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Generation Kill Season 1

Based on Evan Wright’s acclaimed 2004 non-fiction book of the same name, Generation Kill is a seven-part miniseries that focuses on the first 40 days of the Iraq war, a.k.a. “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” as seen through the eyes and actions of a group of elite U.S. First Recon Marines who were at the spearhead of the invasion. While offering vivid and unvarnished portraits of the actual Marines who rode alongside Wright (an embedded journalist working for Rolling Stone magazine) in military Humvees for two months starting in March 2003, Generation Kill provides a gritty, uncompromising account of the collective forces that guided these highly-trained Marines across a barren landscape, and against an unknowable enemy, in an often-improvised military initiative designed to liberate the Iraqi populace from Saddam Hussein. The men of Bravo Company adapt to their grim and dangerous surroundings with a combination of skill, resolve, subversive humor, stoicism and, occasionally, blind faith.