Entourage - Season 8 - Home Sweet Home
Ep.1 - Home Sweet Home
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Entourage - Season 8 - Out with a Bang
Ep.2 - Out with a Bang
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Entourage - Season 8 - One Last Shot
Ep.3 - One Last Shot
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Entourage - Season 8 - Whiz Kid
Ep.4 - Whiz Kid
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Entourage - Season 8 - Mother F*cker
Ep.5 - Mother F*cker
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Entourage - Season 8 - The Big Bang
Ep.6 - The Big Bang
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Entourage - Season 8 - Second to Last
Ep.7 - Second to Last
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Entourage - Season 8 - The End
Ep.8 - The End
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Eric and Sloan have split up, and E gets an angry call from his former fiance insisting he remove his stuff from her home. He and Scott, now in charge of the firm, meet with actor Johnny Galecki who is overly interested in Sloan's relationship status.

As Vince says goodbye to the friends he made in rehab, Drama clears the house of all drugs, even the over-the-counter ones. A large crowd of fans and reporters gather outside of Promises to watch Vince's release. When Ari and Scott arrive at the center to bring Vince home, E realizes his best friend has been in touch with everyone but him.

With months to go before the start of his next project, Vince reveals he's conceived an idea he wants to direct: A TV movie about miners who are rescued by a Labrador. Everyone winces at the idea but only E wants to tell him the truth. Drama, Turtle and Scott advocate waiting at week... and then break the news to Eric that Sloan sent his wedding ring back a few days ago, in a standard envelope. "Wasn't even padded," says Drama.

The guys hastily organize a party at the mansion, minus all alcohol, to keep Vince from celebrating at a club. Upon hearing Vince's miner pitch, Billy Walsh assures him, "It's an interesting take on a familiar story." Encouraged by Drama to say something upbeat, Walsh offers to direct. Eric tries to leave a message for Sloan, but frustrated by the voice mail prompts, shouts "F*ck you" into the phone.

Ari returns to his house and tries to win his wife back. She insists she's not ready, and when pressed, admits that she's been seeing someone else. Ari drowns his sorrows at Vince's party, but learns after the fact the vodka he's been drinking is non-alcoholic.

Eric and Vince reconcile when Eric promises to be a friend first, manager second. In keeping with that promise, he tells Vince the miner idea is terrible; Turtle reluctantly agrees. Vince demands that everyone stop tiptoeing around him and just tell him the truth. On the spot, Billy tells Vince the miner idea would be better as a TV movie starring Drama. Everyone agrees that idea is more viable.

Arnold starts barking: a joint Turtle tossed into the bushes has started a fire. The partygoers watch the firefighters extinguish the flames, as Ari chokes back tears.

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Now living in The Roosevelt Hotel, the guys are impressed Vince has pounded out an outline of Johnny's TV movie overnight. Vince wants to pass it on to Billy Walsh to flesh it out and Drama readily agrees: "Guy knows my voice like Scorsese knows DeNiro's."

Turtle begins to worry when Alex, away promoting Avión, doesn't return his calls. His worries increase when he finds out she been in touch with all the other Avión girls.

Eric is surprised when Sloan calls to scream "F*ck you" at him, unaware that she is responding to the voice mail message he left the night before. He heads to her place to clear out his stuff and they end up having breakup sex.

Lloyd asks Ari to make him the head of the TV department so they can land producer Steve Levitan... then breaks the news he spotted Mrs. Ari at Flay's restaurant. Ari forces Lloyd to return with him to find out who would draw her to a restaurant he knows she loathes. Ari quizzes the staff and is crushed to learn his wife might be dating an actor-waiter.

Eager for representation, Andrew Dice Clay goes to see Scott, who turns out to be a big fan. After Phil Yagoda tells the boys the show tested through the roof, Dice tries to talk Drama into walking so they can get a raise.

Ari calls his sister-in-law to find out details about Mrs. Ari's boyfriend and determines that she is dating the waiter. Ari offers Lloyd a shot as head of TV, as long he screws up the waiter's upcoming 'Mad Men' audition. When Mrs. Ari finds out the audition was sabotaged, she storms into Ari's office and reveals she's dating Bobby Flay, not someone on his staff. Furious, Ari bans the agency from dining at any Flay establishment.

Still hopeful that he and Sloan can reconcile, Eric is caught off guard when she calls to thank him for the closure: She's moving to New York.

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At a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Vince runs into Carl Ertz, the producer who screwed him out of a part in 'Danger Beach' years ago. Ertz apologizes and asks to be involved in the TV movie Vince wrote for Drama. Ready to forgive, Vince agrees.

When Vince updates Ari, he says no to working with Ertz. "It is my job to protect you from damaging yourself again," he tells his star client. Ari calls in Lloyd, the "interim head" of the TV department, for updates on the miner project, only to realize he never briefed Lloyd about it because he's been distracted by the separation. Sympathetic, Lloyd and Vince urge him to go out on the town and Ari talks a big game to cover his fear: "You do not want to compete against me for ass." Surrendering, Ari agrees to let Lloyd set him up on a date and bring Ertz in on the TV movie.

Drama turns to Scott and Eric for help dealing with Andrew Dice Clay who is still insisting they walk off 'Johnny's Bananas.' Scott, tired of being hounded, convinces Eric to make the call to Phil Yagoda. Phil can't believe their chutzpah and warns Johnny to back down - strong test results are no guarantee of ratings success.

Carlos thanks Turtle for the success of Avión by presenting him with a gold watch and some news: Turtle's services will no longer be needed because a national distribution company wants to handle Avión. Carlos highlights the upside - Turtle can now enjoy the fruits of his investment - to cushion the blow that things are also over between him and Alex; she's met someone else.

On a date with Lloyd's friend, Ari tries to have a good time despite the difference in their ages. As things heat up inside the car, Ari is startled by his date's roommate and the mood is broken. Feeling lonely, he heads over to Dana Gordon's for a drink. Waking up together, they reminisce about why their relationship ended: She wanted to get married.

Vince tries to cheer up Turtle and finds out his dream is to bring their favorite restaurant, Don Pepe, to the west coast. Turtle decides to sell his Avión stock for seed money and Vince offers to do the same. Turtle calls Mark Cuban to let him know and finds out he will make $300,000 and Vince will pocket $1 million when they cash out. Turtle tells Vince to have their accountant handle the sale.

E, Scott and Drama go to Dice's home to break the news to him. Certain the show is a guaranteed hit, Dice refuses to surrender and fires Scotty as his manager. Phil Yagoda immediately replaces Dice, horrifying Billy and Drama.

Turtle and Vince go to Ertz's house to talk about the project for CBS but the producer pitches another project instead, proposing Vince play an IRS agent. Ertz alternately apologizes and then rages at Vince before excusing himself to clean up. Despite Turtle's instincts, Vince refuses to leave. Locked in the bathroom, Ertz does some more coke and then shoots himself.

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Vince, still reeling from Ertz's suicide, heads to the police station with Turtle to give a statement.

Ari wakes up with Dana Gordon and they both marvel at having kept their phones off for so long. Ari surprises Dana with the news that he's expected at couple's therapy, but the conversation is interrupted with the news of Ertz's death.

Because there were drugs on the scene, Vince finds out he will need to be tested. "I didn't touch anything in his house," he assures everyone. Ari excuses himself to meet his wife at therapy, even though Shauna tells him it's a waste of time: Everyone knows his wife is dating Bobby Flay.

Vince tells Eric he needs advice, not a lecture - he had a few puffs of pot the other day.

Mrs. Ari is furious when Ari arrives late for their appointment. "Something always happens," she says, trying to get him to understand that she should be as important as his work. Ari accuses her of acting out because she found someone new, and reveals he's dating now too. Incredulous, Mrs. Ari storms out.

Doing research, the boys find out that weed can stay in the system for 90 days. In an attempt to flush Vince's system, Drama mixes up vinegar, water and niacin and asks all the guys to drink it as a show of solidarity. Only Drama can keep it down. Although E tries to get the test pushed back, he learns it will be in four hours. Vince goes for a drive to clear his head, and seeks out Billy Walsh.

Dana Gordon is impressed when Ari invites her to dinner. She shares her concerns about Vince and the drug test, but Ari promises there's nothing to worry about.

Billy Walsh explains to Vince how the drug test will work, but briefly hesitates about recommending a prosthetic for him to use to mask his urine. Because it's his only option, Vince insists they get one.

At dinner, Dana rues that even if she has the career she wanted, she's still single at 40. The mood shifts when Bobby Flay comes out to confront them, and Dana, realizing Ari had ulterior motives, storms out.

Before he heads to the test, Vince bares all to E- he's wearing a prosthetic penis filled with clean urine. E is furious that he even pursued this option and insists that Vince take it off; if he's caught, the damage will be worse than testing positive for pot.

Ari gets an equally furious phone call from his wife who has found out about his date from Bobby Flay. "I guess the bro code's out the window when you're f*cking someone's wife," retorts Ari. Mrs. Ari tells him she would have been fine if it was with anyone else, but hearing he was out with Dana Gordon just confirms years of suspicions.

Ari goes to the hotel to wait for the results with the guys and finds out Vince might test positive for weed. Should it come to that, asks E, will he talk to Dana Gordon so that they don't lose 'Air-Walker'?

When the results declare Vince clean, he swears to everyone that his focus is back. E realizes that Vince never took off the prosthetic and the gang celebrates his close call.

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Shauna escorts Vince to his Vanity Fair interview and notices that he is smitten with the journalist, Sophia Lear.

Concerned that Dice's replacement Stevie is ruining the show, Drama asks Eric and Scott to come to the studio and confirm his fears. Eric begs off: He's meeting with Melinda Clarke, Sloan's ex-stepmother. Scott warns E not to use the meeting as a chance to try to win back Sloan. Over drinks, Melinda catches Eric off guard when she asks him to represent her, explaining Sloan always spoke so highly of him, and Melinda has always valued her opinion.

Ari's kids arrive at his office for a day at Disneyland, although Sarah protests she's too old for the theme park. Barbara Miller interrupts with the news that Taylor Lautner needs a quick read on a script that he wants to make with Dana Gordon. At the mention of Dana's name, Mrs. Ari splits.

During his interview, Vince repeatedly hits on Sophia Lear. When Sophia cuts the interview short, Shauna tells Vince it was a disaster. Although Vince wants to call her personally to apologize, Shauna advises him to steer clear.

At a 'Johnny's Bananas' taping, Drama's new co-star complains about the job Drama is doing. "I'm here making choices and you're just making voices," he says. Although sympathetic to Drama's concerns, Billy says Stevie's hire was a network decision. Drama debates giving Dice a share of his salary to bring him back.

Catching their dad in conference with Babs and Dana, Ari's kids complain he should be out with them. When Dana introduces herself, Jonah asks her if she's the Dana their mom hates. Humiliated, Dana storms out, despite Ari's protests not to let the situation ruin their business relationship.

Eric wants to turn Melinda down, but Scott urges him to think like a businessman. Swearing he cares nothing for Sloan, E agrees to represent Melinda.

Vince calls Sophia to apologize and asks for a second meeting so she can get what she needs for her piece. While Turtle chaperones,

Sophia meets Vince at the hotel. She is impressed when he opens up about how being raised by women has made him the man he is, but empathically turns him down when he asks her out again.

Drama tries to talk Dice into returning to work, but Dice refuses to yield-his son just got into Princeton and he needs money for tuition.

Drama offers to pay him out his own salary so that they're evenly compensated, and while touched, Dice says no. He thinks Stevie is the network's bluff.

Later that day, Eric has a candid discussion with Melinda about Sloan. Melinda realizes Eric isn't over her, so she tells him Sloan was an ice princess and the marriage would never have succeeded. As the two trade complaints about the McQuewicks, they end up in bed.

Ari tries to apologize to his wife when he returns the kids home, but Mrs. Ari reminds him work has always trumped family, as evidenced by his inability to follow through on his plans today. She informs him that she's moving forward for a divorce. Stunned, Ari gets drunk at his apartment and takes up Dana's offer to come over.

Drama goes to Phil to protest Dice's replacement. Phil tells him that for the network, it's not a buddy show- it's a vehicle for Drama. Feeling empowered by the compliment, Drama goes on strike too.

Post-sex, Eric gets a furious phone call from Sloan: She heard from her father that Melinda intended to bed Eric… which Melinda coyly confirms.

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Although initially confident, Vince flips when he reads Sophia's story and finds out she thinks he's a womanizer. Shauna tells him to focus on the good bits, but Vince can't imagine his mother reading what Sofia has written. Shauna learns Vanity Fair wants to make Vince's story the cover, ruling out any possibility of rewrite. Vince storms out of his photo shoot to confront Sophia in person: "They don't want an accurate article, why do they need an accurate photo?"

Turtle flies in the Don Pepe team from New York, sparing no expense. He promises Jon and Gina he's serious about making the restaurant a success in Los Angeles, but is thrown when they're more interested in celebrity spotting.

Concerned about keeping things civil, Ari tells his lawyer he's willing to give his wife anything she wants, only to discover she's entitled to half his earnings for life and the $11 million she invested into the agency. When Ari asks Barbara Miller if he can borrow the $11 million from the company, she turns him down. "You probably have that much in your Depends," he argues. Babs finally agrees to write him a check in exchange for a majority stake in the company.

Eric avoids Melinda's phone calls, even though she's booked on a J.J. Abrams show. When a $300,000 Mercedes SLS arrives at the office with a ribbon on it, he is unable to dodge her further. Melinda tells Eric the car was for the series, not for the sex. Sensing Eric is concerned about Sloan, she scolds, "I can't believe I didn't f*ck you good enough to make you forget about Sloan." They are interrupted by Johnny Galecki who reveals he had dinner with Sloan the night before. Galecki tells Eric he thought Sloan was being paranoid about Eric and Melinda, but seeing them together, he thinks differently now. E tracks down Scott and tells him to fire Johnny Galecki or he'll quit.

Billy Walsh calls to rage about the financial repercussions of Drama's strike, but Drama tries to calm him down. Drama, already panicked that paychecks have been frozen, gets more bad news: The network is preparing to shut down the show. Lloyd advises Johnny to return to work unless he feels that Dice is worth losing his best job in decades.

Vince ambushes Sofia at lunch and accuses her of misunderstanding him. Although he works hard to change her mind, Sofia points out the piece has already gone to bed, and furthermore, there's no point worrying about her opinion - she's just a journalist he'll never see again. "Learn to restrain yourself," she advises. Vince revisits girlfriends past to get a second opinion.

Mrs. Ari flirts with Bobby Flay in her kitchen, but stops short of going further, telling him she's not ready. Ari surprises her at the house and she tries to get rid of him, but her husband smells the aromas of Flay's cooking and realizes he is in the house. Completely broken, Ari tells Melissa that although he never hid who he was, she clearly has.

Drama continues to waver when Phil calls with news that he will personally bury the miner TV movie unless Drama returns to work. Although filled with anxiety, Drama holds strong-and Dice gets the call that the network has yielded.

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Vince turns to his exes to say nice things about their time with him which Turtle cuts together into a video for Sophia Lear. With Drama in the dumps because Phil has stopped the miner movie, Vince tells his brother he'll get Ari to make things right if Drama drops the video off to Sofia.

Having spotted the miner script in Ari's apartment, Dana Gordon admits to reading it. She praises the "emotionally manipulative" script and says she'll send it to her old assistant, now in charge of the Hallmark channel.

Scott tries to convince Eric that Johnny Galecki is a gold mine, but Eric refuses to consider him as a client. "Get over Sloan, she's obviously over you," advises Scott, but Eric repeats his ultimatum.

Jon and Gina show Turtle where they want Don Pepe's to be, despite his protests that he has already selected a more modest location. Although Turtle says he can't afford it, Jon and

Gina pressure Turtle to sign a lease on the spot.

Drama goes to Sofia's office and drops off the video, laying on the heavy sell about Vince. "He's a friend and a brother, the best I know of both," he says. Touched, Sofia says she'll watch the video. Charmed by the video and another testimonial from Turtle, Sofia agrees to meet up with Vince.

When Lloyd catches Ari crying reading the miner script, Ari reveals that without his family, his job and Vince are all he has left. Lloyd informs Ari that CBS will only do the movie if Phil Yagoda produces, and Phil hates Drama.

Ari addresses the TV department to rally them behind the miner movie, but when Dana calls, Ari assumes he has a Hallmark deal and fires everyone. Dana tells Ari that although everyone likes the script, no one wants it for Drama.

Turtle calls Eric when he spots Sloan with Johnny Galecki at the Farmer's Market. Eric, post-sex with Melinda, says he's over it - but then heads over there with her. During a tense encounter, Eric calls Sloan a slut and Galecki fires him. Eric catches Sloan at home and apologizes, only to learn she was never dating Johnny. Furthermore, she's pregnant and has no plans to include Eric in her baby's life.

On their way to see Phil Yagoda, Vince tells Ari he can't stop thinking about Sophia. "I've never seen you so infatuated," says Ari. Phil cops to being pissed about Drama's behavior on 'Johnny's Bananas' and to smooth things over, Vince agrees to give $100,000 to Phil's favorite charity on the condition that Drama never hear about it.

Dana gets Ari to confess that he wants to get back with his wife. She tells him to keep trying.
Turtle's investors: Mark Teixeira, Amare Stoudemire, Michael Strahan and Alex Rodriguez ask him to stop harassing them. Rodriguez tells him that since Avion went public, he should have plenty of his own money to chip in. As Turtle wallows in the misery of a missed opportunity, Vince surprises Turtle with the news that he never sold the shares; he trusted Turtle's instincts all along - Turtle and Vince have just pocketed $4 million and $15 million paydays.

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Vince returns home from his date with Sofia and breaks big news to Drama, Billy and Turtle: He's getting married. They're off to Paris that night and everyone's invited. Not to be trumped, the three tell him Sloan is pregnant.

Unkempt and despondent, Ari greets a quartet of football coaches he brought in for a motivational speech. He's caught off-guard again when Mrs. Ari arrives to discuss telling their kids about their divorce. Ari agrees to see Dr. Marcus with her to decide how.

Vince finds Eric packing to leave for New York. With no parental rights, E says his only choice is to follow Sloan and figure it out once he's there. Vince offers to talk to her, but E bars him from helping - a man getting married after only 24 hours of dating is not the best person to give advice.

Drama and Turtle try to talk Sloan into flying to Paris for Vince's wedding. Suspecting it's a ruse, Sloan says no, but Drama and Turtle insist that she's a member of the family. Still uncertain, Sloan asks if E slept with Melinda, and Drama, swearing on his career, says no.
Later, when Turtle quizzes Drama, Drama explains he had his balls crossed so his answer didn't count as a lie.

Dr. Marcus advises showing a united front for the children, but Ari resists since the divorce isn't his idea. During the session, Ari and Mrs. Ari find out they're both single. When Dr. Marcus asks if this gives them a chance to work on their marriage, Mrs. Ari says no, she's tired of being ignored; she's telling the kids about the divorce.

Vince runs into stylist Rachel Zoe while ring shopping and purchases a $1.45 million, 6.45-carat ring she suggests. While on a call with Sloan's father to lobby for Eric, he accidentally lets slip that Sloan is pregnant. At lunch, Eric finds out that the sudden flurry of nasty texts from Sloan - and the threatening call from Terrence are Vince's fault. Resigned, E tells the guys to forget it; their focus should be on the wedding.

Ari calls Sarah and finds out that even his daughter thinks he doesn't listen: She gave him a demo months ago that some of her friends recorded and he has yet to listen to it. Chastened, Ari has Lloyd play the CD, and instantly moved, he quits on the spot. Barbara Miller watches in astonishment as he walks out the door to the swell of opera music.

Vince tries to repair things with Sloan by explaining his feelings for Sophia are what he now understands E always felt for Sloan. Whether or not Eric slept with Melinda, E is Sloan's family now. Nothing else matters.

Ari rushes home and asks his wife to move to Florence like they planned to years ago. Mrs. Ari rejects the idea; she knows he'd be on the phone the whole time. Ari surprises her with the news he quit his job. Sarah's friends serenade the happy couple, but Lloyd interrupts, furious that he wasn't given any notice Ari was leaving. "You will always be the gay son I never had," Ari insists and instructs him to sign the opera singers as his first clients. Lloyd shares bigger news: Vince is getting married in Paris and E is expecting.

As the guys prepare to fly off, Ari and Mrs. Ari rush to the airport to join them. Vince stops E from boarding. There's another plane - with Sloan - ready to go anywhere in the world.

In Italy, Ari's poolside lounging is interrupted when John Ellis calls with an offer. He's ready to retire - and he wants Ari to take over as CEO and chair. "If you really want to know what heaven is, try being God," he says. When Mrs. Ari joins him, Ari lies about the call.

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Vince is back from rehab and ready for a new pet project. Super-agent Ari Gold and Mrs. Ari have separated. Following a prenup debacle with Sloan, Eric is running his own management company. Drama is shooting his animated series. And Turtle has invested in a tequila line and is starting a new business venture.


Vincent Chase
Adrian Grenier
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Eric Murphy
Kevin Connolly
Read biography
Johnny 'Drama' Chase
Kevin Dillon
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Jerry Ferrara
Read biography
Ari Gold
Jeremy Piven
Read biography
Debi Mazar
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Mrs. Ari
Perrey Reeves
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Sloan McQuiewick
Emmanuelle Chriqui
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Scott Lavin
Scott Caan
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Billy Walsh
Rhys Coiro
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Dana Gordon
Constance Zimmer
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Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase)

A native of Queens, Vincent Chase's profile (and paychecks) have steadily increased over the last several years. But in a world where you're only as good as your last picture, Vince struggled through some lean times. At 30 he's aldread gone from "Vince who?" to A-list to the Comeback Kid. Through it all, his hometown friends and brother, Johnny Chase have been by his side - literally. Vince enjoys the spoils of his career, perhaps more than the work: being able to keep himself and his friends set up with expensive toys, hot women, and fast cars...

Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy)

As the most grounded of Vince's freinds, Eric was rewarded for keeping his childhood buddy on track personally and professionally by being made his manager. Ari doesn't like having to deal with E - or the level of influence he has over Vince's decisions. But after some ups ('Queens Boulevard') and downs ('Medellin') Eric saved Vince once again by introducing Martin Scorsese to his work and Vince is back on top with 'The Great Gatsby' remake. Eric has hung a shingle, forming The Murphy Group, but so far, Vince remains his most (if not only) profitable client.

Kevin Dillon (Johnny 'Drama' Chase)

The working actor's working actor, Johnny Drama has done his time on such programs as 'Melrose Place,' 'Viking Quest' and 'Pacific Blue.' And after several years of being known more as Vincent Chase's older brother, Drama is (sort of) back with a lead role on the network TV series 'Five Towns.' When he's not flexing his Method, Drama is hanging out with his bros, where he excels at cooking, golf, and dating tips.

Jerry Ferrara (Turtle)

Turtle is living his perfect life, and doesn't care he's gotten there on Vince's coattails. Loyal to Vince and dedicated to maintaining the LA lifestyle, Turtle has learned how to work Hollywood. He may seem like a low man on the totem pole, but the entourage wouldn't be half as much fun without him. So far, his own career initiative hasn't panned out (a brief stint in music management). But could a real relationship with a certain bold-faced-name be just the motivation he needs?

Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold)

Power agent Ari Gold is ruthless, relentless and always at the top of his game - even when he's not. His clients put up with his name-dropping put-downs and tough love approach because he gets results. After a power struggle with his boss Terrance, Ari was ousted from the agency he helped build. He joined forces with Barbara Miller, and is determined to make Miller Gold the place every A-lister wants to be. The ultimate Hollywood pitbull, Ari's bit can be worse than his bark, but his loyalty is fierce.

Rex Lee (Lloyd)

After years of withstanding Ari's abuse, Lloyd finally graduated to full agent, a career move catalyzed in part by his demanding father, a Napa Valley vintner. To reach this end, Lloyd survived a 100-day period of weight loss and humiliating servitude, leaving at one point to work with Ari's nemesis, Adam Davies. Belatedly recognizing his value, Ari won Lloyd back by apologizing. Johnny Drama continues to be Lloyd's primary - and most trying - client. Out of the office, Lloyd is committed to his long-time boyfriend Tom.

Debi Mazar (Shauna)

Vince's tough as nails publicist, but since Vince doesn't worry about his image, it makes her job that much harder.

Perrey Reeves (Mrs. Ari)

Ari Gold fears no man, but he will bow to the demands of his wife. Mrs. Ari tolerates the fast-paced lifestyle his career requires, but she demands he make time for family as well

Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan McQuiewick)

Although E and Sloan have both tried dating other people, their feelings for each other never disappeared. The daughter of Terrance McQuiewick and goddaughter of super-manager Murray Berenson, Sloan always maintained a watchful eye over E, and arranged a career-boosting meeting for E with Murray. E's confusion about the mixed signals Sloan was sending and his own feelings for her were finally resolved during an extended lunch where he proposed to her.

Gary Cole (Andrew Klein)

Ari and Andrew came up through the mailroom ranks together, but Klein ultimately succumbed to the pressure and went off to quietly build a solid TV agency in the safer confines of the Valley. When Andrew came to Ari looking for a loan, Ari re-launched him as the head of Miller-Gold's TV department. Too bad his success - and marriage -- came to an abrupt end when he began having an affair with his colleague Lizzie.

Scott Caan (Scott Lavin)

A talent manager at Murray Berenson's firm, Scott has worked there longer than Eric, but has yet to impress Murray. Overly assertive, Scott resents E's connections and success, a bitterness that began on E's first day in the office: It was only by dropping Eric's name that Scott was able to get Bob Saget to agree to meet with him - and even then, Saget asked him to leave the room. Scott and Eric still haven't buried the hatchet.

Rhys Coiro (Billy Walsh)

The guys first connected to Billy Walsh when he directed Vince in the art house hit, 'Queens Boulevard.' Although the relationship soured after the debacle that was 'Medellin' and a public outburst that ended the auteur's career, Walsh recently turned up on Vince’s doorstep, clean, sober and eager to earn a salary to provide for his five kids. Convinced of Johnny Drama’s untapped comic potential, he's crafted an animated series just for him.

Constance Zimmer (Dana Gordon)

It's 2011 and Constance has had a busy year already! Excited about being back for the series finale of Entourage marking their 8th and her 6th final season! Starting the year with performing in a world premiere play written and directed by Roger Kumble starring alongside Brooke Shields, Andrea Bendewald and Nicole Paggi. At the same time she shot a new pilot, HOMEGAME for CBS produced by Mark Wahlberg and Steven Levinson with Rob Riggle as her husband. This would be her first return to the sitcom life as as series regular since starring in "Good Morning, Miami," but it didn't get picked up. Followed by a supporting role in the indie film THE BABYMAKERS with Paul Schnieder and Olivia Munn and finally guest starring on Royal Pains with her old friend and co star Mark Feuerstein from GMM. Excited that the 9 episodes of "Love Bites" with Greg Grunberg and Becki Newton, finally got to reach an audience this summer. Constance also enjoyed guest starring on "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "Pushing Daisies" last year and her last series regular role as Claire on ABC's "Boston Legal." Before that she had finished one season as Brianna on "In Justice" alongside Kyle Maclachan and Jason O'Mara. You might have recognized her from the various other shows she appeared on including the recurring character, Sister Lily Waters, on "Joan of Arcadia" for CBS. If that's not where you know her from, then it could have been her 2 season run in the NBC comedy series, "Good Morning, Miami," as the lazy, burned out assistant Penny. After paying her dues in a number of notable commercial spots including being the "Rite Aid" girl for a year and also the unrecognizable daughter in the plastic "Duracell" commercials, she booked her first TV guest- starring roles on the hit shows "Seinfeld" and "Ellen." Working steadily ever since, Zimmer has appeared on "Jake in Progress", "NYPD Blue", "Philly", "The X-Files", "Gideon's Crossing", "Providence", "The King Of Queens" and "Chicago Hope" to name a few. She has also had recurring roles on "The Fighting Fitzgeralds," "The Trouble With Normal," "Young Person's guide to becoming a Rockstar," "Wayans Bros." and the list goes on. Some of her feature-film credits include the independent films "Home Room," "Spin Cycle," "Warm Blooded Killers," and a film festival favorite, a short film directed by Tiffani Thiessen "Just Pray." She also has a few small roles in some independent features including a role in the Warner Bros. film "Chaos Theory" starring Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer, directed by Marcos Siega and The Hammer with Adam Carolla.

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