A new season of Game of Thrones looms. For the Westeros devotee, it’s a prospect more exciting than Christmas. For those of you yet to sample the TV phenomenon(don’t worry, we forgive you), it’s probably a little more daunting.

With every new season comes a fan hysteria more intense than the previous; “Winter is Here” dominates your social media feeds, and the Mother of Dragons has once again managed to infiltrate her way into almost every single conversation. Her, along with the Night King, Jon Snow, the Iron Throne, Wild Fire, Cersei Lannister, House Stark, Theon Greyjoy... Enough. You know what they’re talking about. Well, now the time has come to find out what it all really means.

Welcome to Westeros, newbie. We’re proud to introduce to you, The Ultimate Game of Thrones Binge Guide.

What is the show based on?

Game of Thrones is based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series .Originally published in 1996.

What’s it about?

Several Great Houses battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms and a seat on the Iron Throne.

Whereis it based?

The story is set in Westeros, otherwise known as the Seven Kingdoms. The Great Houses are: House Stark: Rulers of The North House, Lannister: Rulers of The Westerlands House, Tyrell: Rulers of The Reach House, Arryn: Rulers of The Vale House, Targaryen: Rulers of The Crownlands House, Tully: Rulers of The Riverlands House, Baratheon: Rulers of The Stormlands House, Martell: Rulers of Dorne

Who’s’ who?

You can get to know the show’s incredible character list and cast here.

Exactly how many episodes are there?

To date, 67 episodes spanning 7 truly gripping seasons. That’s approximately 67.5 hours’ worth of binging!

Can I fit it all in before the new season starts?

Definitely. Let’s break it down... For the unbroken, that’s 3 solid days of non-stop watching.For the unbent, it means 3 episodes a day for 22.5 weeks.For the unbowed, that’s 2 episodes a week for 34 weeks.

Up for the challenge? Where can I watch it?

You can download all seven seasons right here.

I’ve already seen it. Can I binge watch it all over again anyway?