not only a waiter, but a struggling actor and a recovering alcoholic with an alliterative name. However, Sam managed to get over these skeletons in Jerry's closet and continue their blossoming relationship.

After a change to the more Hollywood-esque name of "Smith," Mr. Jerrod's career took off. Samantha's PR (and Smith's exposed package) made his play "Full Moon" into a legitimate off-Broadway hit. His nearly naked frame began to grace advertisements for Absolut vodka, and he was cast in a film directed by Gus Van Sant.

Smith and Samantha's future is still up in the air, but right now, it seems like a partnership made in heaven.

Mikhail Baryshnikov (Aleksandr Petrovsky)

When Carrie and Charlotte make a visit to an art gallery, the pair run into famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. While Charlotte is thrilled to meet one of her favorite artists, Aleksandr clearly pays more attention to Carrie. Later in the week, he calls her up to ask her on a date, which Carrie accepts.

Carrie eventually meets up with Aleksandr at Russian Samavor for a late dinner, followed by another trip to the gallery in which they first met. Although the evening has a few awkward moments, Carrie eventually surrenders to his charm, with the couple sharing a passionate kiss. Could Aleksandr finally be the man to make Carrie forget Big once and for all?

James Remar (Richard Wrigh)

From the moment Samantha met hotel magnate Richard Wright, the sexual chemistry was palpable. Powerful, wealthy and unabashedly confident, alpha male Richard seemed the perfect prey for Samantha - professionally and personally.

Samantha didn't have an easy time landing Richard as her mega-client. To get through Richard's chauvinist standards, Samantha ultimately had to prove to Richard that she had "balls." "I love that you're not scared of me," said Richard at their first meeting of the minds.

Like Samantha, Richard isn't one to mince words. "I like to sleep around." Also like Samantha, Richard knows what he wants and usually gets it. After bonding over the joys of being single, Richard whisked Samantha off on his private jet and seduced her on take-off. For a man of Richard's means, not even the sky is the limit.

Providing phenomenal sex with no strings, Richard Wright became Samantha's "Mr. Right." That is, until Richard added some romantic gestures to the mix. After a skinny-dipping sex session, he persuaded Samantha to join him in a slow dance and we watched as Samantha struggled to keep her emotional distance. After taking Ecstasy one night, Samantha was overcome by her emotions and declared her love to Richard mid-orgasm. The next day, the smooth, monogamy-fearing Richard just chalked it up to the X. A relationship was as foreign a concept to Richard as it was to Samantha. But even game-master Richard couldn't control the forces at play and soon said the words, "I love you Samantha."

Clearly in uncharted territory, Richard wasn't ready to let go of his power bachelor ways. Samantha was his star mistress (he showered her with expensive gifts bought by his personal assistant), but there were other women. For his birthday, Samantha indulged Richard's fantasy of a three-way. But when the younger participant implored him, "You tell her, daddy," Richard told Samantha to get rid of her. The one thing that could rattle Richard's confidence was having his age brought into the equation. He said to Samantha, "Let's try this. Just you and me."

Samantha wanted to believe Richard's words, but she saw the familiar signs of deception. He kept her waiting and he wasn't quite as lustful as usual. When she asked him if he was sleeping with another woman, he denied it. When she caught him in the act, Richard pleaded, "It's just sex. I love you." Richard seems to have accomplished the impossible - he broke Samantha's heart.

Is Richard a man who loves the pursuit but tires once he's caught his prey? Is he a commitment-phobic man who runs from intimacy? Or is Richard perhaps the yin to Samantha's yang? We may never know, unless Samantha decides to bring the magnate back into her life.