Hung - Season 3 - Dont Give Up On Detroit
Ep.1 - Dont Give Up On Detroit
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Hung - Season 3 - "take the cake" or "are you paking?"
Ep.2 - "take the cake" or "are you paking?"
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Hung - Season 3 - "Mister Decker" or "Ease Up on the whup-ass"
Ep.3 - "Mister Decker" or "Ease Up on the whup-ass"
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Hung - Season 3 - 'F**k Me, Mr. Drecker' or 'Let's Not Go to Jail'
Ep.4 - 'F**k Me, Mr. Drecker' or 'Let's Not Go to Jail'
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Hung - Season 3 - "We're Golden" or "Crooks and Big Beaver"
Ep.5 - "We're Golden" or "Crooks and Big Beaver"
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Hung - Season 3 - "Money on the Floor"
Ep.6 - "Money on the Floor"
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Hung - Season 3 - "Whats Going On Downstairs?" Or "Dont Eat Prince Eric"
Ep.7 - "Whats Going On Downstairs?" Or "Dont Eat Prince Eric"
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Hung - Season 3 - "I,Sandee" or "This Sex. Which Is. Not One."
Ep.8 - "I,Sandee" or "This Sex. Which Is. Not One."
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Hung - Season 3 - "A Monkey Named Simian" or "Frances is Not a Fan"
Ep.9 - "A Monkey Named Simian" or "Frances is Not a Fan"
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Hung - Season 3 - The Whole Beefalo
Ep.10 - The Whole Beefalo
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Tanya and Ray attempt to take Happiness Consultants to the next level, seeking a loan to open a Wellness Center for Women. After many rejections, they convince a female loan officer, Judy, and her co-worker, Joanie, to attend Tanya’s Orgasmic Living Class in her living room to understand their business model.

Ray asks Jessica to move in with him now that he’s doing better, offering to take care of her, but she insists she needs to be independent.

Joanie talks Judy into trying out Ray’s practicum and Ray smooths things over between the two women when Joanie accuses Judy of being repressed. Up in the hotel room, the two women begin kissing and dismiss Ray, whose services are unnecessary. Still, their loan is approved and the Wellness Center opens.

Meanwhile, Lenore finds the new talent she has been looking for at the local diner: Jason a well-endowed waiter.

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Ray shows up for an appointment with one of his regulars and discovers she has a date with a younger model (Jason). He reports the situation to Tanya, who investigates and realizes Lenore has hacked her email and is stealing their clients.

When Lenore tries to fill Jason’s schedule with appointments, he confesses that he is engaged to Sandee. Lenore shows up at the bakery where Sandee works and breaks the news that Jason is screwing around with her and urges her to dump him.

Ronnie cuts Jessica’s alimony off and Jessica has an unpleasant run-in with Mindy (the woman Ronnie cheated with). Jessica’s mother Lotte has to go to the ER - where the doctor on call is Mindy’s husband who informs Jessica her mother is fine - and offers to help in any way he can while Ray watches with jealousy.

Charlie contacts Tanya to ask her to bail him out of jail but she needs to think about it.

Ray, already unhappy about his new client Lydia, a cop who likes to play rough, tells Tanya he will take care of Jason. But Tanya stakes out the young Hoho on her own and warns him to stop stealing her clients -- and not to trust Lenore. When Ray shows up, he hears Tanya and Jason hooking up in the men’s room and questions her business decision. He chases after Jason, but loses him.

Tanya is stunned to find Lenore in her next Wellness Center workshop and the two pimps have a cat fight in the bathroom.

Ray intercepts Jason at his next appointment with the birthday girl and handcuffs him to the elevator.

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At a bar, Ray mistakes a young blonde woman for his new client - and even worse, she turns out to be a former student named Logan Lewis. Terrified that he’s blown his cover, Ray calls Tanya, who tries to reassure him, but the conversation gets pulled off track by Ray’s gripes about another new client: The dress-up fantasies of his police-impersonating client, Lydia, are bordering on brutality. Tanya suggests choosing a safe word, but even that isn't enough - Tanya later learns that Lcoverydia is not just a kinky role player - she’s packing a real badge.

Lenore’s new ho, Jason, is worried that his now-pregnant girlfriend will hold him back from his budding career. Recognizing a fake-pregnancy ploy when she sees one, Lenore makes a deal with the girl and a new HDTV puts Jason back in business. Jessica hits a snag at work when she lets slip that her boss’s wife gave Ronnie a handjob while they were still together. Despite a workplace blowup from the guilty wife, Jessica manages to shake off the drama and earn her boss’s affection, perhaps more than she bargained for.

Ray pays a visit to Logan, trying to cover his tracks but his former D-student has already put the pieces together. He initially flees the situation, but when he realizes how deeply Jason is biting into his bottom line, Ray decides that Logan’s money is good. He returns to her house to close the deal, and when she samples the goods, she tells him, “Oh my God, Mr. Drecker - I knew it!”

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Outside her house, Logan straddles Ray in the driver's seat of his Mustang, definitely getting her money's worth. Afterward, he follows her inside and joins a crowd of her friends (and his former students) for a night of intense partying, which makes the age gap achingly clear the next morning. Returning to his house, Ray finds Tanya, who tells him - far too loudly for the condition he's in - that his client Lydia is actually a cop.  She urges him to continue suffering Lydia's rough ways so she doesn't arrest the both of them. But when Ray meets her to "break up," he muddies his message by hooking up with her one last time in the men's room.

Later, Lydia comes by Tanya's office to book another appointment, and she's unwilling to take "no" for an answer. With Ray unreachable, Tanya recruits Jason to pay Lydia a visit for a little simulated breaking and entering. But the cop isn't into the new talent, and Jason earns every penny of the raise Tanya gave him when his new client cold-cocks him. Ray spends the night at his house, playing teacher with Logan, but their session is interrupted by Jessica, who's just finished having uncomfortable, singing-laced sex with her new boss. That doesn't stop her from criticizing Ray for robbing the cradle, and his problems only get worse when Logan leaves - and Lydia's cruiser lights flare toward him from down the block.

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A handcuffed Ray rattles around the back of Lydia’s police cruiser, bashing his face off of various surfaces while trying to figure out what exactly she plans to do with him. When the cop/client stops to pick up a pack of smokes, Ray voice-dials Tanya, who rushes out to help despite Charlie’s advice to cut her ho loose. Lydia returns to drive Ray to the police station, but instead of booking him, she points to another officer standing on the step. It’s her husband, who broke her heart by sleeping with a prostitute. Before they can delve any deeper into Lydia’s trust issues, Ray’s phone rings. It’s Damon. The kids have found out that Jessica slept with her new boss, and a family meltdown is in progress as Darby threatens to leave.

Warning Ray not to make a break for it, Lydia drives him to Jessica’s house, where he sorts out the argument under extreme duress (and without shoes). As the cruiser pulls away, Lydia catches Tanya tailing them, so she pulls the pimp over and takes her into custody as well. Intent on outing the both of them to her husband just to see the look on his face, Lydia drives to a coffee shop filled with cops. But in the moment, she loses the nerve to stand up to him.

In the last stop of the night, Lydia drives the pair to a remote park, where she cuffs Tanya to a post and climbs into the back seat with Ray. “You hurt me, too,” she tells him, softening, and Ray realizes that even his aggressive clients can be more fragile than they appear. To make amends - and earn his freedom - Ray offers a freebie: “No cops and robbers. No money. Just you and me.” After the cruiser stops shaking, Ray unlocks Tanya’s cuffs and leads his pimp home.

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Ray sits nervously on a crowded airplane, and an attractive flight attendant asks him to move his luggage. He follows her to the back of the aircraft, where he joins her in the bathroom and gets paid to join the mile-high club while the plane works its way through some unexpected turbulence. When he returns home, he's shocked to find his kids have defected to his house - and even more shaken to discover that someone has stolen his shoebox full of hard-earned cash. Tanya suggests that this "has Lenore written all over it," but when he confronts the pimp at her day job as a suicide hotline operator, she denies any involvement. He leaves the office, at least managing to pick up a referral from Lenore - a tall woman named Kyla.

Tanya receives a visit from Sandee, who asks her to take Jason under her pimpdom; Jason will even "do dudes," Sandee promises. Tanya takes a shine to the idea of a merger, but Ray is in no mood for negotiations as he searches for his cash. He also doesn't appreciate finding out that Charlie, the man Tanya describes as her boyfriend, is getting into his business. Ray pays him a visit, and Charlie advises him to think long term: Ray's not getting any younger, and Jason could be his 401k. Ray sees the light and tells Tanya he wants first pick plus 20 percent of Jason's earnings - and she's aware that Charlie is obviously a pimp, right? Ray then rushes off to start refilling his empty shoe box with the assistance of Kyla. But as he and his new client start getting down to business, Tanya gets an unsettling phone call from Lenore: Kyla is actually a man.

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Ray goes ice-skating with his new client, Kyla, and Tanya comes stumbling onto the rink to tell him that the tall blonde is, in fact, a man. At first incredulous, Ray begins to examine his date and realizes that Tanya might be right. When he confronts Kyla, she says she thought he knew.

The decision to add Jason to Tanya's stable makes things complicated as Sandee goes scrounging around Arby's for new clients and decides to start a side-business filming Jason's transactions for a porn site. All this falls to the wayside, though, when Tanya discovers Ray's stolen box of cash hidden in the couple's bathroom. With a little strong-arming from Charlie, she convinces the thieves to pay restitution. He leaves a note for Tanya and walks out with the shoebox full of cash.

Lenore pays a visit to Jessica to tell her about the new wellness center she's been attending. Jessica flips through the Happiness Consultants pamphlet and considers it.

Ray, despite the unwelcome shock Kyla gave him, can't say no to the cash she's willing to pay him to pose as her fiancé at her high-school reunion. He attends the party and finds himself sitting at a table with a bunch of rival jocks who remember him from his high school athletic career. He's uncomfortable dancing with Kyla and wants to leave, but when word circulates that she's really "Dan," Ray decides that standing by his man is more important than his reputation. Ray and Kyla dance the night away, not giving a damn what anybody thinks.

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Ray walks in on Logan as she tries on a bridal gown and quickly - but loudly - hooks up with her in the fitting room. Tanya finds out that Charlie violated his bail and tries to track him down, but all she gets for her trouble is the pimp's two sons dropped off at her house.

Ray gets blocked out of his own place of business when Lenore refers Jessica as a client. He wants Tanya to kick his ex-wife out of the class, but she refuses because Jessica actually seems to be getting a lot out of the program. As she get in touch with herself, Jessica reveals in group therapy that she faked orgasms when she was married to Ray - and Tanya makes the mistake of telling him. The news shatters his ego, and it gets even worse when he finds out that Jason is meeting Jessica for "the practicum." Fed up, he rushes to the restaurant where they're eating and slugs Jason in the face.


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Ray revs up a chainsaw in his backyard, just as Tanya shows up to reprimand him for punching Jason out at his dinner with Jessica. When Tanya follows him inside, she notices the invitation he received to Mike and Francis' wedding and is hurt that she was left out. "Pimps don't get invited to weddings," Ray consoles her, adding that he prefers to take Jessica as his guest.

Tanya goes home and tries to call Charlie while his abandoned children jump up and down on her furniture. She manages to calm them by reading a bedtime story, and just as she's starting to like the kids, their mother shows up to drag them away. Tanya follows her outside and finds Charlie about to drive off. He promises to pay Tanya back the money he stole and says that their time together meant something to him - but she doesn't believe him on either count.

At Mike and Francis' wedding ceremony, Tanya crashes the gate as Ray's "plus-one," and Jessica also shows up, deciding to be his date after all. Between Tanya's presence and Ray's fight with Jason she's figured everything out: "You're his pimp," she says to Tanya while Ray gives his best-man speech. Afterward, Ray finds Jessica and apologizes, but she doesn't want to get into it, wrapping her arms around him and saying, "Let's just dance."

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After performing a fake marriage proposal for a client, Ray returns to the wellness center and finds two people from the bail bondsman's office ransacking the place. Now that Charlie's jumped bail, they want to claim the $40,000 Tanya posted for him. Ray and Tanya get Lydia, a police office and their former client, to run Charlie's license plate and find out that the pimp lives on a farm stocked with valuable beefalos.

Dr. Matt calls Jessica into his office and fires her over some mislabeled urine. At first she leaves, but after a confrontation with her neighbors works her into a rage, Jessica returns to lay into Matt for sexually harassing her, being lousy in bed and firing her. "I want severance," she tells him." Jason breaks up with Sandee (despite her grandmother's recent death) so he can hook up with Lenore again. Sandee goes off the deep end and pays her rival pimp a visit - to shoot her.

Ray and Tanya return to the farm to rustle $40,000 worth of Charlie's beefalos, but he catches them mid-heist. Ray berates him for taking advantage of Tanya, but Charlie fires back that Ray is a "bottomless ho" who has wasted her time and money. Tanya ends the debate by threatening to turn Charlie in to the bondsman. Not willing to call her bluff, Charlie hands over 10 of the animals to cover his debt. Finally made whole, both pimp and ho ride off into the night in search of a butcher with some cash on hand.

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Having skirted the watchful eye of family and friends, Ray and Tanya take their business to the next level this year. But will they continue to fly under the radar of the law after setting up a new, very public, front for their gigolo enterprise? Tune in to find out on an all- new season of HBO’s hit comedy series Hung!


Ray Drecke
Thomas Jane
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Tanya Skagle
Jane Adams
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Jessica Haxon
Anne Heche
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Damon Drecker
Charlie Saxton
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Darby Drecker
Sianoa Smit-McPhee
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Eddie Jemison
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Lenore Bernard
Rebecca Creskoff
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Mike Hunt
Gregg Henry
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Thomas Jane (Ray Drecke)

In 1984, Ray Drecker owned West Lakefield High: Popular star ball player, destined for great things, admired by the girls and envied by the guys. He married his cheerleading High School sweetheart and they took off for greener pastures. But after an aborted professional career with the Atlanta Braves, Ray, Jessica and their twins returned to the Detroit suburbs for Ray to take a temporary job teaching history at their alma mater, and coaching the school's varsity basketball team. The stop-gap turned into a career and two years ago, Jessica dumped him for her dermatologist. Ray moved back to his parents' rundown lakeside house with the twins. He thought things couldn't get worse...

Jane Adams (Tanya Skagle)

A struggling poet, Tanya works the night shift at a Detroit law firm as a perma-temp proofreader. She knows about Ray's special talent as the result of their brief encounter after visiting his history class as part of a "Poets in the Schools" program. When they meet again at an entrepreneurial workshop, it is Tanya who reminds Ray of his winning tool.

She offers to help Ray in his new venture, for a percentage, while also pursuing her own project: Lyric Bread.

Anne Heche (Jessica Haxon)

A former beauty queen and cheerleader, Jessica fell hard for Ray in high school and followed him to Florida when he got a baseball scholarship, and Atlanta when he was recruited by the Braves. But after he was sidelined by an injury and they had to return to their old hometown, the magic wore thin. After years struggling as the wife of a public school teacher, Jessica found that who she chose in high school no longer worked for her and found love with Ronnie Haxon, her dermatologist. Following an acrimonious break-up, she and Ray struggle to co-parent their twins.

Charlie Saxton (Damon Drecker)

Twin brother to Darby, Damon expresses his individuality through Gothic attire. Like most teens, he's struggling with his sexuality, but in Detroit, with a dad like Ray, he faces perhaps more obstacles to expressing his true self than some of his peers. Protective of his sister, loyal to his father, Damon's sensitive side doesn't necessarily extend to his mother and her husband Ronnie.

Sianoa Smit-McPhee (Darby Drecker)

Twin sister to Damon, Darby is in the throes of young love, testing boundaries and experiencing heartbreak for the first time with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Hammer. While she and Damon would ideally rather live with their father than their mother and her new husband, they do struggle with the choice between a house and a tent.

Eddie Jemison (Ronnie)

A successful dermatologist, Ronnie stole his patient Jessica away from Ray before Ray even realized his wife had a skin condition. A giving man who's always willing to remove a mole or inject some Botox for family, he barely flinches when Jessica's mother moves in, nor does he complain when the twins show up after Ray's house fire.

Rebecca Creskoff (Lenore Bernard)

A former colleague of Tanya's from the law firm, Lenore left temping to start her own life coaching business. As someone who appreciates the finer things, Lenore pushes her clients to believe they are worthy of cashmere - undaunted by Detroit's polyester times. Mercenary in her business practices, Lenore believes she can take Ray places and views Tanya as an obstacle to their success.

Gregg Henry (Mike Hunt)

Assistant Coach Mike Hunt is generally content to be Ray's right-hand man. A closet piano player and romantic, he is more anxious about losing his tenured position than Ray seems to be.

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