Endless action and enjoyment are on the cards this Father’s Day, thanks to some of our favourite father-friendly shows. 

Let him meet his heroes in Band of Brothers, the series that draws from real-life interviews and journals from survivors of Easy Company. Taking us through the journey from paratrooper training to the end of the war, the men of Easy knew extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear – and became the stuff of legend.

A trusty father favourite, it’s time to join The Sopranos for a few seasons of criminally good drama. Tony Soprano is everyone's most loveable bad guy/family man and his antics have been hailed worthy of 'the most masterful show ever', according to The Guardian.

As one of the most critically acclaimed shows to ever grace our screens, The Wire needs no introduction. A “cop show” unlike anything on air, the interlinking lives of cops and street gangs across Baltimore continues to challenge viewers and will fast become your dad’s go-to fix.

One of the newest additions to HBO, Barry is the unmissable four-hour binge that the whole family has been waiting for. Bill Hader brings Barry to life in hilarious style, as a hitman who wants nothing more in life than to be an actor and to get a little bit of appreciation in the process.

If you thought nothing could make you cringe more than your dad's jokes, wait until Larry enters your house. Allow him to provide the comedy this Father's Day with his collection of painfully awkward yet relatable sketches that will make you all laugh out loud.

There really is a show to suit every kind of father here, so choose wisely and enjoy!