The six best Game Of Thrones moments - ever!

Today, the UK celebrates Game Of Thrones’ sixth birthday - the show made its British TV debut on 18 April 2011. To mark this special occasion, here are some of the best moments in the show’s history.

Ned Stark’s fate

Ned was the unlucky star of the first massive twist (of many) on the show, which remains one of the most discussed today. Fans assumed Sean Bean’s pivotal character was here to stay, but when Joffery ordered his execution it quickly became apparent that nothing is ever predictable in the realm.

Wild Fire

It’s easy to pick pretty much any moment from the ninth episode of Season 2, ‘Blackwater’. But a strong contender has to be the part where Tyrion reveals his grand plan via the medium of an enormous green Wild Fire explosion. It’s arguably Tyrion’s greatest achievement, even if was sadly a bit short lived.

The Red Wedding

The Red Wedding is one of the greatest Game of Thrones moments, full stop. We probably should have learned from Ned’s journey that absolutely no-one is safe in Westeros, but the sight of his family falling, thanks to Walder Frey’s cowardly betrayal, still shocked us to our very core. You’ll never forget the first time you saw it.

Mag The Mighty

There are almost too many moments to pick from GoT Season 4, whether it’s Joffrey’s purple wedding, Tyrion’s trial, the moment Ser Jorah was banished, or Prince Oberyn Martell getting squished in the face by Ser Gregor Clegane. But in terms of jaw-dropping impact, nothing beats the sight of a Giant riding a mammoth to attack the men of the Night’s Watch in ‘The Watchers On The Wall’ episode. It’s a testament to the show’s blockbuster effects.

The Night’s King

‘Hardhome’ was the episode where Jon Snow (and the audience) realised that every battle in Westeros was a minor skirmish compared to the White Walker war hurtling in its general direction. The key reveal came when The Night’s King raised his arms, and the armies of the dead, to see Jon Snow off. It’s an astonishing sequence, in a season full of them.

Back to life

After Season 5’s intense cliffhanger Season 6 kept us waiting until episode 2, ‘Home’, to reveal the fate of Jon Snow. He wasn’t dead - thank the Lord Of Light - and, when it became apparent what was going on, every viewer surely gasped in relief louder than Jon taking his first post-death breath.

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