Enlightened - Season 2 - The Key
Ep.1 - The Key
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Enlightened - Season 2 - Revenge Play
Ep.2 - Revenge Play
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Enlightened - Season 2 - Higher Power
Ep.3 - Higher Power
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Enlightened - Season 2 - Follow Me
Ep.4 - Follow Me
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Enlightened - Season 2 - The Ghost Is Seen
Ep.5 - The Ghost Is Seen
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Enlightened - Season 2 - All I Ever Wanted
Ep.6 - All I Ever Wanted
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Enlightened - Season 2 - No Doubt
Ep.7 - No Doubt
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Enlightened - Season 2 - Agent of Change
Ep.8 - Agent of Change
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Looking for “the key” to ruin Abaddonn and “free” its employees, Amy (Laura Dern)
orchestrates a meeting with Jeff Flender (Dermot Mulroney), a charming whistle-blowing
journalist, sharing incriminating e-mails she printed out at work with Tyler’s (Mike White)
IT password. Though he doesn’t find a story in the e-mails, Jeff encourages Amy to dig
deeper and find more explosive evidence that could help bring down the company

Looking for “the key” to ruin Abaddonn and “free” its employees, Amy (Laura Dern)orchestrates a meeting with Jeff Flender (Dermot Mulroney), a charming whistle-blowingjournalist, sharing incriminating e-mails she printed out at work with Tyler’s (Mike White)IT password. Though he doesn’t find a story in the e-mails, Jeff encourages Amy to digdeeper and find more explosive evidence that could help bring down the company

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Amy and a still-reluctant Tyler meet Jeff at a jazz club, where he reveals he’s already been working on a story about Abaddonn but needs proof of bribery, leading Amy

to revel in her fantasies. When several top execs can’t log onto their accounts, Abaddonn’s breach of security is exposed, leaving Tyler scrambling to find a solution that won’t lead investigators to him or Amy. Suspecting foul play, Dougie (Timm Sharp) vows to root out the true perps, while Krista (Sarah Burns) is rushed to the hospital with a pregnancy complication.

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Amy receives a letter from Levi (Luke Wilson), who’s still in Hawaii and has been bristling under the constraints of Open Air, its holistic philosophy and his bodily-function obsessed roommate Tony (Christopher Douglas Reed). To cope, Levi escapes with a pair of fellow malcontents, Travis (Christopher Abbott) and Danielle (Ashley Hinshaw), for a night of drugs, alcohol and debauchery at a nearby hotel. After pushing himself to his hard-partying limits, Levi decides he’s ready to return to Open Air and give rehab one more chance.

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Amy (Laura Dern) becomes inspired to use social media to spread her message of change, and attends a gathering of liberal intellectuals at Jeff’s (Dermot Mulroney) invitation. Dougie (Timm Sharp) learns who hacked into Abaddonn’s system, but has second thoughts about reporting the breach to HR. Amy has a chance run-in with Abaddonn CEO Charles Szidon (James Rebhorn).

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In an effort to dig up dirt on Szidon, Amy, Tyler (Mike White) and Dougie, who’s still irate over being betrayed by management, take turns trying to befriend Eileen (Molly Shannon), the CEO’s assistant. Eventually agreeing to join the trio for drinks after work, Eileen takes a shine to Tyler, who ends up with a guilty conscience when the two start dating.

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In the giddy afterglow of finding “gold” in Szidon’s personal emails, Amy lets down her guard with Jeff, and indulges herself in daydreams of building a perfect life with a dashing journalist. The dream comes to an abrupt end, however, when Levi (Luke Wilson) unexpectedly returns from rehab in Hawaii.

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In hopes she will drop her crusade against Abaddonn, Tyler gets Eileen to arrange a meeting for Amy with Szidon, who turns out to have more compassion than Amy expected. Dougie goes off the rails after getting official word about Cogentiva’s future. Amy confides in Krista (Sarah Burns) about the Abaddonn expose, and has a tense meeting with Levi.

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Season 2 finale. On the precipice of bringing down Abaddonn, Amy warns Tyler to prepare himself for the inevitable fallout. She also tells her mom about the exposé, but Helen’s reaction is not what Amy had anticipated. When Szidon gets wind of her intentions, Amy wrongly points a finger at Krista, who has just given birth. As the crisis reaches its denouement, Amy is intercepted by HR, who take her to meet with Szidon and Abaddonn lawyers for a final reckoning

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Season one of ENLIGHTENED told the story of self-destructive corporate executive Amy Jellicoe (Dern), who had a spiritual awakening after a career-destroying meltdown. Though determined to live a more enlightened existence, her new outlook only wreaked more havoc, both at home and at work.In season two, Amy redoubles her efforts to gather evidence against Abaddonn with the support of Tyler (White), her meek IT ally, and enlists journalist Jeff Flender in her cause. Meanwhile, Amy’s ex, Levi, continues to struggle with rehab, and it remains to be seen if he will embrace recovery and return as the man she always wanted him to be.Other returning cast members include Luke Wilson (“Old School”) as Levi and Diane Ladd (Oscar® nominee for “Rambling Rose,” “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”and “Wild at Heart”), Dern’s real-life mother, as Amy’s disapproving mother Helen. Also returning are Sarah Burns (“I Love You, Man”) as Krista, the former assistant who has taken Amy’s old job, and Timm Sharp (“‘Til Death”) as Amy’s sleazy boss, Dougie.Guest stars on the second season include Dermot Mulroney (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”) as journalist Jeff Flender; Michaela Watkins (“The Back-Up Plan”) as snootycolleague Janis; Amy Hill (“50 First Dates”) as Judy, the no-nonsense HR rep who won’t give Amy a break; and Molly Shannon (“Saturday Night Live”) as the executive assistant to Abaddonn’s CEO.Mike White wrote all eight episodes of the second season of ENLIGHTENED and directed four, with Nicole Holofcener, Todd Haynes, James Bobin and David Michod each directing one episode.


Laura Dern
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Luke Wilson
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Diane Ladd
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Mike White
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Charles Esten
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Sarah Burns
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Dermot Mulroney
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Laura Dern (Amy)

An ambitious executive at a global conglomerate, she has been her own worst enemy for most of her adult life. Her self-destructive choices, both at home and at work, have resulted in a very public, humiliating nervous breakdown. After an extended stay at a treatment center in Hawaii, Amy returns to her fractured life, determined to lead a more enlightened existence.

Luke Wilson (Levi)

Amy's ex-husband Levi is a functioning drug addict. They had a troubled relationship, though the chemistry that first brought them together still exists below the surface. Levi is constantly annoyed by Amy's attempts to help him deal with his addiction issues.

Diane Ladd (Helen)

Amy's mother, Helen lives with her little Cavalier King, Ginger -- and after Amy's crisis, she gets Amy as a live-in house guest "until she gets on her feet." A woman who keeps her deepest thoughts inside her, and probably intends to take her deepest thoughts about her daughter with her to the grave, Helen is very good at being impassive in the face of emotional displays.

Mike White (Tyler)

Amy's seemingly meek co-worker, he takes an immediate liking to Amy when she's transferred down to Cogentiva. Tyler is constantly helping Amy with her work and attempts to avoid getting in trouble with their boss Dougie.

Amy Hill (Judy)

The head of Human Relations for Abaddon Industries, Judy takes a mandated meeting with Amy after she's released from treatment with a clean bill of health. Expert at maintaining a blandly unrevealing corporate facade, Judy ultimately has to rehire Amy and is constantly dealing with her attempts to make the company more socially responsible.

Tim Sharp (Dougie)

Dougie is a programmer hired by Abaddon to get a new productivity software up and running and oversees Amy and the other data processing people in Cogentiva. Initially friendly and seemingly laidback, Dougie is in fact not someone who will tolerate being disrespected or crossed.

Charles Esten (Damon)

A handsome married Abaddon executive, Damon had an office romance with Amy and bears the brunt of her temper when she loses her job. Damon is horrified when Amy is rehired at Abaddon and does his best to avoid her.

Sarah Burns (Krista)

Amy's former assistant, Krista watched in complete horror as Amy went berserk in the hallways of Abaddon Industries. Months later when Amy returns from treatment, Krista puts on a very brave, very false face, as she tries to keep Amy at arm's length.

Dermot Mulroney (Jeff)

A Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter, Jeff is worldly and handsome. As he works together with Amy to produce a searing exposé on Abaddonn's misdeeds, they develop a romantic interest in each other.