It’s official. The eighth and FINAL season of Game of Thrones will be returning to our screens in 2019!

The countdown has well and truly begun, and with it,  months fuelled by excitement, speculation, anticipation, expectations and everything in between. Will Jon Snow’s Targaryen heritage be revealed? What does the wall’s demise mean for the rest of Westeros? Who will claim their place upon the Iron Throne..?

If one thing’s for certain, this winter’s going to feel like a long one…

Of course, season eight’s announcement comes as bitter sweet, and the reality that we’ll have to bid a final farewell to our beloved show is a hard pill to swallow, but before we get all teary and dewy-eyed, let us assure you, we’ve all got one hell of ride to come first!

If like us the return to Westeros can’t come soon enough for you, then a first-class trip back to the seven kingdoms is very much on hand, with all seven previous seasons available to download here.

… And for those of you yet to sample the award-winning drama, we’ve got just the thing to get you started… (Disclaimer: Binging comes highly endorsed!)

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