Big Love - Season 5 - Winter
Ep.1 - Winter
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Big Love - Season 5 - A Seat At The Table
Ep.2 - A Seat At The Table
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Big Love - Season 5 - Certain Poor Shepherds
Ep.3 - Certain Poor Shepherds
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Big Love - Season 5 - The Oath
Ep.4 - The Oath
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Big Love - Season 5 - The Special Relationship
Ep.5 - The Special Relationship
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Big Love - Season 5 - D.I.V.O.R.C.E
Ep.6 - D.I.V.O.R.C.E
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Big Love - Season 5 - Til Death Do Us Part
Ep.7 - Til Death Do Us Part
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Big Love - Season 5 - The Noose Tightens
Ep.8 - The Noose Tightens
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Big Love - Season 5 - Exorcism
Ep.9 - Exorcism
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Big Love - Season 5 - Where Men and Mountains Meet
Ep.10 - Where Men and Mountains Meet
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The Henricksons sit around a campfire - Bill and Nicki entertain the children while Barb and Margene look on. Teenie has gone to stay with Sarah. Once the kids are asleep, Bill readies his wives for what's to come after their week away. At night, the camp is awakened by Margene's wailing - the newspapers are calling her a "lying jewelry hawker." Nicki and Bill take turns comforting her but there is still clear tension among the adults.

Back in town, the family prepares for the first day of school. Nicki grabs Margene when they're alone and quizzes her about the strain between Bill and Barb. Carl, picking up trash that the news crews have left behind, complains about the state of his lawn. To make amends, Bill promises to have it re-sod in the spring.
Don updates Bill about the state of the store - employees feel betrayed and are quitting. When Bill addresses his staff directly, they tell him he's just a paycheck, not family.

Alby walks in the desert.

Bill brings the wives to the state capitol to help set up his office. He pulls out a box of chocolates to try and break the tension among them. Hearing a commotion, he finds his lone ally, Speaker Sheldon Thorne, in the hallway rushing to resign his seat after a DUI charge.

Wayne is beat up by a group of scouts at school who brand him a "plyglet" by writing it on his forehead and stomach.

Margene returns to VSN Studios to beg for her job and a chance to apologize to the viewers. Beverly informs her that she violated the morals clause, and as such, is owed nothing from the network. As Margene weeps, self-help guru Michael Sainte walks by and tells her to chin up: "There are no bad days. Just days we haven't seized our opportunities." He gives her one of his DVDs.

After some hesitation, Barb enters a State Liquor Store and purchases a bottle of wine.

Bill approaches the new speaker, Senator Barn, who refuses his support. Barn pointedly reminds Bill that Thorne resigned because he embarrassed his constituents and betrayed their trust.

While Nicki scrubs Wayne clean, Barb instructs her to go the principal to discuss the matter now that she's empowered as a public wife. Although Nicki wants the others to accompany her for support, she's too proud to ask Barb for help. When Wayne points out Ryan, the ringleader of the bullies, Nicki threatens him.

Terrified, the boy runs away … directly into a pole. Nicki flees when she sees he's knocked out his teeth.

Lura lets Adaleen out of the cellar but refuses to let her speak to Alby. She taunts her for carrying a monstrosity in her womb and tells her there is no one who will protect her.

Bill meets with his constituency to defend his position, but is spat upon by an angry ex-supporter.

Barb takes out the wine to use in her dinner recipe and Nicki notices. When Barb explains she wants to "live more in the moment," Nicki dismisses the notion as blasphemy. Barb notes that the family always stood by Nicki despite her many failings.

Alby remains distant from his family, secluding himself to read news stories about Bill. When Lura lets him know that they're in control of the UEB trust, Alby remains unmoved. "He took everything I loved away from me," he says about Bill. As a hurt Lura turns to leave, he tells her he was purified in the desert and now plans to "purify the faith."

Informed of what happened to Wayne, Bill decides they need to attend the school board meeting together. Barb disagrees -- they should keep a low profile given how much hostility there is toward them, but Bill is optimistic that those incidents were isolated. He decides to hold an open house so that the constituency can see they're not monsters. Barb and Nicki bicker about who will host and Margene ends up with the honor.

That night Barb lets Bill know that she's been barred from the casino. Bill tells her their contract has been rescinded but he'll work everything out in mediation. He advises her to patch things up with Nicki, and tries to repair things in their own relationship, but Barb is non-committal when he asks her whether she still shares his vision.

Margene watches Michael Sainte's DVD while she works on her bills. Her ears prick up when he begins discussing how his product, Goji Blast, allows people to become the perfect selves Heavenly Father intended them to be.

Bill delivers his terms to Ana and Goran: Margene and Goran will divorce; the INS will give him 60 days to leave the country. The alternative is federal prison. Margene and Goran sign the divorce papers and Ana breaks the news that the baby will be a boy.

Nicki observes Barb relaxing with a glass of wine.

Working together at Home Plus, Cara Lynn and Don's son, Gary, share a laugh about their social awkwardness. Bill overhears his employee Charlie make a joke about underage marriage in polygamist families, and furious, fires him on the spot. Don protests - Charlie is popular and the staffing situation is already touchy - but Bill refuses to yield.

Bill addresses the school board which remains unsympathetic to his tale of Wayne's bullying. A woman in the audience dismisses Bill's arguments, and by not recognizing her, Nicki inadvertently reveals she never spoke to the principal. Aware that Bill and his wives are in attendance, the press begins to jostle for photos and quotes. Nicki tries to hide when she spots Ryan, but is exposed when Margene loses her temper and drops a few f-bombs. As the family hurries through the parking lot, Barb berates Nicki for terrorizing a child; Nicki retaliates by revealing that Barb has been drinking, throwing Bill for a loop.

Nicki joins Bill to visit and apologize to Ryan's parents. Bill promises to pay for his dental work, and as the two talk, women gather around Ryan's father, Crane Beisinger. Realizing the situation, Bill tells him they should be working together, but Crane says he doesn't want the attention.

The family prepares for the open house and Bill emphasizes that no matter what the turnout, it's something they need to do to turn the corner. When he leaves for the Hill, Barb and Nicki go at it: Nicki accuses her of breaking their vows by torpedoing the campaign. Barb retorts that Nicki was never good at sharing. Margene points out that in the rush to go public, they never considered a scenario in which they were rejected.

Bill arrives at the Capitol to learn that he was never informed about the amended caucus time - because the matter was about him. Barn tells him that there is resistance to his being seated and warns Bill that he won't have the necessary relationships to work with anyone on legislation.

Cara Lynn watches TV with Gary and encourages him to stay longer. She shares her trick to getting out of trouble: "If you're polite and act nice, no one ever suspects you." When Nicki finds them together, she shoos Gary away and chastises Cara Lynn for inviting him over. Cara Lynn changes the subject by asking about her father but Nicki tells her she has no idea where he is. Later, Margene advises Nicki to tell Cara Lynn the truth, but Nicki wants to protect her daughter from knowing what JJ did.

No one shows up to the open house. As the family prepares to pack up, the doorbell rings: It's Don. Don confronts Bill - he needs more autonomy and respect: "You couldn't make one sacrifice for me after all the sacrifices I've made for you?" Bill apologizes but says he's been bearing the biggest burden of all, having put everyone through hell with no payoff in sight. Margene, Nicki and Barb listen in. Just when things seem their darkest, the doorbell rings again and a small huddle of polygamists stand in the doorway.

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Bill gives the younger kids a lesson from the gospel about giving people time to learn to love. Because Cara Lynn is preparing for her upcoming math competition, Margene excuses her from dinner, to Nicki's irritation. Margene gives her sister-wives samples of Goji Blast, which she's interested in distributing, but neither of them is impressed by its taste.

Adaleen sees a new gynecologist about resuming her hormone therapy to maintain her pregnancy. He warns her about the dangers of carrying the baby to term but Adaleen refuses to hear him out. 

Appealing to her as a fellow outsider, Bill speaks to Sister Mary Catherine Angus at a women's shelter about joining him in his Safety Net project. 

Barb visits her mother who is volunteering at the local museum. She brings up Nancy's history as a political crusader, standing up for Betty Ford and the ERA, and the tensions that created in her own community. Likening her mother's experience to her current situation, Barb asks Nancy to participate in an upcoming Sunstone symposium about mothers and daughters. Nancy reluctantly agrees.

Ana tells Margene that she can always start her life over someplace else, something Bill overhears. He watches as she rushes to and fro around them and interprets it as evidence that Ana and Goran are bad influences on her. When Ana, sensing the tension, tries to leave early, Margene accidentally knocks her down.

As a favor to Bill, Barb engineers a chance meeting with Midge Buckley, the girl she used to baby sit, who is now the representative for Bill's district. Bill asks Barb to set up an evening get-together, but Barb surprises Bill with news that some nights won't work for her: She's taking a dance class.

Nancy confronts Barb when she finds out the Sunstone event is actually to discuss the impact of excommunication on families. She refuses to attend but Barb begs her to reconsider, explaining that she's feeling isolated from her own community and as a Sunstone charter member, Nancy's presence would help ease Barb's way. "There's a vast difference between 'Mommy I need you' and 'I need something from you,' " Nancy reminds her.

Bill goes to see Bud Mayberry to get him to join Safety Net. When Bud says he doesn't care about State matters, Bill reminds him that as a recipient of government assistance, he and the State have a mutual interest in each other.

Cara Lynn wins her math tournament as Nicki watches with pride. Her tutor Greg approaches Nicki and tells her that Cara Lynn is advanced beyond her classmates. Nicki catches Cara Lynn getting a congratulatory kiss from Gary Embry.

Bill checks on Lois at Juniper Creek and is surprised to see a downed tree in her cabin. The rest of the house is equally squalid;Lois blames Frank for her situation.

Margene drives to the location of her childhood trailer and finds it vacant. She later confides to Cara Lynn that she once promised herself she would be something, but is now wondering, "How did I even get here?" She insists that Cara Lynn take whatever opportunities she's given. Barb enters and aware that Margie has been crying, offers to give her a blessing with olive oil. Nicki catches her just as she's about to do so, and is scandalized by Barb's presumption. Barb contends it's no big deal.

Bill changes his tune with Ana about staying and gives her a pair of plane tickets to Serbia, as well as money to help with the transition. "I just want what's best for you," he explains when she accuses him of trying to control her.

Midge and her mother, the Major, join the Henricksons for dinner. Bill tries to sell Midge on Safety Net, but Midge tells him that since his agenda is not something she is comfortable with, they should take it one day at a time. The Major brings up Nancy and Betty Ford, then compares Nicki to Victoria Gotti. When Midge mentions she saw Barb's name on Sunstone's schedule, Barb lies and says it was Nancy's idea to join. 

After dinner, Nicki brings up Sunstone to Barb, dismissing them as malcontents and doubters. When Barb leaves, Bill tries to get Nicki to cool off, but Nicki tells him she caught Barb trying to give Margie a blessing. "Barb's not careening," warns Nicki. "Whatever she's up to, it's intentional." He confronts Barb at bedtime, admonishing her for not consulting him about joining Sunstone, or inviting him to dance class. He reminds her that she has to be careful; they live in public now.

Nicki delivers food to Adaleen and is surprised to see her mother is all alone in the Big House - Alby has moved everything out. Nicki tries to talk her into being a part of Safety Net, but Adaleen says she's not a victim. "Sometimes we have to walk from our past, and sometimes we have to embrace it," she says.

Bill convenes the first Safety Net meeting with members from the different polygamist factions and Sister Mary Catherine. Things go bad when Alby and Nicki argue about the educational opportunities for girls on the compound, and the meeting dissolves into multiple quarrels between the separate groups, and protestors who accuse Bill of lying to further polygamy.

On the dais at the Sunstone symposium, Nancy grimaces while Barb discusses the effects of her excommunication. Interjecting, she takes the floor and brings up the choices that led to Barb's excommunication, namely, following Bill into polygamy. The two bicker before Nancy storms off the stage. When Nancy calls Cindy to complain about what just happened, the entire audience hears her conversation because her mic is still on.

Bill and Don rue the PR disaster that was the first Safety Net meeting when Margene storms in. Furious that Bill sent Ana and Goran away, she tells him that choosing her over them might not have been a good idea. She's a "leaky basket" -- and she needs a time out.

Nicki asks Greg to serve as Cara Lynn's math tutor. When he resists, she explains that the two of them were raised on a compound, and her wish is that Cara Lynn lives up to her full potential. Nicki pushes Cara Lynn to study more, and spend less time with Gary.

Armed with cookies, Bill presents them to Senator Barn, who is in conversation with Midge. Midge breaks the news: She's sponsoring legislation -- and it concerns him.

The three wives take advantage of the sales at Home Plus together. Nicki tells Margene to quit interfering with Cara Lynn, but Margene tells her that her over-protectiveness is understandable given what Nicki went through at that age. Nicki's temper worsens when she finds out that it was Barb who gave Cara Lynn a copy of 'Our Bodies, Our Selves.' "I will not have my daughter defile her body the way yours did," she says, causing Barb to flee in tears.

Bill reconvenes the Safety Net leaders in his home. Bud Mayberry accuses Bill of spoiling things when he outed himself, but Bill insists that it's the secrecy that is holding them back: "I'm trying to win a place at the table." Alby breaks the news that all Bill has managed is to bring on a witch hunt; legislation is pending that will make polygamy an impeachable offense and a second degree felony. Alby and Bud denounce the arrogance of Bill's vision.

Barb tries to mend fences with Nancy. Nancy tells her that Ned has forbidden her from seeing Barb, and then comes clean about Betty Ford: Although she championed her initially, Nancy finally bowed to pressure, leaving Betty stranded at the airport when she arrived in town. Barb asks Nancy to give her a blessing, but Nancy is shocked at the audacity of the idea.

Bill and Margene say goodbye to Ana. Bill tells Margene if she needs to leave, she can: "It would kill me if you weren't happy."

Nicki approaches Barb at dance class and apologizes. If anything, she'd like Cara Lynn to be more like Barb. Curious about the dance lessons, Nicki admits to Barb she's never danced before and Barb shows her some steps.

Marge watches Bill bathe Nell. Nancy plays an old video of Betty Ford. Adaleen administers the hormones to herself.

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Bill sits in his Senate office making calls, only to learn there is no one around to receive them. Senator Barn advises Bill to save his energy for January. When Barn questions whether Bill celebrates Christmas, Bill assures him he does; it's only compound folk who ignore it.

Alby blames Lura when one of the dogs bites their son. Calling her unfocused and distracted, he threatens to reassign her children. He instructs another sister-wife to round up all the dogs and poison them.

Bill comes home and discovers Margene unloading cartons of Goji Blast. He asks her for her driver's license, but won't reveal why.

Nicki tries to persuade Adaleen to join her for Christmas. Her mother refuses, explaining she's too tired - she's spent the last few days getting her status in order to receive assistance for being indigent and pregnant. When she gets choked up describing her situation, Adaleen tells Nicki it's just hormones.

Barb works on her “plum” pudding in the kitchen. Because Lois isn't making sense, Barb tells Bill she's made a doctor's appointment for her. Ben avoids his parents' questions about his plans for the future. When Heather, home from college, visits with a gift of gingerbread, Ben notices the change in her appearance and invites her to join the family later that night at the ice rink.

Margene shows Pam her sales strategy for Goji Blast, explaining how Pam will be a part of her downline, and that she'll eventually have one of her own too. Pam confides they're tightening belts at home - Carl has been unemployed for five months now. When Carl pops in, he's clearly displeased to see what Pam is up to.

Cara Lynn fakes a stomach ache so she can be excused from her tutorial session early. Before she leaves, Greg Ivey presents her with a biography of Barbara McClintock, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist. "Genes don't dictate who we become," he reminds her. Cara Lynn sneaks off with Gary Embrey, which Greg notices.

At dinner, Bill and Ben make a big speech saluting womenhood and thanking all the women at the table: "You are very special and entitled to the guidance of righteous priesthood holders." Barb pipes up with a reminder that the women are also blessed with "free will, your own personal relationship with Him, and a divine ability to discern the truth…" Afterwards, Nicki scolds Barb for stirring the pot.

Margene tells Bill she lost her license and so can't give it to him, but Bill is unwilling to accept that answer. He instructs her to have it replaced immediately.

At the skating rink, Ben gets on the ice with Heather, and compliments her on her new confidence. Bill brings up Barb's remarks at dinner and she promises him that there is no hidden agenda. When couples skate is announced, Bill gets on the rink with all his wives: "Just don't let go of each other."

Alby pays a visit to Adaleen at the Big House - the County called him to confirm her address for their Women, Infants and Children program. Furious that Adaleen is still pregnant, he denounces her as unclean and orders her to leave. At the same time, Alby gets news that Lura has taken the children and gone.

The doctor informs Bill that Lois is suffering from dementia and more tests are necessary. When he updates Barb, she is surprised to hear that Bill hasn't told Lois about her condition. She reminds Bill that she's prepared to shoulder some of his burden. Grateful, Bill tells her that there are changes to come at church.

Now homeless, Adaleen retreats to Nicki's. Cara Lynn inquires about JJ and noting Nicki’s warning glance, Adaleen assures her he is well. Margene approaches Nicki about getting a new driver's license - she has too many parking tickets to get a replacement -- but Nicki refuses to provide one for her. Conscious of the public scrutiny on them, Nicki tells Margie to pay her tickets before any scandal erupts.

Cara Lynn asks Ben to cover for her - she's going to find out what happened to JJ.

Bill and Barb go to the casino with conciliatory poinsettias and find the casino has been transformed into someplace smoky and sleazy. New manager Austin Buttercup tells them that the casino decided to go in another direction - and if Bill has any issues with it, or with his reduced profit share, he should take it up in arbitration.

In church, Bill announces the beginning of new traditions. Barb is crestfallen when he asks Ben to bless the sacrament.

Nervous because he only has a permit, Gary drives Cara Lynn to the compound. The two find the charred remains of JJ's clinic.

Lura and her children show up at Bill's seeking refuge. Although Nicki refuses to trust her, Bill takes her to a shelter. He asks Sister Mary Catherine to watch over them - no one has ever left a man of Alby's stature.

Aware that the kids want to see Santa, Lois piles the younger children into a car. She ends up stopping the traffic at a restaurant drive-through window, demanding to see Santa. Wayne gets a hold of her cell phone and calls Barb. Bill and Nicki rush to pick up the children and convince a local cop to keep the incident off the blotter.

Bill comes home to see that the wives have discovered his Christmas gift for them: guns. Nicki states she already has one and is not in need of another. Margene refuses to hand over her license if it's meant for a permit, but Bill won't take no for an answer.
Lura calls Alby from the shelter to apologize for leaving him at Christmas. He tries to convince her to return: "Do you want to be an outcast?" Overcome, she hangs up.

Bill brings the whole family to the Capitol to serenade Senator Barn with carols.

Sitting down for Christmas Eve dinner, Adaleen thanks everyone for including her. Nicki picks up on Cara Lynn's anxiety. Heather has joined them - her parents are in Mexico picking up a new baby. Lois remains disoriented. When Bill draws Marge close, she confesses: She never lost her license. She was withholding it because she lied about her age - they were married when she was still 16. Nicki accuses Marge of ruining Christmas, and Barb pointing out that the age of consent is 18, reels from the enormity of the news.

Cara Lynn confronts Adaleen - she's seen what's left of the clinic. Adaleen confirms Cara Lynn's fears: Her father is dead.

While the family heads out to volunteer at the shelter, Adaleen stays at home to destroy her hormone medication. Marge approaches Barb and asks her not to blame Bill - her birthdate never mattered and it still shouldn't. Barb counters that it is, in fact, important. Unsympathetic, Nicki reminds Barb that she never supported Bill's third marriage. Bill tells Margene it wasn't her fault, but avoids her, leaving Marge feeling alone.

When Nicki asks Cara Lynn to snap out of it, her daughter confronts her. Nicki denies, and then tries to explain what happened to JJ. "I grew up insisting my father was a good man," she says holding her daughter.

Bill turns to God for answers: Why is the family being tested? His prayer is interrupted by the news that Alby is trying to take Lura away. When asked to choose, Lura admits she doesn't want to return to the compound. Alby tries to grab her, but Bill decks him and reproaches him for being a coward filled with self-hate -- in full view of Alby's children.

The gang arrives home to find Barb sitting in the dark, drunk and snacking on plum pudding.

Adaleen returns to Juniper Creek and promises Alby she's pure -- and won't leave him. The family acts out their Living Nativity as cars drive by.

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Bill appears on a morning radio talk show to explain his position, while the wives listen in from home. Nicki gives Margene the cold shoulder and glares with disapproval at the tight Goji Blast T-shirt she wears. She mentions an invite Barb received, but Barb dismisses the event as inconsequential and tells them she plans to bring her sister Cindy as a peace offering; Nicki and Margene can stay at home. Chastized by Margene for shutting her out, Nicki informs her that she secured a new birth certificate for her - and that she owes her $240.

Margene and Pam look over their Goji Blast materials and marvel about the company's connection to the Book of Mormon and the Bible and its philosophy of doing good. Margene feels a new connection to her faith.

Barb tells Bill she plans to attend the First Lady's fashion show, but since the other two are exhausted, she'll be attending alone. Bill praises her commitment and tries to calm Nicki down when she enters complaining about the too-tight Goji T-shirt Margene gave Cara Lynn.

Cara Lynn brings up the death of her father at her tutoring session. Greg Ivey confides his brother died when he was 14, and he found his own grief hard to deal with. He gives Cara Lynn his number and tells her to call whenever she needs someone to talk to.

Margene continues to gush about Goji at dinner-but keeps putting her foot in her mouth when she repeatedly refers to her youth and naiveté. With Cara Lynn dining at the Embrys', Nicki brings up the idea of Bill adopting her in case something should happen to her one day. Barb and Bill are annoyed that Nicki didn't raise the topic in private-her doomsday scenarios are scaring the children.

That night, Margene confronts Bill - he won't look at her anymore. Bill swears nothing has changed.

Barb and Bill enter the Senate chamber with Bill's intern, Stuart, who ignores Barb. When Barb observes he'll only speak to Bill, even when the questions come from her, Bill tells Barb she's being over-sensitive.

Bill and Barn compare guns. Barn reprimands Bill for mentioning him on the call-in show, but Bill is unapologetic: "If I fight back, I'm out of line?" The truce between the two ends: Barn lets him know that Midge Buckley's bill has 14 co-sponsors and Bill will be impeached the minute he's sworn in.

Nicki finds her mother harassing women who try and approach the compound's Safety Net office. Adaleen refuses to stop and Alby backs her up. He warns Nicki he will make Bill pay for breaking up his family.

Barb goes to the First Lady's fashion show, surprising her sister. Barb informs Cindy she's at the show solo, so there won't be a scene, and that she has a genuine interest in the city's Interfaith Council, the event's beneficiary. Cindy scoffs at Barb's newfound interest in the priesthood, pointing out she hasn't even shared that news with her own family.

Nicki tells Cara Lynn she heard from Greg - and that she’s always available to talk. She brings up the death of her own father, but still failing to make headway with Cara Lynn, lets her know Bill wants to adopt her. Instead of the excitement Nicki expected, Cara Lynn is indifferent: "Fine."

Barb and Bill sit down with Lois and break the news to her: She has dementia. When Barb advises letting Frank know as well, Bill explodes - Frank is the cause of her illness. He gave her herpes years ago; the dementia is the result of her never being treated.

Tired of Nicki's behavior, Margene has it out with her. Although both were 16 when they were married, their two experiences weren't the same - there was no perpetrator and no victim in Margene’s case. "Your abuse is not my abuse," she insists.

At the mall, Ben, Heather and Gary wait with Cara Lynn for her cousin Verlan. The group spots Greg out with his parents and Cara Lynn is touched to learn that they know about her. Cara Lynn is comforted by her cousin Verlan when he arrives, but the rest of the group is surprised to meet his new wife - Rhonda Volmer.

Don and Bill walk through the casino - their profit share has been restored and Marilyn Densham has been arrested. With Peg down for an order of $1200 of Goji Blast, Don asks Bill get Margene to back off. Bill admits he can't ask Margene for anything-they just found out she was only 16 when she was married. Don is flabbergasted at the news and begins to fear the worst. He rebukes Bill for not knowing - and letting his obsession with Margene years ago put them in this position today.

Dangling her baby, Rhonda apologizes to Heather for her past behavior and swears to them that Verlan has changed her. Still recovering from the surprise, Ben asks Rhonda whose baby it is, upsetting Verlan. Short on cash, Verlan hustles Cara Lynn for money.

At 6 a.m., Margie convenes a family gathering, although the rest of the household is barely awake. Stuart calls with Bill's schedule, but refuses to leave the information with Barb. Margie tells the others that in a biography she read about Joseph Smith, his wives were as young as 14 and worked for his wife Emma. "Why are we so ashamed of everything now?" she asks. Furious Barb lashes out - "Because you were 16 and my husband was in bed with you."

Lois overhears Bill and Barb discussing her. Bill breaks the news to her - she has dementia, brought on by an STD Frank gave her. Lois grapples with this information and that it's too late for any cure.

Bill meets with the attorney general to discuss Midge Buckley's bill. Although sympathetic, Jeff Beckett tells him the tide is against him and he won't be able to declare it unconstitutional. Refusing to accept that answer, Bill pointedly reminds him that he sits on the appropriations committee that oversees his budget.

Nicki spots a disoriented Lois standing alone in the cold backyard. She and Barb draw her back into the house. Ben thanks Heather for not judging his family and the two share a kiss.

Verlan and Rhonda go see Alby to demand $50,000 for the suffering Roman caused Rhonda, or else they'll file suit. Alby shrugs off their blackmail and throws the two of them out… but not before exchanging a glance with Verlan.

Bill lets Nicki know he'll be discussing Cara Lynn's adoption with his lawyer, but he'd like Nicki to back off on Margene and move on like Barb has. Nicki informs Bill that not only has Barb not moved on, she blames Bill for seducing Margene. Furthermore, Barb excluded the two of them from the Capitol Wives Fashion Show to go with her sister.

Spotting First Lady Evelyn Linton backstage, Barb approaches her, despite Cindy's pleas not to. She asks to join Mrs. Linton's interfaith committee and intrigued, Evelyn agrees to discuss it with her. Nicki and Margene burst in, having been sent by Bill to patch things up on the eve of their big triumph. Nicki informs Barb she told Bill that Barb blames him for the seduction of Margene. Margie argues she wasn't seduced while Barb admits that because she was happier with the addition of Margene to their marriage, she failed to ask the right questions about her age. Livid about Barb's revelation, Nicki questions how many other older men Margene threw herself at -- and tells her that Bill is obviously wondering the same.

Barn drags Bill into his office - he tried to bribe the attorney general? Unapologetic and undeterred by Barn's threats of impeachment, Bill retorts, "I just want to be allowed to do my job."

Margene spots Bill in the parking lot of the Capitol and tries to discuss what Nicki just told her. Still seething from his meeting with Barn, he refuses to talk to her. In a moment of confusion, Margene accidentally backs into Bill, landing him in the hospital. Tired of their continued bickering, Bill asks his wives to leave. Under sedation, he dreams of meeting Emma Smith in a banquet hall where he spots his mother too, both of them dressed alike.

Barb searches for Bill the following morning - the Senate has moved up his swearing in date upon hearing about his hospitalization. In an effort to stall, she and Margie rush to the Capitol while Nicki waits for Bill. Barb is refused access to the chambers, but spotting Stuart, she fires him and grabs his credentials, identifying herself as Bill's intern. The two enter the chambers, interrupting a session, but manage to buy Bill a few minutes. Upon his arrival, Bill argues that the laws of their religion supersede those of the state: "Persecuting me violates your own scripture. It makes you all hypocrites and traitors to our history."

The rest of the extended family files into the gallery and watches as Bill is sworn in.

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Bill gets a dressing down from Speaker Barn about his campaign for legitimacy becoming a distraction. Barn offers to table the impeachment bill and fast-track Safety Net, if Bill stops with the publicity. Later that day, Barn makes good on his promise.

Making it clear he knows about Verlan’s gambling debts and a manslaughter charge, Alby asks the young man for help with special projects that require his expertise. The two share a charged moment.

Bill celebrates his newfound acceptance with Don and instructs him to start paying out dividends on Home Plus stock.

Barb begs Bill to find a replacement: The other interns hate her. Bill sits her down and tells her he's talked to their lawyer about adopting Cara Lynn. Since unmarried couples can't adopt, Barb will need to divorce him so he can marry Nicki. He insists that "it's just a word," but Barb needs time to consider.

Rhonda instructs Verlan to take whatever job Alby offers so long as it pays. When Nicki arrives home, she's startled to see Rhonda. Rhonda assures Nicki she's a changed person now, and that she's forgiven Nicki for what Roman did.

Margene charms a reporter from the Tribune with her earnest endorsement of polygamy. "I've found people who judge before they know are usually pretty frightened inside," she says.

During their victory supper together, Barb and Nicki are surprised to learn that Margene is giving interviews. Unable to do press himself, Bill throws his support with Margene, "the best ambassador plural marriage has right now." Barb advises her to be careful.

Lois sulks in her room, unhappy with her surroundings. Bill reminds her she can no longer live alone.

Fishing for an update about Cara Lynn's adoption, Nicki finds out that Barb will need to divorce Bill for it to happen and tries to suppress her excitement. Bill warns Nicki not to interfere with Barb's decision.

At her tutoring session with Greg, Cara Lynn learns he doesn't have a girlfriend - and that he's been saving himself for marriage. Margene pitches Goji Blast to her fellow polygamist wives, including women from Juniper Creek. To maximize sales, Pam lets them know that the product "promotes lustrous, more manageable hair" which elicits a positive reaction from the group.

Nicki defies Bill and approaches Barb about the adoption issue. Stressing that Cara Lynn needs to be protected, she uses Rhonda's return as an example of the danger she faces. Barb surprises Nicki by suggesting it's not just for Bill to make a decision… maybe the two of them are equally capable of holding the priesthood. Nicki reels at Barb's announcement and commands her to share her opinion with Bill right away. Bill leaves a session to hear Barb out and assumes her newfound belief is in retaliation to his asking for a divorce. Barb explains she feels she has a calling, one that would be wrong to deny.

Michael Sainte compliments Margene on how quickly she's built her downline - and notes that some of her reps are from Juniper Creek. He reminds her that as a predominantly LDS organization, things can be complicated.

Barb feels out of place at a gathering with her fellow interns. Bill's former intern Stuart tells her off for firing him, but Barb responds that it was exactly what he deserved. Back at home, Barb suggests to Bill it would be a good idea for him to host one of the mixers.

Ben tells Bill he knows about the divorce. Although Bill assures him it will have no affect on the family, Ben tells his father he's having a hard time reconciling his beliefs with his feelings.

Having secretly made arrangements with Frank, Lois has packed her things. When Bill finds her with suitcase in hand ready to go, she instructs him not to say anything to Frank about her condition but Bill heads him off when he pulls into the driveway. Frank drives off, unable to deal with the news of Lois' dementia. Lois berates Bill and snaps at Ben when she realizes she has been left behind.

Briefed by Ben about the divorce, Margene implores Barb to not let Nicki get her way. "It's a power grab pure and simple," she insists, as Cara Lynn overhears everything from the kitchen. Nicki accuses Barb and her radical ideas as the true threat to the family. When Margene isn't shocked by Barb's notions of equality, Nicki reminds them that Bill won't stand for them: For him, it's faith before family.

While ice fishing with his boys, Don is attacked.

Bill is called in to LDS headquarters and is asked to stop using the phrase "Mormon polygamists" - they do not recognize a connection between the words. Bill counters that it is his right to do so and refuses to bow to their threats. Bill turns to Barn for more information, and Barn suggests he agree to the deal, or else run the risk of his Safety Net legislation getting lost in committee.

Verlan reports back to Alby that he took care of Don Embry, and asks for his agreed upon fee. Verlan tries to leave once he's been paid, but Alby informs him he has moved Verlan into the house.

Nicki and Margene advise Bill to take the deal - "it's just a word" reminds Margene, but Bill isn't so sure. "Some things mean too much to yield," says Barb. Bill and Barb argue about the priesthood, but the moment is interrupted when Wayne announces that Lois won't leave her room.

Unable to get past the locked door, Bill removes the door from its hinges. Lois announces that she's on a hunger strike until she is returned home.

Bill rushes to the hospital to see Don. Although the police believe it was a random attack, Bill is suspicious.

Cara Lynn asks Nicki about the adoption and wonders what her motivations are. Since it's causing too many problems, Cara Lynn doesn't want to go through with it.
Nicki tells her not to worry about hurt feelings.

When Nicki finds out Barb hasn't given more thought to the divorce, she accuses her of being overprotective of her special relationship with Bill, and greedy for wanting the priesthood too.

Cara Lynn arrives on Greg's doorstep for comfort. Although Greg tells her it's inappropriate, he invites her in.

Bill returns to church headquarters and turns down their offer. "You're poking at a sleeping giant," warns Elder McCrackle.

At an intern mixer hosted by Bill, Barb gives Stuart his job back. Bill and Barb walk around the university campus, and he warns her they'll need to tighten belts - he's using Home Plus dividend money to fund the Safety Net shelters. They stop at a bench and reminisce about Bill's proposal to Barb - and she agrees to a divorce.

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Barb and Bill reconnect in the early morning hours. Later, Margene gets Bill's approval for a pro-polygamy children's rally in downtown Salt Lake. He reminds her to use the name "The New Assembly of Mormon Pioneers." Nicki thanks Barb for agreeing to the divorce and notes it was her "selfless generosity" that made her fall in love with Barb in the first place.

Barb goes to the University of Utah campus to see Renee Clayton and discuss the idea of female priesthood holders. Anxious to not cause a rift, Barb asks Renee to speak to the family and explain her position.

Bill visits Frank and finds the house in disarray - all his wives have left him. Bill reveals it's because Barb told them all to get tested - Frank gave Lois an STD. Because Lois insists she wants to live at Frank's, Bill orders his father to straighten up the house.

Greg and Cara Lynn's tutoring session is filled with awkward silences. When Nicki arrives to pick her up, she expresses an interest in what her daughter is learning so Greg gives her a book to help her understand.

Margene meets with the children of the New Assembly, cautioning them it can't seem like they've been forced to participate in the rally. Nearby, Bill meets with his fellow leaders to discuss drawing up their church charter. Bill is adamant it not mimic Juniper Creek's: "This is a new day." With no money in the coffers yet, each man kicks in money to get things started. During services, Barb refuses to take the sacrament.

Ben stops Bill and Barb back at home and asks them to read some literature about problem-solving in a marriage. Barb and Ben try to convince him everything is OK, but Ben argues that it feels like the divorce is real. When Barb leaves to answer the phone, Bill confides that he is worried too, but Ben needs to stay focused on his own future.

Pam warns Barb the LDS has ordered a repudiation of those who use the word "polygamy" with "Mormon." Barb relays the news back to Bill and the wives, worried that she has never heard the church issue such a call to action in all her years: "They might as well come out and ask for your head on a platter." Bill tries to reassure Barb, but when he meets with Don later, the two run through the economic impact of the statement. The situation is further complicated by the news their landlord has just sold the building to a holding company.

With Don Embry still alive, Alby demands Verlan return the money he was paid and calls him a fool. Verlan comes up short, and to make up the difference, he kisses Alby who then decides Verlan can overcome his deficiencies - with supervision. Still hard up for money, Verlan gets $50 and is sent to his room.

Bud Mayberry alerts Bill that Alby has been enforcing his purity campaign and wants to stop cooperating with the state. Furthermore, he wants to abolish Bill too. Bill stops short at the news, but declines Bud's offer to have Alby killed. He asks if Alby mentioned Don at all, but Bud hasn't heard.

Cara Lynn approaches Greg at home and tells him she's not sorry they kissed. Upset about an ailing grandfather, Greg also confides that he's falling in love with Cara Lynn. The two kiss again.

Verlan calls Rhonda and assures her Alby is right where he wants him … but he can't come back just yet. Ben helps Rhonda pack warm things for her stay at Crystal's house. The two share a smile about the way they used to treat each other.

Lois spends her first night at Frank's house and reminisces about an old radio program, 'The Cisco Kid,’ which always ended with some corny line. When Frank isn't looking, she slips a bread knife in her bag.

Barb confronts Bill - the divorce agreement gives Nicki control of the family finances and given Nicki's history, she's not comfortable with that. Bill disagrees and suggests that the extra responsibility might benefit Nicki; their discussion veers into another argument about Barb's right to hold the priesthood.

Margie watches a video of Michael Sainte and drifts into a daydream that he is speaking to her directly. She is startled when Cara Lynn sneaks in after curfew. Letting Margene believe she’s been with Gary Embry, Cara Lynn asks how Margie knew it was love with Bill … and if his age made a difference. Margene arranges to cover for Cara Lynn with Nicki.

Nicki tries to stop Margene from holding the rally, and when Margie refuses to back down, she demands a say in the musical choices. Margie accuses her of being jealous of her life outside the houses, but Nicki counters that since she's finally a full partner in the marriage now, she expects to be heard. The two quiet down when Bill and Barb enter; Bill tells them there will be security detail watching them for the next few days.

Bill faces opposition in the Senate -- the impeachment bill is back under consideration.

Nancy visits Bill on the Hill to share her concern about Barb; she is disturbed to learn that her daughter has been talking to Renee Clayton. She and Cindy meet directly with Barb, who is surprised to hear that her mother has been talking to Bill, and is further thrown when Renee Clayton is brought up. "She understands me in a way that no one else does," explains Barb, prompting Nancy to ask whether the two are lovers. When Barb is shocked at the idea, Nancy notes it isn't absurd: Barb is always finding new ways to complicate her life.

Margene speaks to Michael Sainte about Goji sponsoring the children's rally. Impressed by her pitch, Sainte says while he's not sold on her message, he has faith in the messenger.

Bill and Don sit in the UEB offices with Alby to insist he remain a part of Safety Net. When Alby balks, Bill threatens to have Juniper Creek's state money cut off. The three argue, but Alby has the last word by asking about how the hardware stores are doing.

Lois is startled to find herself at the beach with Frank. She's been out of it the past two days. Holding out the knife, she makes Frank promise to kill her when she's out of it for three-day spans. It would be worse to be alive, and with his other wives gone, they only have each other now.

Cara Lynn finds Nicki at her desk but her fears are allayed when Nicki explains that she's been trying to understand calculus. Touched, Cara Lynn thanks Nicki for what she's done for her. "We're going to have everything we ever dreamed of. We'll be happy," promises Nicki, but Cara Lynn reminds her she's already happy.

Barb and Bill break the news to Nicki that Barb will continue to handle the family finances. When Barb says it was Lee who suggested it, Nicki accuses Barb of lashing back for having been forced to agree to the divorce. Barb holds firm - she won't sign the divorce papers without the pre-nup, and Nicki counters that Barb has never treated her like an equal. Bill drags Nicki out of the room and reminds her that it's only a paper divorce and a paper marriage. Nicki retorts that Barb is holding all the cards because Bill is afraid of losing her.

Heather and Ben spend time with Rhonda and find out she's been working as a hostess in a bar. When she leaves, Ben tells Heather they don't need to worry about her - she has a husband. At that, Heather tells Ben she's been seeing someone at else at college who is away now on his mission.

Renee sits with the Henricksons and Nancy to discuss the idea of female priesthood holders, explaining that women have always been priestly given their maternal instincts, even if no written record gives them that authority. Renee begins to discuss Heavenly Mother, and sensing Nicki's resistance, gives her a paper that refers to lesbian bonding, which only raises more eyebrows. Nancy offers Barb a place to sort through everything, provoking Bill.

Bill tells Barb that the Priesthood comes divinely inspired, and it's more than just having a feeling. Barb reminds him that she's never asked for anything for herself, and this is an opportunity to build something together, an idea that Bill disagrees with. "This would destroy a church that's barely established its roots." When the two fail to come to an agreement, Barb storms out: "I can't go to your church anymore."

Ben watches Rhonda perform then follows her to her dressing room. Cara Lynn returns to Greg's condo. Bill hangs up the new church sign: "The New Assembly of Mormon Pioneers."

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Barb clips coupons in her house as the rest of the family returns from church. Nicki criticizes Margene for the blatant Goji signage at her children's rally and hints that Bill isn't happy either. When Bill enters with the marriage license for Nicki to sign, she wavers on which name to use - Henrickson or Grant? Bill agrees to let Nicki buy a new dress for her wedding day, but reminds her to be sensitive about hurt feelings. With that, Margie and Nicki express concern about the rift between Bill and Barb.

Greg reminds Cara Lynn they need to stick to the rules - only meeting up on their pre-arranged study days. Trying to get more time with him, she proposes she join him at the theater with his mother. Greg agrees when Cara Lynn suggests she bring a date herself.

Barb offers to pay for Nicki's wedding dress as a gift. Nicki pushes for a reception too, mentioning Bill is worried about the family's ability to move forward. Cara Lynn enters and Nicki scolds her for walking home alone and putting herself at risk.

Bill stops by Barb's looking for a suit. The two make awkward conversation - he assures her he is having Michael Sainte and Goji checked out. Barb surprises Bill with the news that Nicki wants a reception too, and that she's fine with the idea. The two kiss and then head upstairs.

Nicki tries in vain to reach Adaleen to tell her about the wedding. Cara Lynn tells Nicki Mr. Ivey has invited them to see 'Les Miz' and Nicki accepts.

Don and Bill find out that Alby is their new landlord. Bill makes plans to attend the upcoming UEB board meeting to reveal that Alby is misappropriating funds to finance his vendetta against Bill.

Don argues they should cash out - this and the Mormon boycott are too much to take.

Lois watches TV and eats chicken with Frank. When he falls and cries for her to get helps she remains unmoved.

Margene and Nicki get worked up when Nicki tries on her new dress.

Heather sits with her bishop to discuss her romantic situation - she has feelings for someone whose family practices polygamy. Understanding that she's talking about the Henricksons, he encourages her to unburden herself.

Ben wakes up at Rhonda's. Rummaging through the freezing house, he asks her why Verlan isn't around to help take care of her. Rhonda assures him that Verlan will take care of things and be her manager when she resurrects her singing career.

Bill convenes a special meeting with his wives. He tells them of his plans to go to Juniper Creek to discuss the building purchase with Alby; Nicki is concerned that no one is picking up the phones. Bill also brings up the idea of a resealing at the wedding. Nicki immediately says no since it's her special day. Barb refuses-she won't be sealed by a church she doesn't agree with. Bill and Barb continue their conversation alone, and she brings up her compromise: She will get ordained online so that she can officiate the wedding and conduct the ceremony in private. Bill is insulted that Barb would turn to a paper church for a solution.

Ben returns to Rhonda's with groceries, and encourages her to find somewhere else to work. She insists she likes her job and is careful not to let anyone take advantage. Ben tells her what happened between them can't happen again: They're just friends.

En route to meet Mr. Ivey, Nicki confides to Cara Lynn she thinks Greg has a crush on her, hence the interest and this invitation. Cara Lynn doesn't correct her mother, who invites Greg to her wedding.

Margene convenes her Goji team. Carl interrupts while the women are reporting their sales and insists that Pam leave. Margie interjects and says that Pam can make her own choices. Carl tells Margie to stay out, and that Pam is putting the family in deep debt with her involvement in Goji. Emboldened, Pam stands up to her husband and tells him to butt out - and to get a job.

Nicki is annoyed that Barb didn't check with her first about officiating the ceremony. As she and Bill drive into Juniper Creek, they see the compound children destroying electronics. In the meeting, Bill appeals to the UEB to stop Alby and overturn the sale of the building. Alby counters that it's Bill's involvement in Safety Net that has broken up families, and a fellow board member whose daughter has fled the compound tells Bill he'll burn in hell for it.

Nicki goes to see Adaleen who explains that Alby wants their communication devices destroyed - the kids discovered "sexting" and the outside world is a terrible place anyway. When Adaleen refuses her daughter’s wedding invitation, Nicki expresses concern she is losing her mother, Adaleen states: "We're on separate paths, Nicolette."

Bill arrives at Frank's to find his mother wrapping chicken bones and Frank in pain on the floor. Lois begs Bill not to call 911 - without Frank, she'll have no home.

Heather tells Ben she's broken up with her missionary - it's him she wants to date. Greg teaches Cara Lynn how to prepare a dessert he learned to make while on his mission in Estonia. The two tease each other about how worldly they are.

The moment Barb arrives at the hospital, Nicki accuses her of trying to control her wedding day. Barb explains she wants to be a part of the day by giving Nicki away to Bill. Lois spots Barb and tells her off too - she's the reason why Frank’s other wives have left and everyone knows about her disease. "I'm glad my son divorced you," she says. Overwhelmed, Barb excuses herself.

Senator Barn tries to leave for the day, but a pair of police detectives delays him.

Bill tells Margie that he's worried about her and Goji. Assuming he's referring to the scene with Pam and Carl, Margie brings it up, and Bill agrees she's overstepped. But more importantly, he reveals that Goji is a money pit with no proven health benefits and you have to be at the top of the pyramid to make money. Defensive, Margie says the company has done a lot of good.

Barb has a tense confrontation with Lois at the hospital. As delicately as she can, Barb brings out brochures of residences for Lois to live while Frank convalesces. Furious, Lois has a tantrum and orders Barb to leave but Barb refuses. Later that night, Lois tries to force feed pills to Frank, but is stopped by Barb and a nurse.

That evening, Nicki worries about what still needs to be done for the big day. Marge brings up the idea of a resealing again - at 16 she had no idea of its significance. Nicki consents - so long as the only name on the cake is hers.

Bill gets the news from Alby - the rent is going up 25 percent. Fuming, Bill threatens to reveal Alby's homosexuality. Don wants to back off - he doesn't want to be in a holy war between the Grants and Henricksons. In Alby's office, Verlan is given money to slowly strip. When asked, Verlan admits to liking it.

Margene buttonholes Michael Sainte and asks him, "Is this worth it?" Sainte tries to allay her fears: Goji is about more than building a downline, "We’re sharing prosperity." As for Bill's suspicions, he tells her that he's passed muster with legitimate outlets including the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.

The police watch news footage of Margene's rally, specifically how Barb stopped her from running away. Barb is approached again to consider the resealing, but she refuses.

Carl watches as cars pull up to the Henricksons. Margie helps Nicki get made up. Barb and Nicki share a hug. Margie wonders about Gary, but Cara Lynn tells Nicki he couldn't make it. Surprised to see her mother, Nicki gets Adaleen to walk her down the aisle. Barb officiates, adding her own words: "Our family will keep going, through anything. This family is ordained of God."

Lois hangs up on Frank when he calls telling her he needs her. Fetching something upstairs, Barb sees that the resealing is still taking place without her. Margie observes how comfortable Cara Lynn and Greg are. Heather's father calls instructing her to leave the party right away. As she searches for Ben, Barb answers a knock on the door. A pair of police officers ask her to come in for questioning about a statutory rape investigation. Bill watches as Barb is driven away.

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Cara Lynn stops by Margene's who proceeds to grill her about Gary and Greg Ivey. When Margene emphasizes the family doesn't need any more surprises, Cara Lynn promises there won't be.

Barb sits with Lee Hatcher and Bill to review her interrogation by the police. Bill assumes their interest is part of the witch hunt against him, but Lee believes Bill's not the only target. If Bill's untouchable, at least Barb can be charged with procuring.

Nicki persuades a compound wife to return with her. "Don't you want a life like mine?" she asks a hesitant Ileana. Carl approaches Barb - he needs her help getting Pam to quit Goji since Bill hasn't been of any assistance.

Don reveals to Bill that he's been seeing a psychiatrist and is on anti-anxiety meds as a result of the attack on his life.

Furthermore, Alby has offered to buy his Home Plus shares for more than twice their value. When Bill tries to assure Don they'll survive this test too, Don says he just can't take it anymore.

Greg and Cara Lynn look at photos during her tutoring session until Margene enters unexpectedly and watches over the two of them.

Bill enters UEB offices accompanied by Madison Grant. Adaleen tries to refuse him access to Alby but is surprised to see her great-nephew. Bill confronts Alby - he can't run Home Plus out of business. Alby counters that they're pursuing kidnapping charges as well: Nicki has been removing wives from their homes. Bill has the last word when he presents Madison, who tells Alby that he has a copy of the check that Roman gave his parents to drop his charges against Alby. After the two leave, Alby tells Verlan that he wants Bill dead, and Verlan will be the one to lure him in. Verlan insists on a $10,000 fee, half up front, and rejects Alby's offer of other wives.

Barb tries to talk to Margene about Pam and Goji, but Margie is distracted by Cara Lynn, whom she spots trying to sneak out. Margie promises to Barb that everything is fine with Goji and hurries after Cara Lynn. At Greg's condo, Cara Lynn and Greg prepare for an intimate supper together. Expecting a pizza delivery, Greg is surprised to find Marge at the door. Greg tries to deny and then to explain Cara Lynn's presence, but Margene forces Cara Lynn to leave immediately. As they drive home together, Margene refuses to listen to Cara Lynn's explanations.

At home, Nicki scolds Margene for keeping Cara Lynn out so late, but Margene doesn't divulge where the two of them have been. Cara Lynn thanks Margene and tries to defend herself - they're in love, it was the first time for them both, but Margene tells her it's over.

As Barb carefully ices a cake, Heather and Ben enter. Apologizing, Heather reveals what happened at the wedding was her fault: She shared the information with her bishop who then placed calls. Enraged, Barb hurls her cake against the window.

Bill watches 'The Fugitive' with his mother at her home and tells her about the trouble he's in because of Marge. "Hold your head up high," she instructs.

Marge and Nicki bicker about sheets - Nicki has taken Marge's new set to help Ileana set up her new home. Bill hears from Lee Hatcher that a summons has been issued for Margene; ignoring it could endanger the children. Despairing, Margie wails she wishes she were dead. Bill assures his wives that they have found unity in marriage, divorce and adoption - they'll find it in an indictment too.

Admitting all, Cara Lynn begs Ben to stop Margie from telling Nicki what happened. Incredulous, Ben reminds her of the sacrifices the family has made for her. Ileana approaches Barb for a ride to the bus station - she wants to return to the compound - but Nicki intervenes and convinces Ileana she doesn't know what she wants.

Michael Sainte stops Bill in the Capitol to discuss the soccer stadium he wants to build in Sandy. Bill rebuffs him and accuses him of running a pyramid scheme. Sainte warns Bill he told Margie her family didn't seem very supportive of her, further incensing Bill.

Bill talks to Senator Barn about Safety Net, and finds out that attorney general and police have been asking questions about the program which they believe to be a front to protect prophets like the Greenes and the Walkers. Barn tells Bill he's also been questioned about Margene, and faced with this news, Bill asks Barn to send the church a message: Stop and he'll resign.

Barb goes to a church to pray.

Lee coaches Margie about her testimony: Stick to "yes," "no" and "I can't recall." Nicki brings up that she wants her own lawyer when her time comes, someone with her best interests in mind. Barb, Bill and Nicki continue to quarrel - and Barb mentions she knows about their secret resealing. Finally, Margie snaps and says they need to focus on her interrogation.

Adaleen implores Nicki to get Madison out of town - Alby almost killed himself after what happened. Ben advises Nicki to find Cara Lynn counseling, she needs to talk about her father's death. When Nicki refuses, Ben accuses of her being blind and undeserving.

Margie answers all the police questions with "yes," "no" and "I can't recall." When her real birth certificate is shown and Det. Innis suggests that she was targeted by the family, Margie begins to weep and insists that they took her in because they loved her.

Nicki spots Cara Lynn sneaking out the backdoor and Margene enters the backyard as well. Margene insists Cara Lynn tell her mother the truth, and finally Cara Lynn confesses she is in love with Mr. Ivey; it's more than a crush. Horrified, Nicki grabs her daughter and confronts Greg. She threatens to report Greg, and when Cara Lynn calls her bluff, she's taken aback by her daughter's willfulness and asks, "Who are you? Maybe you're just a bad seed after all."

Nicki returns home and finds Bill and Barb debriefing Margene. Bill reveals that he has offered to resign if the church will back down. Barb appeals to Nicki to try and use her influence with Alby to stop his vendetta.

At Juniper Creek, Verlan tells Nicki that Alby has instructed him to kill Bill and warns Nicki to be careful. Nicki confronts her brother and the two of them argue. Alby calls her a whore and Bill a whoremaster; Nicki retaliates by pointing out Dale committed suicide so he wouldn't have to be with Alby. Alby takes his sister hostage.

Sainte talks to Margene and begins quizzing her about her family. Aware that she has no outside friends besides Pam, and that her family is resistant to change, he suggests that the family is actually a cult, and they're all battling for her soul.

Adaleen tries to ask Alby questions, and when he refuses to answer, she asks him to promise he won't hurt anyone, unaware that Nicki is tied up behind a false door.

Bill and Barb try to comfort Margie who is upset that he spoke to Sainte behind her back. Expressing their concern the two give her some literature to review - they think Goji is a cult. Dazed, Margie says that Sainte said the exact same thing about them. "We're not a cult. We're a family," admonishes Bill. Marge leaves in confusion.

Verlan tells Alby he's dug the five-foot hole he wanted, and he'd like his money. Alby reveals he has tapes of Verlan conspiring to kill Don Embrey so there will be no payment. Verlan asks Alby to rethink what he's doing, and to pause to come up with a strategy, but Alby brushes him off: "No one has ever been successfully prosecuted for anything that has ever happened at Juniper Creek."

Margie calls Michael Sainte and quits Goji: Her family is not a cult. Salty, the old-timer in the Capitol building tells Bill he has his support and that everyone deserves a fair shake.

Lee Hatcher informs Bill that the D.A. plans to pursue Bill for statutory rape among other charges, with a possible penalty of 25 years.

Verlan and Alby bring a hooded Nicki to the field where Verlan dug the hole. Verlan and Nicki plead with Alby to stop, and as Nicki begs for her life, Alby shoots and kills Verlan who falls into the grave. Alby tells Nicki to return Bill and tell him he's next.

Bill is explaining his situation to Barb and Marge when a disheveled Nicki walks in.

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Margene packs up her Goji things, chastising Nicki when she spots her out of bed. Nicki tries to convince Margene to keep quiet about Cara Lynn's situation, but Margene tells her she's done with secrets.

Bill confers with the sheriff about Alby's whereabouts. With no firm information, Bill offers to check with the members of Safety Net in case any of them are thinking of providing him harbor. At home, Bill tells the wives they're going on lockdown. Nicki is disdainful of what protection the police can provide, but Bill insists he is using every resource he can to keep his family safe. Margene plays with baby Jessica while Rhonda stares at the TV.

Cara Lynn sneaks a call to Greg Ivey on Margene's cell phone -- Nicki has confiscated hers. Greg offers to come and talk to the family, but Cara Lynn says he should wait. When Nicki discovers her on the phone, Cara Lynn defiantly tells Greg she loves him.

Bill asks Barn for the caucus room so he can decertify Juniper Creek and withdraw its state funding. Barn refuses saying the schedule is already packed - furthermore, with the spotlight already on Bill, it's a bad time to draw further attention to himself.

Nicki tours the grounds of Fernridge Academy, explaining that her daughter has been "precocious with an older boy." As kids silently file past her like robots, she makes arrangements to have Cara Lynn picked up and enrolled the next day.

Barb goes through housekeeping items with the other two wives, warning them their financial position will be precarious if they lose Home Plus. Confident that Bill won't be indicted, Marge says she's teaching the kids songs and working on care packages for families in Honduras. Nicki accuses Marge of trying to service her own agenda and then attacks Barb for using the situation to finagle the spot of family priesthood holder. Barb assures her she's already found a church that fulfills her spiritual needs; what's she's trying to do is make contingency plans for life without Bill.

Bill rushes home and learns Barb has been attending the Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She argues it's not in conflict with her beliefs since they allow women to be priesthood holders and are still debating the Principle. Barb scolds Nicki for tattling and swears to Bill she's being discreet about her participation. Before the argument grows more heated, a police officer enters to give Bill an update.

Since Adaleen has thrown her hat in with Alby, Nicki calls Evie to spy on their mother. Evie reports that Adaleen hasn't done anything unusual.

Margie lets Pam know she's quit Goji - her family needs her now - but she'll be reimbursing Pam for her investment. Although Margie remains upbeat about what she's gained from her time with Goji, Pam weeps: She and Carl are separating. They don't have enough money to tithe, and Carl is so broken, he keeps totaling cars. Pam isn't sure these incidents have been accidental.

Bill holds a press conference as a backhoe tears down the UEB headquarters. A dissenter from the compound argues with him, but Bill is unmoved: "The age of false prophets is over."

Rhonda tells Ben they only slept together because she missed Verlan but suggests he marry her and take care of her and Jessica. When Ben protests, Rhonda threatens to tell Heather what happened between them.

Bill briefs his wives about keeping Home Plus running in his absence. Barb insists things will be changing more than Bill thinks; there are needs that won't be fulfilled during the 20-30 years he's in jail. Bill shuts her down: "Marriage is about change. There are sacrifices we all have to make." He insists their eternal sealing will last longer than an earthly prison sentence.

Frank visits Lois at the home and tells her that Bill has purged Juniper Creek of the Grants. With the compound in disarray, he's figured out how they can be together.

The family gathers to play Scrabble and sing around the piano. Bill questions Barb directly: Is having the priesthood more important than following the Principle? Barb insists she doesn't need to choose and that she can serve as a teacher to her new church. Bill reminds her people change churches because churches don't change.

Adaleen vists Alby at his hideout. Selma Grant offers him safety in Mexico but Adaleen is suspicious of her intentions. She wants Alby to leave the country right away, but Alby is insistent that he settle things with Bill - and it's Adaleen who will be pulling the trigger. "No one has sacrificed more than me," says Alby. "I've struggled to stay true."

Margene tries to convince Bill they should run away and do missionary work, or start a church elsewhere. Unable to cope with the idea of being without him for 20 years, she offers to get pregnant so they can have conjugal visits.

Having cleared her house, Nicki ushers in representatives from Fernridge to take her daughter away. Cara Lynn runs to Barb's house where her situation with Greg Ivey is revealed. Barb and Margene are horrified by Nicki's plan and Cara Lynn denounces her as a terrible wife and mother. When Nicki feebly tries to explain why she kept the affair secret, "I didn't think the family could handle another statutory rape," Bill explodes upon being compared to Greg Ivey.

As Heather shares milkshakes with Ben on the porch, Rhonda begins moving her stuff into a car to return to Heather's. She lets Heather know that she and Ben had sex so he'll be forever be comparing everyone to her. As Heather fumes, Ben tries to fix things by offering to take care of them both. Heather throws her milkshake at Ben and leaves.

Barb alerts Bill that Frank signed out Lois and they haven't been seen since. In the Big House, Frank strips out the copper plumbing while Lois remembers what it was like to grow up there. She tells Frank she's getting worse: She's had three bad days in a row.

As Barb makes "Missing" posters for Lois, Bill admits to Barb he no longer trusts her. Although he once thought the spiritual guardianship of the family would be safe with her, now he's not so sure. Barb retorts that if the family splits, it won't be her doing: He's the one pushing everyone to the breaking point. Bill disagrees: He won't accept anything but the family sticking together.

Nicki wakes Cara Lynn and lets her know they've reported Mr. Ivey who was only too happy to be rid of her, having got what he wanted. She tells her daughter that she is a manipulator and a liar undeserving of love. Both mother and daughter look stricken when Nicki leaves.

Stopping at a gas station on their way home, Bill and Barb happen upon Alby and Adaleen. Adaleen draws a gun on Barb while Bill chases Alby through the storeroom. Hearing a gunshot, Bill leaves Alby to check on Barb, but finds that she's turned the tables on Adaleen. Barb realizes that Bill gave up Alby to check on her.

Adaleen swears to Nicki in the police interrogation room that she was brainwashed and Alby has fled to Mexico to stay with the Greens.

Barb tells Bill that Lois saw the flyers and returned to her home. Margene brings in the boys who serenade Bill with 'Blowin' in the Wind.' Nicki spots Cara Lynn in the backyard burning her textbooks on the grill. Cara Lynn repeats Nicki's accusations, admitting she is just a liar and a manipulator. Barb puts out the fire, as Nicki runs upstairs, sobbing that she failed as a mother, failed to protect her daughter, and has been forsaken for her failures. Bill tries to reassure her that she has the love of her family and that's all a part of Heavenly Father's love.

Bill returns to the Capitol to prepare for his hearing. His wives surprise him by bringing him dinner. Margene heads off the restroom, and at that moment, Salty, the desk clerk, is surprised by Alby wielding a gun. Two shots ring out and Bill springs into action to get Margene back. Facing off against Bill, Alby fires, but is startled by Margene and misses. Bill clips Alby's shoulder and tells him it's over.

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Barb escorts Bill out of jail into the waiting arms of Nicki and Marge. Their reunion is shortlived; the family is immediately besieged by news reporters. Bill tells the media he intends to fight the charges: two counts of statutory rape. Barb urges Nicki to keep it together while the cameras are trained on them.

The family sits in the kitchen watching the news footage. Adaleen protests Alby's imprisonment and a corrupt system that allows Bill to go free while Alby remains behind bars.

Barb visits with her church bishop to discuss her upcoming baptism. The bishop worries that what should be a joyous family event will only end up disrupting Barb's marriage. Barb assures her that while the fit isn't perfect, she knows it's the church for her.

Bill confronts Margene about the passport he found hidden in her cupboards. She confesses that at one time she thought of volunteering on a medical ship, having learned from Goji that there's a wider world out there. But while she still wants to meet new people some day and share what's in her heart, Bill is her anchor.

At dinner, the kids wonder about their plans for Easter. With Barb still estranged from the church, she and Bill change the subject. Barb brings up the condition of her car; Bill lets Cara Lynn know that because of ongoing legal issues, her adoption has been delayed. Nicki tries to apologize to Cara Lynn, but her daughter is unmoved. Later, Cara Lynn accuses Nicki of trying to manipulate her with a public apology, but Nicki tells her that she would do anything to protect her and is truly sorry for the terrible things she said. Cara Lynn reveals she's been thinking of going back to her other family.

Bill updates Lois about the trial and she reminds him to hold his head high. Sensing her depression, he tries to cheer her up by reminiscing about Easters past and she recalls the fancy Easter hats she used to wear.

Bill invites reporters from three major papers to sit down with him and his wives to discuss the charges against him. He explains that the two counts of statutory rape are based on the fact that Margene has borne him two children, that there was no abuse. The four explain that their insistence on using the phrase "Mormon polygamists" is what incensed the church, to the extent that a bishop breached the confidentiality between himself and his ward member to bring Margene's story to light. The family informs the reporters that the situation has only made them stronger.

Ben goes to BYU to see Heather and hands her a gift: He's had a star named after her. Heather dismisses the gesture and tells him she should have anticipated he would cheat: He's a polygamist. Ben tries to defend the Principle, but Heather walks off.

Bill tells Barn he needs to finish decertifying Juniper Creek, but Barn advises him to slink off into the sunset; no one cares about Juniper Creek. Bill threatens a hunger strike if he can't get a hearing room.

Nicki accuses Marge of being selfish for even considering "a cruise down the coast." She assures Margene there's no reason to continue beating herself up because what happened was her fault.

Bill updates Barb on the D.A.'s offer - 1 to 2 years for a guilty plea to statutory rape. Bill and Lee reject the offer since they refuse to change the charge to polygamy instead of rape. When he learns Barb won't be at Easter services because she's being baptized, he packs his things and heads to Nicki's.

Barb spots Nicki and Marge at Nicki's and worries that Nicki is usurping her role. Nicki speculates that things are over between Barb and Bill now that he's moved out, but Barb insists they're just at an impasse. The two argue and Nicki grumbles upon how they've both deserted her: Barb for her new church and Margene to play "Margene without borders." Barb brings up the issue of her battered car again, and Nicki tells her it’s a piece of junk not worth repair.

Bill brings two bonnets for Lois to try on. In the mirror, Lois is unable to recognize herself and breaks down in tears. Stopping in at Home Plus, Bill finds Don watching old commercials for the store, weeping.

Barb drives up in her new convertible, having traded in her old station wagon, and credits Nicki for giving her the idea to do so. Barb takes her two sister wives for a drive with the top down. Margene suggests they pick up Bill and keep going.

Back at home, Bill is unhappy to see Barb's new car and reminds her that the family station was his gift to her on their ninth anniversary. "You threw us away without so much as a second thought," he reproaches. Margene stops him from storming out, and Bill stuns them all by telling them they've lost Home Plus. Between the protests, the arrest, and the banks calling in their loans, they'd have to sell the houses to keep the stores. Bill tells the women they might be going down, but it'll be in flames, come his session tomorrow.

Nicki and Bill discuss Margene while lying in bed. Bill asks Nicki to support Margie's decision if she chooses to leave - "everyone has a choice," he tells her. He wakes Cara Lynn in the morning and tells her that the family doesn't solve problems by avoiding them.

In a foul temper at the shelter, Nicki admits to Barb she doesn't want them to leave her. "I don't have one ounce of milk of human kindness in me," she acknowledges. Barb doesn't argue but holds Nicki to comfort her.

A crowd convenes for Bill's hearings, and Barn admits it was a hotter ticket than he anticipated. Bill explains he originally thought decertification of Juniper Creek was the answer, and then stuns the room by offering an amendment to legalize polygamy. Barn tries to restore order and chooses to ignore the supporting comments Barb and Nicki chime in from the gallery, but Bill insists that a debate take place.

The family prepares for Easter Sunday as Barb heads out for her church. Nicki confronts Cara Lynn and tells her she understands what happened between her and Greg; she was once confused about love herself.

Bill is astonished to see a crowd of compound and suburban polygamists flooding the streets outside the church of Bill. Don tells them they've been arriving since early morning.

As Barb enters the baptismal pool, she suddenly changes her mind. "If my family can't be here, I can't be here," she admits before apologizing and leaving. She arrives just as Bill is beginning his sermon and takes her place with her family. Bill addresses his congregation, visualizing the generations of polygamists before him -- including Emma Smith.

At home, Barb reveals she didn't go through with her baptism. Ben asks his father about what happened in Church. Don estimates that nearly 500 people attended. Bill suggests they sell their stake in the casino to give them seed money to start afresh. Barb reminds Bill to fetch Lois at the home so they can have Easter dinner.

Beside a nightstand littered with a syringe and spent medicine bottle, Frank holds Lois in bed and speaks to her tenderly about the early days of their marriage, as she slips away.
Carl approaches Bill as he prepares to go get Lois. Shots are heard from the kitchen and the three wives run out to find Bill on the ground, shot in the chest. Fading in and out, Bill asks Barb for a blessing, and Barb tells him that Heavenly Father knows what's in his heart.

Eleven months later, the family gathers to celebrate the christening of Sarah's son, who carries his grandfather's name. Sarah thanks her mother for the blessing and teases her she never thought she'd see her standing up on the dais. Barb credits Bill for making it possible.

Nicki chastises Margene for not being in touch more often during her travels and tells her Barb gets worried. Margene regrets that Bill isn't there to see them all together. At his place at the head of the table, Bill's ghost takes it all in.

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On election night, new state senator Bill Henrickson shook Utah to its core by announcing he was a polygamist. Now, instead of being embraced for their honesty, the Henrickson family is engulfed by hostility from neighbors, Home Plus employees, casino partners, students at their kids’ schools and even fellow polygamists hoping to keep their personal lives private. Meanwhile, at Juniper Creek, Alby Grant returns from a self-imposed desert exile with revenge on his mind. Can the Henricksons survive this flood of ill-will?


Bill Henrickson
Bill Paxton
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Barbara Dutton Henrickson
Jeanne Tripplehorn
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Nicolette Grant
Chloë Sevigny
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Margene Heffman
Ginnifer Goodwin
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Sarah Henrickson
Amanda Seyfried
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Ben Henrickson
Douglas Smith
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Tancy Henrickson
Jolean Wejbe
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Roman Grant
Harry Dean Stanton
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Adaleen Grant
Mary Kay Place
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Rhonda Volmer
Daveigh Chase
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Frank Harlow
Bruce Dern
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Lois Henrickson
Grace Zabriskie
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Joey Henrickson
Shawn Doyle
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Wanda Henrickson
Melora Walters
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Cara Lynn Walker
Cassi Thomson
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JJ Percy Walker
Zeljko Ivanek
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JoDean Marquart
Mireille Enos
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Don Embry
Joel McKinnon Miller
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Wayne Henrickson
Keegan Holst
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Raymond Henrickson
Garrett Gray
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Heather Tuttle
Tina Majorino
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Branka Katic
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Bill Paxton (Bill Henrickson)

Bill was born at Juniper Creek, a breakaway polygamy sect in rural Utah, to Lois Henrickson and Frank Harlow, the oldest of three children, a brother and a sister, only one of whom, Joey, still survives. Frank kicked both Bill and Joey off of the compound when they were teenagers and Bill has struggled with his complicated connections to the compound ever since.

Soon after Bill entered the University of Utah, he met his future wife, Barb. Together, they became entrenched in the Mormon Church and were married in a traditional temple ceremony. The two graduated from college, Barb with her teaching degree and Bill with a business degree that served him well when he opened a small appliance store called Henrickson's Home Plus.

It didn't take long for them to have their first child, Sarah, followed by a son, Ben, a year later. They rounded out their family with Tancy ("Teenie"), a daughter born seven years later. The family shared a fairly conventional life for a decade, before welcoming Nicki, Bill's second wife, into the family. Bill and Nicki had two sons: Wayne and Raymond. Margene joined the family soon after as Bill's third wife, and quickly became pregnant with Aaron, followed by Lester, and baby Nell.

As his business started booming, Bill bought three adjacent homes in a Salt Lake City suburb and situated each wife in a separate house with her children. A flirtation with a waitress, Ana, lead to an out-of-wedlock affair - and pregnancy. Eventually Ana decided the Principle wasn't for her.

Determined to get polygamy accepted by society, Bill outed his family the same night he was elected State Senator. How the state and his constituency will accept the news remains to be seen.

Jeanne Tripplehorn (Barbara Dutton Henrickson)

Born into a traditional Mormon family, Barb met Bill soon after she started college at the University of Utah. It wasn't long before the two were married, and Barb headed into adulthood armed with a teaching degree and hope for a baby.

She ended up having three with Bill - Sarah, Ben, and Teenie - and for nearly a decade they shared a fairly conventional family life together. But when Barb was battling breast cancer she needed help caring for the kids. Bill turned to the compound where he was raised, and Nicki Grant was sent to live with the family. Over time the nature of Nicki and Bill's relationship changed, and Bill and Barb agreed to invite Nicki to be Bill's second wife. The pattern was repeated when they added the new babysitter Margene as their third wife. Though she'd felt certain she had enough sister-wives, another health scare made her rethink her stance when Bill was enticed by a fourth, Ana, and it was Barb who ended up wanting to bring Ana in the fold. (That marriage ultimately failed.)

Barb's new family arrangement has led to strained relationships with her mother, Nancy, and sister, Cindy, who are still active in the Mormon Church. Barb herself has mixed feelings about her complicated family life and the sacrifices she's had to make, most notably her religion. And of late, she has started to question Bill, including his decision to take the family's polygamous lifestyle public.

Chloë Sevigny (Nicolette Grant)

Bill's second wife, Nicki, is the daughter of Juniper Creek compound leader Roman Grant and Adaleen Grant, one of his many wives. When she hit her early 20s, Nicki moved to suburban Salt Lake City to help Bill and Barb Hendrickson with child care and soon became Bill's second wife. Entrenching herself further into the family, Nicki bore two of Bill's children, Wayne and Raymond.

Book-ended by Margene's youthful naiveté and Barb's mainstream aspirations, Nicki frets over the family's moral course and does her best to correct it, whether that means tough-love confrontation or not-so-subtle manipulation. Of the three, Nicki stands in strongest support of the Principle, but she also struggles the most with her personal demons, including assimilating into non-compound life, and properly raising her teenage daughter Cara Lynn, whom she is still only getting to know.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene Heffman)

Margene is the third -- and youngest -- Henrickson wife. Her single mother raised her in small-town Colorado after her father left when Margene was only three years old. When Margene's mother picked up and moved to Salt Lake City, she dragged Margene with her.

After graduating from high school in Salt Lake, Margene began working for Bill in his original Henrickson Home Plus store as a customer service representative. Seeing that Margene was not exactly adept at retail work, Bill hired her to babysit his children back home. Gradually, Margene began to fall in with the family, recognizing a love and stability she'd never had before. Eventually Bill, Barb and Nicki brought Margene into the family as the third sister-wife. Less complicated than Nicki and more pliant than Barb, Margene has been a safe harbor for Bill. Though the other wives tend to write her off as inexperienced and unreliable, she typically responds with eagerness rather than indignation. The most sexual of the three wives, despite recently giving birth to three babies -- Aaron, Lester and baby Nell -- she occasionally feels trapped, missing her previous, less principled life as well as a sense of purpose beyond being a wife, sister-wife and mother. But lately, Margene's found she has a certain entrepreneurial talent.

Amanda Seyfried (Sarah Henrickson)

As Bill's oldest child, Sarah Henrickson has seen a lot of changes occur in her family. Growing up she was called upon to perform many of the same duties as her father's sister-wives, including cooking and babysitting, and she has, in turn, learned about many of the burdens and stresses of polygamy. Sarah met and married Scott, another former Mormon, and relocated to Portland with him to live a life of normalcy.

Douglas Smith (Ben Henrickson)

As Bill's oldest son, Ben has a lot to sort through. His father and mother, Barb, were in a monogamous marriage when he was a boy, and he has seen the changes wrought by the growth of his extended family. But Ben very much admires his father, and he's considering following his footsteps and adopting The Principle. After losing his virginity to his girlfriend, Brynn, he eventually broke things off and rededicated himself to a virtuous life. He's challenged in this effort, however, by feelings for his father's third wife, Margene.

Jolean Wejbe (Tancy Henrickson)

Teenie Henrickson is Bill and Barb's third child. Unlike her older siblings, Sarah and Ben, Teenie scarcely remembers her family's former life. She was just a baby when Nicki joined the family, and she is closer in age to her younger half-siblings, Nicki's boys Wayne and Raymond, than she is to Sarah and Ben. Because of this, she sometimes doesn't understand how different the Henricksons really are; when she nominated Barb for Utah's Mother of the Year, it nearly caught the attention of the state's Attorney General. With an independent spirit and mind of her own, Teenie is often an inadvertent trouble-maker.

Harry Dean Stanton (Roman Grant)

Roman, now deceased, was Nicki and Alby's father and the prophet of the Juniper Creek compound. He was once friendly with Bill's grandfather, Orville, the leader of the compound at the time. The wily Prophet had his hands in Bill's life in one way or another for years -- even after Bill managed to sever business ties between Juniper Creek and Henrickson Home Plus.

Roman left behind a bevy of wives, not to mention a tangle of financial affairs for the UEB. With Roman out of the way, the question remains: How will his influence still be felt in the Henricksons' lives, and on the compound.

Mary Kay Place (Adaleen Grant)

Nicki's mother and Roman's fourth wife, Adaleen is a pragmatist who accepts life on the compound as righteous and correct. Beneath Adaleen's sunny exterior is a not-so-passive aggression that speaks to some bitterness with her lot in life. Most recently, that includes being impregnated by JJ Walker, her daughter's ex-husband, to whom she was sealed after Roman's passing.

Daveigh Chase (Rhonda Volmer)

At 14, Rhonda was the youngest bride-in-waiting of Juniper Creek leader Roman Grant. Her new status as prophet's wife gave her a petulant sense of entitlement, which extended to temptations outside the boundaries of the compound - a world she discovered she wasn't entirely prepared for when she ran away. Much more manipulative and much less naïve than she initially appears, Rhonda often manages to get people to give her help she doesn't always deserve.

Matt Ross (Alby Grant)

The firm-jawed son of Juniper compound leader Roman Grant, Alby was a loyal lieutenant, overseeing his father's books and handling his more questionable business practices -- until Roman's betrayal turned him vengeful. After Roman scuttled an investigation into Alby's attempted murder, Alby began using every tactic he learned at his father's knee to undermine him. He struggles to repress his sexual desire for men, while trying to live the Principle. But lately he's losing that battle.

Bruce Dern (Frank Harlow)

Frank Harlow is Bill's father, a lifelong resident of the Juniper Creek compound. He married Bill's mother, Lois Henrickson, over 40 years ago -- taking her as the second of his five wives. The two share an extremely strained yet addictive relationship. At times it's pure hate-hate. At other times they share a perverse flirtation. Frank and Lois have had three children together: Bill, his younger brother Joey, and a daughter Maggie whose death some years ago was always shrouded in mystery.

Frank was born to early members of the Juniper Creek compound. Always the type to try and "work" people to his advantage, Frank is often extremely clumsy in his efforts, and his motives are usually transparent to everyone -- including longtime compound leader Roman Grant. Frank is also not the most nurturing of fathers, still coming down hard on ne'er-do-well son Joey, and is the man responsible for banishing his son Bill from Juniper Creek when he was 14.

Grace Zabriskie (Lois Henrickson)

Bill's mother, Lois Henrickson, is a descendant of the founding family of Juniper Creek, the polygamy sect where Bill was born and raised. She married Bill's father, Frank Harlow, over 40 years ago, becoming the second of his five wives, and the two have had three kids together: Bill, his younger brother Joey, and a daughter Maggie who died over 20 years ago. Following rules common to some sects, the children were all given their mother's last name.

As granddaughter of Alder Henrickson, the founder of Juniper Creek, and daughter of Orville Henrickson, past prophet of the sect, Lois grew up as compound elite. When Roman Grant assumed the role of prophet in a kind of coup, Lois felt dispossessed and marginalized and becamse spiteful. As much as she's developed an independent streak, she's still quick to enlist Bill to straighten out family troubles.

Shawn Doyle (Joey Henrickson)

Joey is Bill's younger brother by seven years. Once an all-star athlete, Joey was a golden boy growing up; he was allowed to stay on the compound through his teenage years, leaving him less embittered about his upbringing than his older brother.


But his athletic career eventually faltered, and an injury left him addicted to painkillers and eventually homeless. Wanda, his adoring second cousin, found him on the streets and brought him back to the compound, where they married and had a child. Joey struggled over whether he could live the Principle, and once he and Wanda finally came to terms with taking Kathy as a second wife, she was killed on their wedding day under suspicious circumstances. For a while, Joey served as Bill's eyes and ears at Juniper Creek, but he was unable to keep his rage about various injustices -- in particular those perpetrated by Roman Grant -- in check.

Melora Walters (Wanda Henrickson)

Joey's wife and second cousin helped save the former football pro when he was down on his luck. She's still very protective of her husband, and a few poisoned compound residents demonstrate just how far she'll go to keep him from harm. Joey's interest in a second wife, Kathy, challenged Wanda's jealous streak, but she eventually came around to both Kathy and the idea of a sister-wife -- proving, once again, that Wanda would do anything for Joey. Kathy's untimely death, however, cut short that exploration.

Cassi Thomson (Cara Lynn Walker)

Cara Lynn was raised by her father JJ and his wives in Kansas. When JJ brought her back to Juniper Creek, she met her real mother, Nicki. With her father mysteriously away, Cara Lynn is being raised by a mother she's still getting to know and adapting to non-compound life with the Henricksons.

Zeljko Ivanek (JJ Percy Walker)

JJ was Wanda's brother, and Nicki's darkest secret. JJ was sealed to Nicki when she was just 15 and they had a daughter together, Cara Lynn. When Nicki finally convinced Roman to unseal them, she left Juniper Creek and her daughter behind. JJ raised Cara Lynn in Kansas and only recently returned to Juniper Creek to put his monstrous family planning philosophy into practice there. When Nicki and Adaleen discovered JJ's plans, Adaleen killed him, but not before being impregnated.

Mireille Enos (JoDean Marquart)

Jodean is Kathy Marquart's identical twin sister.

Joel McKinnon Miller (Don Embry)

Bill's closest friend and business partner at Henrickson's Home Plus, Don was a practicing polygamist as part of a separate religious compound -- until two of his wives abandoned him, leaving him unhappily monogamous. Often lending a sympathetic ear when Bill runs into trouble at home, Don also voices apprehension about his friend's more aggressive business strategies.

Keegan Holst (Wayne Henrickson)

The older of Nicki's two sons, Wayne is a handful -- often challenging his mothers' patience. Though he doesn't quite grasp the family's complicated arrangement, he is getting to the age where he is beginning to realize that there are secret forces that cause Bill's fatherhood to dissolve past their doorstep.

Garrett Gray (Raymond Henrickson)

Raymond is the youngest of Bill and Nicki's sons, and like his brother, a force to be reckoned with.

Tina Majorino (Heather Tuttle)

Sarah's best friend and former co-worker at a fast food restaurant, Heather is a devout Mormon and the daughter of a state trooper, a fact Sarah kept from her family for as long as possible. A loyal friend and confidant, Heather would do anything for Sarah.

Branka Katic (Ana)

Working as a waitress at a local diner, Ana noticed Bill's worn demeanor and offered him some pie. Unable to get the pretty Serbian woman out of his mind, Bill succumbed to temptation before he was able to get everyone on board with adding a fourth wife. Although the marriage was shortlived - Ana couldn't fully embrace the Principle - their relationship resulted in a pregnancy.

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