Looking The Movie

After living in Denver for nearly a year, Patrick returns to San Francisco to celebrate a momentous event with his old friends. On a night out with Dom, Agustín and their extended crew, Patrick catches up with Richie, who’s brought along his boyfriend Brady; later that night, Patrick hooks up with a guy who knows Kevin peripherally. The next morning, Patrick and Dom head to Dom’s peri-peri chicken window, where Doris, who’s been getting more serious with Malik, arrives to give Dom a lecture about getting back into dating. After receiving a call from Agustín, Patrick leaves to help out his friend, who’s feeling unsure about his more settled life with Eddie. Later, hoping to close a chapter, Patrick meets up with Kevin, his old boss and lover, on the pretext of discussing the app they developed. Instead, the two end up rehashing details of their breakup. Kevin also tells Patrick about a possible opportunity at his old company in San Francisco, leading Patrick to spend his final hours in town contemplating whether he should return to San Francisco – or truly move on from his past life and his past loves.